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By: thumblina

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Autobiography of a 5 rupee note
Hi,Iam a five rupee note who was once a very crunchy crisp to the touch,was 
beautiful to look at,was this very attractive green coloured with MAHATHMA GANDHI'S
face printed on me.I used to be neat on both the sides without any dog ears on the 
corners,but now with the surroundings I have become old,have wrinkles and folds but 
kind of smell sweet  not as bad as when i was travelling around....
so let me start with telling you about my journey and how I landed up in this very 
sweet,caring girl's house
so lets go back way in time like in 1970's when I was printed and bundled with few 
other 5 Rupee notes and sent out from the printing press to the Bank.I spent some 
time with my other 99 friends stapled into a bundle of 100 Rupees bundle.We had a 
lot of fun together,we sang songs and laughed at each others jokes....ohhhh!!those 
were one of the best days of my life...the others were as crunchy crisp,neat and 
equally beautifull to look at as I was
Then the big day came and we were taken out from the locker and handled to a 
man.....That was the last I saw the big bank.....anyways the man put us hurriedly 
and roughly in his pocket one of my dear friend yelled
oww!!one of my corners is folded and it aches like hell.......
I felt so bad but couldnt do anything to comfort him 
then sudenly we were out of the dark pocket and out in the scrochy sun
then he seperated us and gave away one note to a lady who was selling vegetables
we were in time to say good bye to the note that had his corner folded
Sadly :(:( that was the time I had ever seen him
then few more had left the group in the following week...
Then I guess it was my turn I was given away to a lady who used to sell popcorn
the first time she touched me I could feel her hand all greasy with butter.. her name was Rani she was a poor lady when compared to the man......she used to work hard to meet ends..she had a small baby
she used to cry at nights to sleep 
one day she got all of us together,all the coins and other notes and started to count,then for the first time I saw her smiling,, she immediatly jump taking us roughly dropping few coins but anyways taking them along with us....
she dropped us in this very funny store which smelt wierd and drugy
ohh!! I was disppointed cause I was still trying to get of the butter smell and stains from me and now I started smelling even worst......but it was not long that  avery sweet young girl came to the store one day and the medical store;which i learnt eventually that the smelly store was a medical store
yes;!!so coming back to the sweet girl I was in her hand and see me she was so thrilled...she put me on the table,rubbed her hand on my face and back and neatly folded me and smelt me n and kissed me and put her in my purse
Gosh her purse was well organised with few things sitting in it that I didnt see before in my life
when we went to her house she took me out of her purse and 
guess what she put me in a group of other 10 5rupee notes who smelt sweet and rosy
they were so happy and joyfull....they were as old as I was but clean 
I was a little stained with butter but I could live with that
from that day I have been with this girl and I learnt that her name is "Annie'
and she assured that she would not give us to anyone else but keep us always with her
I have been kissed several times by this girl who now has turned into a very kind,beautiful and caring young lady
sooo this is my life and these last 15 years have been my most sweet years with my friends and my young lady 
I now smell like rose petal and stay in a very cosy and comfortable purse 
I hope you liked my short story
CHAO..... take care

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