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No Way To Live--Chapter 2

Short story By: TwoStepz

Writing project with SuperLoveMonkey12 and other writers on Booksie. Go to SuperLoveMonkey12's profile to find the first chapter!:)

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I walked the fastest pace I could under the soon-to-be night sky. It was pink with a hint of dark blue on the cotton candy clouds, with a few stars dotteed here and there. The wind blew up my white dress from my ankles to my knees and I quickly messed with it so it went down a little.
Folding my arms across my chest I broke into a small run that quickened with pace as I became more and more afraid as I recalled what I had seen, a man, telling me to...run?
Someone tapped my shoulder, I balled my fist and swung around in a circle, hoping to hit a face. I didn't. My hand was held up as a face peered into mine, smiling. Not one of Stark's mates then.

"Hey, what are you doing out at this time? I don't know you, but I'm pretty sure you know the rules here. Are you over eighteen?" His features were outstanding. He had big brown eyes and blonde spike hair, his jaw bones stood out and so did the little amount of stuble he had. His body was in good shape, muscular and perfect. I smiled and nodded at his question of my age.
"Well, that's fine. I saw you break into a run, are you all right?" His smile made his whole face brighten up. I could tell he was my age, don't ask, I just could.

Something happened in my stomach, but I clasped my hands over it. No, no butterflies. This could be a problem, a half warlock and half fallen angel fulling in love with a full human... BIG problem. I mean, warlock and fallen angel was a problem, so obviously if a new creation was made, it would be too... right?
"Yeah, I'm, erm, I'm fine." I hadn't been out in a long time, the gentle breeze tickled my skin. I was so used to being inside, in the safety of my home that I felt somewhat naked out here.

"Would you like a ride? You are bare-footed!" I hadn't even realised, I normally went everyone bare-footed, nothing could get past my first layer of skin, so stepping on glass wouldn't worry me at all. But my parents had cursed me with the fact that they knew that everything would happen with Stark and he would try and take my immortality away from me. I sighed angrily. "Sorry if I offended you."

I shook my head, getting myself back together out of the thought. "Where's your ride?" Wow, getting a car ride from a hot human... no, stop it! I would get him into danger. I was never going to be safe from Stark, he had found me, this wasn't right! No way could I get an innocent human involved, but he looked like he would bug me until I got into the car with him, so I did.

We walked to the main road and I was amazed at how everything had changed, there were more shops on this street, more cars and the road had gotten a little work on it.
I gasped as I saw his car. It was orange with mud splattered on the massive tires and side of the truck. He chuckled and patted it. "My beauty!" He sighed. "Come on, get in."

"Honestly, I think I can walk it out." No, I couldn't. I had no safe place to go. And now because my scent hand rubbed off on him when he put his hand on my shoulder, he wasn't safe.
"No, you are getting in this car ma'am. It is not safe for a lady of your age to be out at night." He smiled and spread his arms as he opened the car door on my side. "Please?" He winked. That done it.

I got into the car, the inside was okay. Leather black seats, with a will smith bobble head at the front and a nice smell coming from the air freshener. I settled into the leather and let it hug me.
"Oh CRAP!" He frowned as he adjusted the rear-view mirror. "Stay in here. It's going to get dangerous."
Surely he didn't know who I was? Immortal, HELLO?!

He got out in a quick leap and stood in the road, his hands balled into fists and he gritted his teeth which made him look bad. I liked it.
Then there were three guns shots and he ducked, looking around and then to me. "Don't come out." He said.
I knew he was in danger, but what for?
I had a feeling something bad was going to happen, so i stuck out my hand an formed an invisible immortal force around him so he couldn't be harmed.

There were three bangs as three bullets came towards the force and ricocheted off it. The boy looked at me and looked down, then climbed into the car.

"Yeah, immortal girl."
The boy hissed. "Stark."
"You know him?"

The boy hesitated and pointed at himself. "Half witch, half demon. You?"
"Half warlock, half fallen angel. Your name?"
"Tia. Well, Billy, looks like he wants both of us." I shook my head and looked behind me. "You better drive. Now!"

Three guns shots escaped into the air as Billy stepped on the pedal.


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