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Worst Birthday?

Short story By: venlockheart

Love story of a super model and her "worst Birthday ever?"

Submitted:Jan 18, 2013    Reads: 84    Comments: 10    Likes: 8   

On her swivel chair, Miekaeyla watched her reflection with teary eyes. He hasn't called for a week and she missed him… a lot. Work made her relationship with Ron go downhill. She's a super model and a very good one.

The eyes of the crowd were fixed on every model that walked down the runway. Chanel fashion show just started. "Kae, darling, you're next" one of the backstage staffs called her. Miekaeyla then owned the runway with her figure and catwalk, smiling and pretending to be okay. Pretending unhurt... Pretending it's not killing her.

She hurriedly grabbed her tiger Versace sweater and got in her red Cadillac XTS right after the show, without even thinking about her designer friends, colleagues, and fans that would look for her. Tears fell from her eyes as she tried calling and calling Ron. "Please sweetie, don't be too busy… not now, not on my birthday" Tears continued falling down her pink cheecks. She wanted to hear his voice. She and Ron we're continents apart. She felt loneliness from inside. Anguish from her chest kept on hurting her. Alone… Alone.. the sophisticated super model was alone on her Birthday.

She remembered their fight before she left for Paris. Her words truly hurt him "I love my career and no one can take that away from me!... Not even you!" she cried as she think of him. He always understands her. His smile, his stare, his warm embrace always make her fall in love with him again and again even a thousand times. "Did he gave up on me?".... "Is this my worst birthday ever?" she wondered as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Miekaeyla managed to drive her car even her tears ruined her sight and messed up her mascara.

Being a model made her travel and be away for weeks. She even can't be with him on a dinner date. Now, she is in Paris and he's in San Diego. Sometimes, Ron would tell her to quit her job. He can finance her anyway. How can't he? He's an heir -the grandson of Mr. Harrison Madrigal. But she can't, Modeling is her passion.

As her right hand with beautifully painted nails unlocked the doorknob of her hotel room and her 6-inch heels stepped in, she saw someone near her window. Someone she didn't expected to be there. She was sooo Surprised!!! So surprised upon seeing her one and only sweetheart… Ron.

Miekaeyla's red lips draw a smile on her face as she hugged him so tight. "Oh Sweetie I missed you..." she gasped as her last tear dropped. "What took you so long? I've been here since forever" Ron jokingly said while holding her waist. "You haven't called me... How did you find…" and she paused. Ron interrupted her. "Shhhh" he whispered and kissed her... "Happy Birthday Sweetheart"… "Your gift will be a tour tomorrow, will that be okay?" he asked and stared at her. "You being here with me in Paris is more than a gift, sweetie" she smiled looking at his handsome face and kissed him with so much love. "Sweetheart, I'm very sorry about our fight"… "Shhhh... I know.. I love you and I always will... So how's my super model wife-to-be?" Ron asked with a smile and tweaked her nose.

Wait...Did he just call her wife-to-be?... Ron's words echoed in her mind. She stared at him and concluded that this was not her worst birthday because it turned out to be her best.


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