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Excerpt from "From the Diary of Megan Cortwright, Demonhunter"

Short story By: Ted Gerard

Tags: Love, Romance, Death, Life, Pain, Fantasy, Sad, Hate, Hurt, Fiction, Horror, Hope, Family, Friendship, Friends, Dark, Depression, Heart, War, God, Humor, Vampire, Sadness, Girl, School, Loss, Blood, Story, Murder, Adventure, Mystery, Suicide, Magic, Fear, Vampires, Action, Drama, Lost, Abuse, Funny, Challenge, Music, Teen, Lust, Relationships, Dreams, Truth, Alone, Anger, Faith, Boy, Tears, Dream, World, Darkness, Kiss, Lies, Night, Happiness, Broken, Trust, Evil, Happy, Passion, Angel, Fun, Short, Betrayal, Rape, Gay, Children, Religion, Memories, Drugs, Erotica, Friend, Thriller, Sorrow, Song, Young, Emo, Heartbreak, Light, Crime, Twilight, Relationship, Science, Soul, Woman, Beauty, Nature, Joy, Novel, Mother, Child, Man, Change, Fire, Marriage, Help, Comedy, Writing, Adult, Peace, Revenge, Fight, Future, High, Thoughts, Violence, Angels, Dead, Rain, Lonely, Black, Boyfriend, People, Demons, Secrets, Cry, Forever, Heaven, Supernatural, Hell, Moon, Past, Father, Feelings, Fighting, Lesbian, Summer, Girls, Eyes, Werewolf, Confusion, Desire, Poems, Ghost, Boys, Suspense, Freedom, True, Teenagers, Werewolves, Mind, Power, Humour, Reality, Earth, Scary, Baby, Grace, Smile, Demon, Sun, Tragedy, Water, Contest, Kill, Erotic, Loneliness, Jesus, Teenage, Parents, Emotions, Random, Secret, Crazy, Book, Grief, Depressed, Home, Die, Free, Battle, Dance, Regret, Lyrics, Fate, Memory, Money, Emotion, Devil, Spiritual, Beautiful, Sweet, Brother, Edward, Teens, Words, Women, Cold, Christmas, Scared, Despair, Crying, Cheating, Sea, Sky, Sister, Spirit, Stars, Self, Art, College, Human, Hatred, History, Teenager, Testimony, Bella, Winter, Sleep, Childhood, Travel, Break, Health, Bad, Rose, Ghosts, Gone, Cutting, Insanity, Snow, Girlfriend, Romantic, Men, Society, Party, Kids, Jealousy, Space, Suffering, Live, Hot, Beach, Alcohol, Stories, Work, Dying, Ocean, Crush, Mom, Wolf, Torture, Missing, Moving, Christian, Angst, Booksie, Princess, Away, Dad, Witch, Forbidden, Destiny, Cute, Never, Longing, Daughter, Spirituality, Military, Escape, Goodbye, Journey, Wish, Care, Guns, Sexy, Animals, Pictures, Meyer, Confused, Emotional, Jacob, Becky, Powers, Haiku, House, Youth, Weird, Red, Cancer, Fall, Killing, May, Wedding, Gun, Monster, Personal, Waiting, Strength, Questions, King, Inspiration, Witches, Alice, Prince, Fairy, Living, Silence, Killer, Strange, Philosophy, Online, Bridegette, Danger, Wind, Politics, Dating, Depressing, Pregnancy, Lovers, Real, Addiction, Books, Bendich, Heartache, Nightmare, Forest, Fan, Falling, Diary, Shadow, Memoir, Government, Sisters, City, Leaving, Rich, Paranormal, Food, Car, Cat, Blue, Divorce, Star, Sexual, Gods, Highschool, Hospital, Sorry, Miss, Dragons, Hearts, Christianity, Misery, Fake, Lie, Esome, Teacher, Inspirational, Storm, Laugh, Age, Sacrifice, Destruction, Kissing, Police, Run, Sick, Comfort, Game, Feeling, Sin, Halloween, Perfect, Problems, Dawn, Cut, Madness, Ice, Queen, Angry, Air, Survival, Mad, Reflection, Lover, America, Breaking, Forgotten, Aliens, Shadows, Wolves, Monsters, Fallen, Brothers, Understanding, Breakup, Songs, Christ, Prayer, Mirror

It's about a succubus, demon hunters and a young girl becoming a woman of sorts...

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Excerpt from The Sunflower Fields -

The Short Story:

From the Diary of Megan Cortwright

Monday, July 26, 2010


Last night my mother died. I know this with every fiber of my being because I was the one who killed her. There is real evil out there in the world, most people are lucky enough to never see it. But then there are people like me who aren't so lucky. Not because we are the witnesses to such evil but because we are the survivors of it.

I guess I should start at the beginning. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

My mother is a monster. Her verbal, mental, and physically abusive behavior notwithstanding she is an actual monster. She is what's called a Shum-bie, a being that can inhabit just about any living person with just a touch. Last night was the seventh time this month that I killed her host body. My name is Megan Cortwright I know it sounds like something out of a spaghetti western but that's what it is.

My mother on the other hand her name is unpronounceable in the English language or just about any other language for that matter. You can call her Val, everyone else does. Anyway, I guess the closest thing that would describe her is a succubus or maybe a vampire although neither really describes what she truly is. I don't know maybe she's an incubus. I'm not sure; all I know is that she is pure evil and not that corny bitchy vampy evil you see on "True Blood". My mother is evil in the truest way because she has the ability to manipulate people; mostly men. She "charms" her victims into falling in love with her. That's the abridged version. The reality is that she secretes a pheromone that chemically coaxes a person to love her with all their heart and then she feeds off of that love; that energy. The hunger that drives her is only satiated when she feeds and feeding makes her exquisitely beautiful; ageless. She doesn't have to eat, drink or sleep anymore. Kim K., Angelina, Beyonce, Jennifer those bitches can all eat their hearts out; because as far as looks go Val got those bitches on STOP status. But her price for beauty is high she plumps her victims up with her love and then she feeds; sometimes for days. I know this for a fact because the first time I saw her use her evil powers was on New Year's 3 years ago, I was fifteen.

She had just put my brother Danny to bed and my dad had fallen asleep on the sofa. Everyone had either left or were passed out somewhere throughout our two story five bedroom home...everyone except for me and Brian. Brian was the new handy man he'd been working for us for about a year but it was more than enough time for him to fall head over heels for my mother.

He doted over her like one of those lovesick fools you see in the movies. It was pathetic. Val didn't even have to try. After a few weeks around her he was willing to do anything she asked. I'm a woman and it made me sick to my stomach to see how much control she had over that idiot. I guess he had it coming my father God bless his soul tried to warn him.

"Brian..." he said, in a drunken stupor. "A man is only as good as the sum of his parts. Y'see a man has two heads and sometimes he lets the one in his pants take control at the wrong time."

Brian had no comment at the time except to say that he only saw my mother as a good friend, y'know someone to talk to almost like a sister but that changed.

"I know my wife is a stunningly beautiful creature. And I know you wanna fuck her, most men do. But I'm tellin' you from experience the moment you lay hands on her you won't live to regret it."

Brian foolishly took what my father said to him as a veiled threat. Like I said the man was an idiot. He was already head over heels in love with Val. And she had already started to begin draining him. Within six months the man started to look 20 years older within a year he become so incredibly sick and emaciated that he had to be admitted into Squires Hospital, where Val visited him every day. The man was so in love that he didn't realize that the only reason why she was there was to finish her meal. She feed of his blind lust, love and adoration. Val tried to mask her daily feedings with concern for a "true" friend. But my dad and I knew the truth...we knew that once Val got her hooks into a person she didn't let go until she drained them dry of everything they had.

Brian was dead by Christmas.

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