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Short Story. Catalysed by phrase "The Pond". Central Themes; War, Humankind's self-destructive tendencies, Creation
Image: Dark Forest Glade by RainAndPuddles

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The Pond

With a sigh the world ended. The last of earth's beings ceased to be and the world closed its latest chapter. The fault, as it always did, lay with the conscious ones, the ones who thought themselves apart from the natural order and who spent their time picking at the base until it crumbled and took them with it. This shouldn't sadden me, I had watched the cycle many times from its beginnings in my home.

In a moment the cycle had begun again, the tiny water creatures began to spawn. They fed on each other and the ones who survived grew stronger, they didn't question the world yet, but it would come.

They began to rise from their watery homes, first it was only those who needed protection from the stronger ones, but soon others followed them, to hunt, to survive. Now they saw more of the world, more of its extremes, but they battled against them and some won out.

Now strengths began to show, some became quiet, fast and deadly. Some grew large and let fear of their might protect them. Other allied themselves with more of their kind. The few that were left became something different; they allowed their minds to grow, to reach the far branches for them, to move the immovable. These were the ones who believed themselves different; soon the minds would begin to reach too far.

Next the conscious ones began to do what the others could not. They began to take nature and bend her to their will, they needed heat so they burnt her, they needed shelter so they cut her, and they needed sustenance so they farmed her. Their greatest accomplishments did exactly what they shouldn't have done, it set them apart from her children and they left her protection.

As with many tribe creatures they had disagreements, and originally they settled them as animals did, the stronger passed judgement over the smaller and his ruling was final. The more they developed the difficult they made it for themselves, the leader had to become what he had never been, likable, the public had to be on his side on everything or they would abandon him. Now they had almost stretched too far, soon they would grab at a flawed hold.

War, this was their greatest affront, they attacked and killed, not only each other but all that surrounded them. Soon vast stretches became wasteland in the true sense of the word, not even the tiniest of organisms could survive in these sores upon the land. They declared that they fought for freedom, for justice, for god. Yet soon even they began to see their doom unfolding.

Once more oblivion called to the creatures of earth, and again they heeded its call. What starts this chain of events? Which link would I have to break for them to be safe? To be protect them from themselves. I knew what I would do this cycle; I would keep them here with me. For eternity they would stay in the darkness of the Pond.


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