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little Angel up above

Short story By: teamjacob

Tags: (fantasy)

Heather a selfish 16 year old rich girl goes walking in the forest one day and stumble's on a little small farie!!! And her luck begins to change for the worst.

Submitted:Feb 20, 2010    Reads: 79    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

MOOOOM!!! yelled Heather my oat meal is cold the STUPID maid screwed it up AGAIN!!! Sorry dear mommy's busy right now.DOING WHAT said Heather.Doing mommy things foolish child. Heather got very angry after hearing her mother wouldnt listen to her and dicited to go see for herself what her mother was doing.So she crept up the long cream stair case making sure knowone heard her.She slowly opend the crystal doorknob and saw her mother taking a nice warm bath with one of the maid's Heather was devistated at the fact that her mother was married and she had cheated on her daddy and ran out the door she grabbed her coat and her small purple hat and went out the door she disited to run away so she walked and walked and walked untill she couldn't see her home eny more.It's been hour's since Heather ate or drank.so she dicited to take alittle nap.she laid her head on what she thought was a big flower but was infact the bed of a farie.ummm excus.....ur excuse me said the little farie WHAT WAS THAT thought Heather. excuse me. she heard it again who said that asked Heather well I dont know us FARIES dont have a name. FARIE then show yourself if you really are a FARIE laughed Heather.the little farie peeked out from one of the leaves of the rain forest and said hi there.OHHH MY IM GOING CRAZY said Heather nooo not crazy said the little farie. Heather took a good look at her she had curly blond hair dark red lip's almost like she wore lip stick and had the most perfect feature's on her face BUT no wings. YOU DONT HAVE ENY WINGS why asked Heather well said the farie I'm still very young and havient developed them yet. Oh well how old are you little one.1,000 said the farie. YOUR NOT YOUNG said Heather the farie laughed just kidding faries really dont get wings we have pixie dust to fly she said oh well do you have a name. Well nooo we dont get name's well i'll name you and keep you as my pet said Heather alright......wait PET said the farie but she was to late Heather didnt hear her she grabbed the little farie and ran back to her house and put the little farie in a jar. I can't breathe in here said the farie ohh SHUT UP yelled Heather your new name is ummmm ANGEL.it suit's you very well.FINE yelled the farie but you cant show me to enyone or i'll die. Alright said Heather soo grant me my wish I want my mother to not be interreasted in the maid and only DAD. Alright but i'm not a jennie i will die if you use up my juice. WHATEV just do it. sudenly she heard her mother yell at the maid your fierd.music to my ear's I said great. know I wish for....then Heather paused she looked at Angel and she was breathing very very hard are you alright asked Heather.quit fine thanks said Angel but it's a lot of work granting wishe's. The next day Heather brought her best freind Julia over to see Angel forgeting what she said she grabbed her freind's arm and took her up to the room were Angel was and showed her. look this is angel said Heather to Julia COOOOL Angel turned around ina sad moshion WHY....WHY do you humen's alway's destroy things.she said sudenly Angel lied down and looked up and said her last words youll get your's and she died.OOHHH NO Heather began to cry.WHAT DID YOU DO yelled her freind!!!!! you monster. Im sorry said Heather I dident mean to.Julia ran out the door and Heather naver heard from her again. Just then she heard screaming her mother lied on the floor dead. Mother yelled Heather.the maid suddenly looked at Heather strange saying youll get your youll get your's just like the farie said.The maid grabbed Heather's neck and begain to sqweze Heather cried and never saw DAYLIGHT AGAIN.......dear Angel may your soul rest in peace!!!!


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