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The Witches, Chapter 1, Episode 2

Short story By: ViscussM

1358 years later, the story starts here.

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The Dark Summit-Taria

The clock has just struck seven in the evening and he still hasn't arrived. Does he think I have all day for this? I have other plans for the evening. I sat at the mahogany table, watching the old wooden clock tick as I waited for the for our last member of the Summit to arrive. All the other Sommers sat and waited silently with me, waiting for that moron to make and entrance like he always does. The clock ticked and there was still no sign of him. Who does he think I am? If he doesn't come soon I am going to start without him, which is going to be difficult. I gazed at the the clock, ten-to-eight.

Taria: That's it!
I stood up and shouted those words, but as soon as I did that, the doors flung open and Raven walked in.

Raven: I'm here! I'm here! Sorry for being a bit late!
Taria: A bit late? Where have you been Raven?
Raven: Out and about, I had some business to take care of.
Taria: Well couldn't you do it later.
Raven: Not a chance!
Taria: And how did a young brat like you ever end up as a member of the Sommet, let alone be one of my most important advisers?
Raven: It takes skill Taria.
I rolled my eyes.

Taria: Sit down, did you do what I told you to do at our last Summit?
Raven: It's all done and ready. I have chosen the suitors carefully.
Taria: Name your choices.
Now this was getting interesting. As much of slacker Raven is, this boy is just good at doing his job. He is pretty powerful too, for his age.

Raven: Okay, so I have gathered some data on the suitors I have chosen. First we have Ivy Guran for Controple.
Taria: I have heard of her. I think I may have known the great-grandmother.
Raven: Yes, that's probably the one. She seems pretty suitable.
Taria: Let me see her file.
He handed me over a slim file that I quickly scanned through.

Taria: She seems to be just fine, who else do you have?
Raven: I also have chosen Illany Grey from Trent City.
Taria: A Trent City citizen, huh? Are you sure about this one? Those people are pretty fierce.
Raven: Well don't we need someone strong and fierce? Illany seems like a great suitor to me.
Taria: I believe you, just as long as she is not the type that kills first and then asks.
Raven: I am sure she isn't. I also have chosen Lent Faber for Anglecis.
Taria: Lent? I know this one, she is a fine suitor, perfect even. And your last?
Raven: Well...I have thought about this one for a long time and I decided that I made a good choice.
His confidence seemed to fade away and he seemed nervous, what was he up to?

Taria: Raven, who is it?
My patience was at the verge of exploding, I needed to be elsewhere but this monthly Summit always ruined my plans.

Raven: Well, it's Jet close.
There was a sigh of shock from everyone in the room.

Taria: Raven, are you out of your mind? Didn't the Summit eight-teen years ago decide not to drag her into this mess?
Raven: I know, but this was my choice, and you need to think about it!
Taria: That choice was decided eight-teen years ago! I just can't allow this!
Raven was definitely out of his mind.

Raven: I am positive that my decision is a good one.
Taria: Raven, you surprise me a lot, but this time it definitely would have knocked me off my feet if I was standing.
Raven: But Tari-
Taria: I declare this Summit over. The next Summit is exactly in a months time. I should see you all then.
I started to get and then I felt someone grab my arm.

Taria: Raven, what the-
Raven: Taria, just hear me out and then make your decision. I am the one who picks the suitors. I know what I am doing, just trust me with this one.
The silence in the room grew with every second that passed. I could feel every member watching me, waiting for my answer.

Taria: Raven, are you sure about this?
Raven: I am positive.
Taria: Okay then, but you are the one that is going to go and retrieve her.
Raven: Understood.
Taria: Kelter! Call the messengers in!
Kelter, my servant called in four messengers.

Taria: Okay, here are the suitors you will need to retrieve. Raven is going to Retrieve one of then himself. You know exactly what to do. - Raven, where exactly is Jet living right now?
Raven: She is living in the Land of Tears.
Taria: Okay, don't do anything stupid, I beg you. Okay? Now, we're done here, scatter!
They all disappeared. I was really hoping that this time the suitors he chose will be successful, all of them.


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