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Short story By: thumblina

this is a fictional story

please comment if you like it

Thank you

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once upon a time there was aLittlegirl ,who was very pretty and beautiful..She lived in a glass castle,,shedidn'thave friends or brothers and sisters.she neverused to go to school as her parents wanted her to study in home school.she felt lonely in the big house.
She had a very big garden with a lot of variety of flowers,there were red,yellow,white,pink,purple,orangeroses,there weresunflowers,there were orchids..She spent most of her time in the garden talking and singing to the plants.HerGrandmom had once told her that if you talk to the plants they grow faster,greenerand healthier
she always hoped that GOD would one day send her a special friend who would be withher,play with her all the time.She used to talk to GOD every night to send someonespecial from heaven
One afternoon when she was watering the plants and telling them a story she noticedsomething sleeping on the ground she was scared at first but then she was excitedto see what it was,she went near it and touched it with her finger.It was a verybeautiful purple colour baby Dragon
she picked the baby in her arms and immediately the dragon cuddled it in her arms and she slowly,carefully took it to her room.She set it down gently on her bed andstroked its body
You look tired and sick.....are you ok????
Yes!!!Iam very tired off flying,Iam very thirsty too.....said the baby Dragon
Ohhh!!i will get you some cool water....you will feel much better.....'said thelittle girl'
whats your name? -asked the baby Dragon
My name is Hope...-said the little girl
Hope gave the baby dragon some water to drink and the baby happily licked from the bowl
so what do they call you??
I don'thave a name -saidthe baby Dragon
awww!!!!don't you worry we will think of a name for you
Little Hope saw that something was sparkling on the Dragons head,she took him in
her arms and saw that there was a tiny Diamond on its head,she didnt try to pull it
but instead she looked at her new friend,kissed on his cheek and said
I just have the right name for you
Iam gonna call you "DIAMOND"
From then on Diamond and Hope became best friends.he had magic powers.
They planted toffees on trees,they grewtheir won whitechocolates,dark chocolates,they even grew choco-chip cookie treesthey built a chocolate fountain in the center of the garden,where there would have liquid chocolate all the time
They become best buddies,they used to sing and dance.They used to play catch,hide and seek with other
Diamond as he grew, his wings grew and he would take Hope on his back and they used to around the world for hours and hours
then when they used to come back home, a feast would await them,they would eat and tuck each other to sleep,tell stories to each,have pillow fights,tickle each other to sleep
as time went by Hope grew up into a beautiful young lady and Diamond into a very handsome charming Dragon
The day came when dragon had to leave his little lady and fly to his land in search of his own mate
Hope was sad that her best and only friend had too leave
Then Diamond said -hey my Princess Iam not going anywhere,your my world
Iam only going away for some time,will be back
and saying that he took the Diamond from hid head and gave it to Hope-here take this,be careful with it my life is in it
guard it safely,i will be back for it one day
I will guard it more than my life My "Diamond"
when ever you feel lonely just look at it and call my name ad I will be standing before you
be careful that youdon'tbreak it as it has my life in it,if it breaks then I will vanish for ever
saying this he flew away blowing her a kiss
Years passed when ever Hope felt lonely she looked at the Diamond and called out his name and as promised he would stand before her
then just few days before Hope died she looked at the Diamond for the last time but didnt call his name but instead dug a small hole in her garden and buried it.....and said


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