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The Eternal Life of Fate

By: VintageBubblegumClub

Page 1, The beautiful world Fate created and the disappearance of her song.

The young girl played her flute softly at first. The beautiful, simply melody spun into creation a world. The girl’s song paused, and the world’s development ceased. The girl, Fate, continued playing, but her tune was slightly louder.

Upon the world, it rained, and oceans rose from dry canyons. Trees and fauna sprouted up across the wide, grassy plains Fate had created. Her music filled the world she had created, bringing it the most wonderful complexities.

Fate imagined herself beside one of the many gushing rivers, and there she appeared. When she imagined herself among the wildflowers, she ended up there as well. As long as she never quit playing her song, Fate’s world of perfected magic would never fade.

Fate’s heavenly world would not last forever. Another immortal came to the girl, this one by the name of Human. Human and Fate were close, but Fate soon learned the mistake she had made. Human was a well intended, sweet and caring immortal, but he was destroying Fate’s song.

The mere presence of Human scared away the animals. In the place of once spectacular views rose ugly grey structures where miniscule figures of various colors dwelled. The figures were loud and angry creatures, who served to further hurt Fate’s song.

Fate had created only perfection, and not long after the arrival of her friend Human, it was all gone. Fate’s song was drowned out by the sounds of the creatures, never to fill Fate’s world again. The destructive ones would live their short lives, and they would never hear Fate’s song.


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