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Mark and Alexandra meet the elvish dog

By: Wekizator

Page 1, The 4th part of the short story fantasy searies read the last one beafore reading this.

This story begins two weeks after the end of the previous one.If you haven;t read the last one go read it before starting this one.

Mark hasn't seen Malthier Natasha nor Alexandra for two weeks,he was wondering who is that elf Malthier's with.That day started with a breakfast,Mark had a shower,and went to school.On the way home he was passing through the woods,he was thinking about Malthier,Alexandra,that elf,he decided that is would be best to leave Malthier,she didn't show any love for him,and went away.He didn't plan revenge,why should he,but he wanted to find out who was that mysterious elf.As he was walking through the woods he passed the waterfall where he met Malthier,he could still smell the smell of her hair,and fell her gentile touch.He stopped for a moment or two.As he was staring at the water,a hand came down on his shoulder,is fear he turned around,and found him self staring at Alexandra's green eyes.She smiled,and Mark smailed back."Hey!"Said Alexandra putting her hand down from Mark's shoulder "Hi,what are you doing here."Replayed Mark shocked."Oh I was just passing by,and came upon you."Said Alexandra,walking around him,looking at him with that sparkle in her eyes.She stopped and continued:"You seem sad,I can fell it,what's wrong?!"She asked."Nothing,I just....."She did;t let Mark finish:"It about Malthier isn't it?"Mark looked at her surprised and asked:"How do you know?" "Oh I know about her,and about that elf,his name is Mothicai,he's a high elf from the elven city of Roudgalir."Mark came closer to her saying;'Did you follow me!"Alexandra stopped walking and looked at him with a smile on her face."I had to,I didn't know what will that elvish dog do to you!"Mark came closer calmer this time asked:'I just want....."Mark didn;t finish his though:"I know what you want."Whispered Alexandra kissing him passionately.As their noses touched,Mark looking at her beautiful dark green eyes said:"You are right,who needs Malthier,leave them be.""As long as we are happy."Alexandra finished his suntans from him and they kissed once again.They than went to Mark's house,nobody was there.As they came in Alexandra started looking around the house,she noticed how white there walls were,and how clean every thing is :"Your mom relay works around the house."She said as she was sitting down on a chair next to the table,"Relay,I don't noticed that much"Said Mark making coffee.Alexandra smiled and said:"Well,my home wasn't this clean since,well......never!"mark started to laught,and so did Alexandra,Mark leand foreword and Alexandra kissed him,bitting his lip,some blood came out."Ohh"Mark turned his head away,"Mmmmmmmm......your blood is very sweet."Said Alexandra licking his blood from her chin.They sat down,Alexandra looked at him and saw that a drop of blood was left on his lip,she reached out and took it on her finger than licked her finger clean."you are very generous."Said Alexandra:"Tell you what,since you prepared such a sweet welcome for me,how about you come to my place tonight.""Where do you live?"Asked Mark"Go north from the waterfall and west to the end of the forest."Mark  accepted this invitation and they parted.

As the night fell upon the town,mark got ready for his date,this was a chance for him to finally stop thinking about Malthier and start new with Alexandra.He dressed up nicely,and put on some colon he wanted to take a walk to Alexandra's house it didn't seem that far.Mark walked trough the dark streets looking at the moon,wondering what is Malthier doing right now,he wanted to get his thoughts of Malthier so he started thinking about that girl he met Natasha,but he would think about something else for  minutes,and Malthier green eyes will come back to haunt him.He was now passing near the waterfall,still couldn't think about something else but Malthier,in that moment he heard some voices on the other side of the water fall,moon was shining but he couldn't see anything.He crossed the river and hide in one of the bushes his saw some shadows on the moonlight Mark heard the voices clearly now,one of them was Malthier he was sure"I still can't stop thinking about him."She said,Mark wondered was she talking about him?Than he saw them kiss,now he was sure that other elf was Mothicai.Sudenly someone kicked him in the stomach and he fell from pain,above him Mathicai was standing with an angry look on his face."You!You again!It's over lover boy she's mine now."Said Mothicai with an unnatural voice of an elf,it was not soft but harsh and full of hate."Nothing is over yet!"Said Mark standing up,but Mothacai kicked him again and he fell,Mothacai than took out his sword and put it under Mark's neck"Ha!You are a cowered,can't even stand up,no wonder you are all alone!"He said.Mark noticed a tear in Malthier's eye as she said"No,leave him alone.""This is between me and him go!"Said Mothicai.In that moment a Shadow flow across Mothacai;s face,he fell and claw marks were on his cheek,it was Alexandra she was standing next to Mark and he stand up."You little blood sucking whore!"Said Mothacai and hit her with his sword,her arm started to burn a bit from the elvish blade.Mark jumped and took the sword from Mothacai's hands,and put it under his neck.Mothacai was scared so much he couldn't even talk."Nobody cuts the wing of my bat!"He screamed and poshed him down he fell into Malthier's hands.Alexandra stood up with her wound healed."Look what you've done now elf!Go now be with that coward!"Said Alexandra to Malthier,and she and Mothacai teleported away.Alexandra fell down weak from the wound.Mark took her and carried her to her home:"Are you OK?"He asked:'Hoe can I not be  in your arms? My love."She replied and they kissed her wound healing completely."Mothicai don't love Malthier,I can see it in his eyes,we need to find out what dose he want!"Said Mark,Alexandra looked at him saying:"OK but let's just enjoy the moment right now."And they kissed once more.



To be continued

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