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Forsaken by Light

Short story By: Tokemies

See and say for yourself..

Submitted:Jan 14, 2007    Reads: 161    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Her name was Rachel. Or at least it had been. She wasn't quite sure about it any more. The name didn't seem that significant any more. All was lost or actually all had lost her. She was pale as a lambkin but her soul and thoughts were darkened by the poison running trough her veins.

She was hunted, hated and feared by those who loved her once. By those who had gained her love. It all changed in one night when she met a man interesting and mysterious. In good faith she had followed the man to his home. The man was gentle but harsh.

Now Rachel was a being of the darkeness - or that's what she thought. Dispising life and death she had pierced the heart of a man who had done this to her - doomed her in the eternal life filled with despair, escaping - and desire. Desire to the very same that the man had taken from him. He had stolen the soul out of her veins and filled them with poison damning her. Now she desired to poison someone else's veins but she knew that it would never grant her soul back.

Hated she was. Who once loved her as a sister now hunted her as a foul beast. She looked her reflection in the broken mirror. She had thought that the seven years would be nothing compared to eternity when she had hit her fist trough it the very night she transformed. The reflection was beautiful. A pale woman with indescribable dark beauty stared back at Rachel from the mirror. Her eyes had turned from brown into lukewarm grey. Her pale skin was flawless except for a little scar on her neck. The cleft of shadow, that's what she had started to call it in her mind.

She heard steps from the dark and disappeared in the shadows. A handsome man came to the room. Rachel felt something deep within the crumbs of her remaining soul but soon lost it to the lust and rage taking hold of her. She attacked the man who she once had called brother. "Rache --", the man said before Rachel's fangs were already deep in his neck. She drained the life from the man desiring and lusting what she had lost but not finding it.

All she found was emptiness in her consumed heart. Now I truly have damned all that I loved, she said leaving his brother where he was knowing that he would find her - just like he had found the man who did this to her.

Hunted. Hated. Feared.

And for the good reason, she realized when fusing with the shadows of the streets of Manhattan. Never again, she convinced herself knowing that promise to hold barely to the next night.


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