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Mark and the comforting adventurer

Short story By: Wekizator

The part 3 of the series,go read the first two parts if you haven't,hope you enjoy

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This story begins where the last one ends,if you haven't read the last story you should read it before this one.

Last time Mark and Alexandra parted and Mark went home.As he was walking down the road to home,he was thinking about Alexandra,Maeltiher and all other things.When he came home,the decision was made,he won't tell anything to Maltiher,and this incident will be forgotten.that day passed with nothing important going on,the next day,Marko woke up and as making his bed,when an owl came in the window and drooped a note in front of Mark,than left.Mark picked up the note,it was from Malthier:"Come to the waterfall in 30 minutes.".Mark got dressed and was on his way,the waterfall was in the forest not far from his house,when he arrived Malthier was already there,her blond hair going down her back she looked at the water in deep sadness.Mark came closer:":Hey,you called?""Yes,Mark."Replied Malthier,she turned and there was a tear in her blue eyes.She looked at him wary strangely,Mark had a bad feeling about this,she continued:"Mark,I think it's best for us to break up,temporary officious."She said that and the tear came down her beautiful face.Mark came closer:'Why,is something wrong."She turned fer head away,as she was trying to hide her tears:"I just think that we should stop seeing each other."Mark looked down:"Is it because of Alexandra?"Malthier rise her had up still faced away from him and said:"Yes!"Then continued:'But not only because of that,I know that affair won't least long,but I have found someone,you are a human Mark."She said facing him an walking slowly towards him:"YOu are a human,and I am an elf,that can not be."Mark looked suspiciously at her and said:"But there are many hyman-elf relationships.""Yes,but not ours."Said Malthier.At that moment from the forest came an beautiful young elf,on a horse,he had short blond hair,brown eyes and was dressed in golden armor,he looked a bit older than Mark,"Malthier are you coming?"He said"Yes,yes."She replied running to him,Mark looked as they ride away from him,Malthier looked back as a tear came down Mark's eye.

Mark set there by the waterfall,thinking about everything.than behind him a voice was heared:"Hey you!"It was a females voice,Mark turned back and saw,a girl with short black hair,brown eyes and very pointy chin she was smalling,she was shorter than him.Dressed in a green shirt and jeans,with a backpack on her back.She came closer and sat by him"A fellow adventurer?"She asked,Mark looked at her to find she was human:"Yes."Said Mark,Natasha looked at him saying:'Why are you here all alone,there's some unicorns to the Hill west from here,wanna go adventuring?"Mark replayed:"Maybe later,I am going to some hard times now."She looked down and said:"Elvish problems ha?"Mark looked at her surprised:"How did you know.?""I was listening ot everything from my tree house,over a in that tree."She said pointing at a tree,than continued:"Don't worry elf's are like boomerang you trow then,they get back to you."Mark smiled saying:"You didn't tell me your name." "Natasha,my name is Natasha."She said"Listen don't worry about the elf,give me a note when you want to go adventuring,ok."Marko looked at her with hope:"Sure,your a good friend Natasha.""What can I say i trained."Said Natasha,got up and went into the forest.

Later that day,as Mark has done his homework,and studied for school tomorrow,he got board.And a Thoth came into his mind,"Why don't I message that girl to go adventuring",Mark took his green adventure backpack,took a not and wrote:"You still up for adventure?Meet me at the waterfall."Mark called an own give it the note and sent it to Natasha.Mark went to the waterfall and Natasha was there,she smiled when she saw him:"This will get your mind off that elf.""It better dose!"Said Mark sarcastic.They got out of the forest and into the hills,the weather was cold and the rain clouds were on the horizon.They quietly made there way thought the misty hills,Natasha than seeing that Mark was very tired,started to sing a song to cheer him up:

"Far over the fields and hills,through the forest and over the seas,there's a city,an elvish city,with elfs of different names,living among the statues of man.Elvish women thou beautiful and find,when there heart is crouped they lose their mind.far over the hills and seas there an elvish city,where all are free and where I will travel to my wife to be."

Mark looked at Natasha laughing,they made there way to the highest hill,on which there were over 20 unicorns,Mark and Natasha started crawling on the wet grass trying to see where the unicorns are,but thought the mist they couldn't see anything.Natasha took a gem stone out of her backpack:"What is that ?"Asked Mark:"That is a gem stone that sucks in the mist."The gem glowed blue and the mist started to disappear,finally they could see the unicorns.Nastaha took out a pencil and a piece of paper and started drawing them."Wow,your and attest!"Said Mark when he saw her drawing:"What can I say."Said Natsha smiling.Then they came closer to one of the unicorns that lied dead"Why did he died?'Asked Mark,Natsha looked at the body sad as tears drop from her face:"Killed by humans."She than took out an axe and cut off it's horn.Than she gave the Horn to Mark saying:"This will bring good luck,and it granites you one wish."'Thank,but I'm sure you have your wishes too."Said Mark,Natasha looked at him and said:"You need it more,just take it."Mark took the horne and put it in his backpack.Natasha and Mark than parted.Mark went home glad that he met such a good friend,and in hope of Malthier returning to him.

Next time,find out who is the misteryus elf and what will happend to Alexandra.


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