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A vampier in Mark's heart

Short story By: Wekizator

The second of my shor story series,go to the first one if you haven't.
Hope you like it.

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This story is about Mark,as my previous story this is still an interdiction to some of the characters,only a bit more interesting.So Mark was 15 year old boy,who has,an interesting life.Hi has an elf girlfriend Malthier,but now she will have bit of competition.


Our story starts about two weeks after Marks birthday.That morning Mar was awake at about 10 o'clock.He went to the near by woods to meet with Malthier,as he was makeing his way trough the bushes,Marko heard a noise like someone passing next to him,but no one was there.He finally arrived at the river waited there for about half an hour,then he heard something in the bushes again.He realy couldn't see anything from the shadow of the old trees covering the sky.Than an beautiful women came out of the bushes,with long dark-blue hair,olive green eyes and a devilish smaily on her face,She looked at Mark with the corner of her eye as she was trying to say "come closer".Mark stood up suprised as she started to walk towards him.Marko took a step back and asked her:"Who are you?Wheres Malthier!" She continued walking:"Don't worry about her.I am Alexandra.And you will see I am very dangerous girl,as you will see."She said still walking towards him,because of her beauty Mark thought she was an elf,so he asked:"What do you want,why are you here."She stooped:'I want you.""But Malthier...."Said Mark not being allowed to finish Alexandra smiled:"Oh you seriously think that elf is good enough for you,you need something much better Mark."As she was saying this to him Malthier came"You!"Said Malthier"What are you doing here!Go away Mark dosen't want you!"Malthier reacted very aggressively Alexandra just smield at her and turned into smoke.

"You know her!"Mark said frustrated "Yes"Maltier said looking at the ground,her cheeks turning red."Who is she."Asked Mark turning his voice down a bit,Malthier looked back at him and said:"She is Alexandra,a vampire who......well she always wanted to take you from me.""Take me!Take me! How can she possibly take me! And why didn't you tell me this before!"Said Mark this time with an angry voice.She calmly said:'I was afraid.Afraid that you will be angry at me!And you are!""Angry for what?" "For me keeping you from her!'Said Malthier looking at him shouting.He noticed a tear in her eye.He walked up to her and kissed her:"Nobody can replace you."He said in a soft voice."So why did you call me here?"Asked Mark:"I heard about a cave hear by it is said that in that cave lives a dragon,an adventure I thought you'll be interested in."Said Malthier"You are not caming?"Mark said"No I can'r I have some business to attained to."Replayed .Mark was ok with that,they parted .

After about two hours Mark went to the place that Malthier said the cave was.It was on the side of the mountain As he went in the cave,the darkness of the cave surrounded him,there was apsolute silence an he can only hear the water dropping from the ceiling of the cave.It was very dark he touched the walls to make his way through he went on for a couple of minutes,then he found him self standing at the edge of something he heard rocks echoing down there as they fell he than took a stick and tried to find the other side he found that the fall was not that wide.He tried to put one foot across,ans he touched the other side,he slipped on the wet ground and started falling in,but cough the edge of one rock.He shouted for help but only his voice echoed in the darkness,he suddenly felt a hand touching his hand someone helped him get out,he was safely on the other side.He was given a flashlight,when he turned it on he saw Alexandra.She turned her eyes from him but smiled "Had a little accident?"She said"What are you doing here!"Said Mark,Alexandra looked back at him:"I am here to help.".They started walking,they came upon an opening well lit with torches,in the middle of this room slept a dragon,his scales where blood red,he had black horns breading fire throu his nose ,his eyes were closed."We need to sneak in."Mark sneak in and tryed to kill the dragon but failed as the elvish blade of his didn't went throu the dragons skull and the dragons big black eyes started to open Alexandra jumpes and roars clawing the dragons eyes that shout close immediately;y Mark than stabbed the dragon again ad pierced his skull this time,blood came out and as the dragon started to fall Alexandra took Mark in her arms and jumped away from the dragon,they quickly got out of the cave,an as they were standing in front of it. Mark the looking in her deep greens eyes said:"You are not as bad as I thought you were.'They bough smiled and went in for a kiss,Mark hesitated but kissed her anyway.Alexandra than smiled and turned into a bat and disappeared.Will Malthier find out about this,what will happen with Mark and Alexandra finde out in the next tale.

I hope my english was better in this one,for those who didn't read the first one go read the first one and the copyright is the same as in the first one.


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