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Zonbi Back Story

Short story By: TylerUllery

It is the back story of a main character in my book series. it is based on the Naruto show but its characters are used as a reference not main characters.

Submitted:Feb 23, 2013    Reads: 14    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Hello I am Zonbi. I was not always a zombie, my mother made me one. When I was 5 years old I got very sick, so sick I couldn't move for weeks. The weeks turned to months. Then one day I stopped breathing and died.

My mother went through great depression and then made a deal with a medical ninja that knew reincarnation jutsu. I woke up in my bed, I felt like I never died but fell asleep like always. My mother was crying on me.

Time went by and I was being trained to be a spy for The Village Hidden In the Dirt. My mother forgot her deal with the medical ninja and sealed my soul inside a small doll.

My mother didn't like this small doll so she made me a bigger doll using the little doll. I now look like a giant ripped up rag doll. I was still trained to be a spy. They went to try and teach me to fight but my arm would just fall out, or my leg would go flying through the air, ninja tools would just poke holes in my skin, and my fingers couldn't make seals. Over time I learned limitations of my body but, I also gained new abilities I never dreamed of having. I learned I don't have to breathe, I feel no pain, I can enter the brain and erase memories, I can control people's mind to do simple task, I can take off body parts and still use them, and I have a hiden jutsu that allows me to copy the appearance of people I see however my voice doesn't change.

I started working as a spy for Shacho Yama but, I got fired because of my other ability. I can talk to people inside their head. They can be across the world and I can talk to them inside their head. Shacho Yama feared I would try to other throw him and banished me from the village. I then became a thief to survive. I heard of an organization being formed, that would be known as The Uragiri. A group of for-hire assassins developed of the 10 most deadly, ruthless killers in existence. I had to become a part of it. To prove how good of a spy I was, I had to do what would be impossible to any other spy. I had to count how many shinobi's the Sekai Tekina had control over. I counted them with ease by throwing my eye into the records hall and just counting the records. It took me over 6 hours to count the records. When I returned, I was accepted into The Uragiri.


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