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My escape from Orcs

Short story By: tvmotltf134

I wrote this when I was about nine. I know it's not the best, but I kinda like it. Enjoy, and please comment.

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It was a dark gloomy night in the forest. The rain was pouring heavily on the ground. Thunder roared and lightning struck. The winds moved the trees from side to side. In a house deep down in the forest lived a ten year old girl named Adina. Adina lived with her parents Ayla and Scythe.
Hello whoever you are. My name is Adina. I'm four hundred and sixty eight years old four hundred and seventy years ago. Now I'm fighting for survival in the land of Moor. My only hope now rest on the shoulders the four teenagers who are chosen to destroy the rulers of Moor. This is my story.
I was in my room reading a book about creatures of the outside world. Rain was pouring down heavily, thunder roared and lightning struck. Mum and Dad were in their study reading books. I was just about to turn the page of my book when something slammed on the ground. The effect was so hard that our house shook. I ran out of my room and went downstairs towards my parents study. As I was near the study, I passed our front door. But there was a problem. The door was not at its normal place. It had fallen to the ground. Drops of rain were coming into the house. The wind was very strong and I began to shiver. It took me a second to realise that the wind wasn't strong enough to knock the door down. I was just about to go outside to investigate the problem, when a hand covered my mouth. I struggled and tried to scream but I felt like a worm. I was dragged inside. I closed my eyes.
"Adina… Wake up. Adina?" a deep voice said. I stirred a bit but my eyes were sealed shut. Someone began to shake me. I opened my eyes. Dad and mum were staring at me looking concerned. Mum breathed a sigh of relief when I opened my eyes and blinked. I sat up and looked around my surroundings. I was in the study. It looked a lot like a library to me because there were thousands of bookshelfs in there. There was a loud bang and we all looked at the door. It looked as if it was going to fall down. My dad pulled me up and he quickly dragged me through the room. Soon he began to run, I followed him and mum followed us.
The door flew down with a BANG! Dad stopped immediately. I think he and mum were hiding something from me. Dad opened a wardrobe and looked at me. A tear fell from his eyes. I looked at mum and she looked as if she was in grief. A tear slowly fell from her eyes.
They both gave me a hug and a kiss on my fore-head. Dad then picked me up and put me in the cupboard. He closed it but left a little gap for me to be able to get out. They started to go away from me. I looked out and mum turned around and but her hands were on her lips. She removed her locket and threw it on the floor. Then in a spilt second, screams and yells filled the room. I closed my eyes and ears. Then I smelt a terrible smell. Loud footsteps filled the house. "Where is the girl?" a deep voice growled. I looked at the gap through the wardrobe and what I saw made my blood run cold.
There were creatures in the study. The creatures looked a bit like a human but there were large, ugly and looked evil. They had long brown hair that went a bit pass their shoulders. Some had long strands of grey hair and they most of them were bald. They had big red eyes. Their teeth were sharp, long and yellowish-brown. They had long ears. They had grey bodies and their face looked horrible. Their clothing smelt really terrible.
I put my hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. "Find her!" the deep voice said again. I knew who they meant. That was me. The Orcs went away except for one. The Orc was sniffing the air. I guessed he had picked my scent. I moved forward a little and the wardrobe door swung open. The Orc turned around and my blood ran cold. I could see a long sharp spear. The end looked like the tip of a knife. It was in its hand. At the sight of the spear I began to whimper. He smiled showing his long, big yellowish revolting teeth. I sat down in the wardrobe and started shaking. This was it. My parents had been taken away and now an Orc would kill me. The Orc began to walk toward me aiming his spear at me. I reached my hands out at my side. Something was there. It felt smooth and hard. I grabbed it.
The Orc was getting closer and I had the object firmly in my grip. I thought the Orc had seen the object but he's eyes were focused on me. The closer he came, the more I gripped onto the plank. He came closer and closer. I shut my eyes and held onto the object then SMACK! I hit him straight on the head. Then I heard a yell. My eyes opened and the Orc was on the ground. The house began to shake.
I ran to where my mother's necklace was and put it on. There was a growl behind my back and I spun around. What I saw made me shiver.
Orcs were behind me. Hundreds of them! I screamed and ran for the door but other Orcs were there blocking my exit. My only exit was a glass window. I looked at both sides of the room and ran to the window. It was made of solid glass and there was no way I could jump out of the window.
I was trapped and the Orcs were closing in on me really quickly. I turned to the window once more. "You're trapped Adina. There's no way you can escape from us." The same deep voice growled again. I thought that it would be the general. Anyway how on earth did he know my name? There was no time for me to think. I had to get out of the house. As I was staring at the window, an Orc grabbed me by the neck and held it tightly. It was clear. The Orc was trying to strangle me. I was lifted off the ground. I grabbed the Orc's hand and tried to get to ease the pain on my neck. My lungs were screaming for air. I couldn't breathe. I wanted to reach the window but I couldn't.
Deep mocking laughter filled the room. I turned my hand into a fist. I stretched my hand to the right. The Orcs were laughing so hard that they didn't know what I was about to do. Using my fist, I slammed the window with all my might. Glass shattered through the room and I hung my head low as the glass hit the Orc on the face. He instantly let go of my neck and I fell to the ground gasping for air. "Get her!!" the General yelled pointing a finger at me. I bolted for the window and I dived through it. I don't know how far I fell but I hit the ground really hard. Rain was still pouring down and the ground was really slippery. I was wet and cold. The strong wind made me shiver. It was then I realized that the Orcs would be after me if I didn't hurry up and run. I got up from the ground and started running. I couldn't see anything. It was dark and wet. Leaves brushed against my face but I just kept on running.
Thunder roared and lightning struck. I jumped in fright. Lightning struck a tree behind me. Everything that was happening was a nightmare. It felt as if I was in a dream that I couldn't wake up from. The ground began to shake. I knew the Orcs were after me. I couldn't stop now. My vision began to blur.
I felt really dizzy. 'RUN! RUN! ADINA RUN!' a voice in my head said. Something sharp cut my back. I tried not to scream out in pain but it was intense. I started wishing I could turn back the clock. But everything happened so quickly. A minute ago, I was reading a book, then our door slammed down, Orcs took my parents and now the Orcs were after me. 'Why me?' I thought. Why did they have to come after me? Father told me once about the ocean. I normally went there with him. Lightning struck again. The trees looked like monsters. I wanted my parents back. I wanted mum and dad back in their study. I wanted everything to be alright. I could smell water.
I sprinted faster and faster till I saw land filled with white sand and I saw the ocean. I ran into the ocean. The water was cold and I trembled. The Orcs were near the shore. I saw a huge wave coming my way. I held my breath and was dragged by the current deeper into the water. When I came up for air I realized that I had gone too far. I couldn't see land anymore. All around me was water and it was very deep. Waves, bigger than the one that pulled me further into the ocean, lunged for me. I held my breath and was dragged by the current. I soon needed to breathe but when I came up for air, a wave came my way and pulled me even further from where I was.
I couldn't breathe. My lungs were screaming for air. At least I got away from the Orcs and now, my life would be taken by the water. I thought about my parents. Where were they? What happened to them? Were they alive? I wondered if they thought about me. I started to dream a dream that I thought would never end.


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