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Ephelia Zephyr, a mermaid, has been banished from her home, the ocean sea, which was her home until this day.

What will she do after she realises that she is no longer welcome in the ocean by her own kind?

She encounters something she never had the slightest comprehension...


(I had written this over a year or two ago, but I've re-edited it before posting it. It was meant to be a novel, but I hadn't gotten the chance to write more since I had began other projects. I'm posting this as a short story because I want to see if people would like this to be converted back in a novel. So, what do you think?)

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It was raining and the sun was soon disappearing behind the graying clouds, like coal flavoured candy-floss. The sky was darkening to fast as if it had made its mind up to shower its fury, its anger to fall upon the earth. The clouds congregated and uncongealed and stirred along faster. The beach was wet with puddles at random spots and heavy rain started to stab into the grains of sand. The mad sea looked a magnificent deep blue in the vast ocean; waves pushed themselves up into huge, wide waves and curved downwards, finishing in a big display of splashes. The waves of the shoreline pushed forward maddeningly on the seaside and then moving back into itself repeatedly.

She splashed her arms through the water waves, her substantial fins flapped and moved along with the forces of the sea. Her tailed fins were trying to be in control that was violently being carried through the waves. But the crashing waves were too strong, and she was unable to control were she was forced to go. She screamed out in the opportunity whenever she broke up through the heavy waves. Although, she was definitely able to breathe under water, but right now she needed to catch someone's attention or something's attention, and she needed help. She needed to return to her home, the other side of the ocean, deep down.

There, in the deep sea and far away, lived thousands of Mermaids and Mermen. Their kingdom was ruled by their sovereigns; King Syler and Queen Malaika.

Yet the human world only knew them as a myth.

She was taught it was better this way, for her, and her kind.

Oh, no! She thought franticly.

Her heart pounded against her chest. And as if on cue, she got her answer and the dark waves shoved her up into the air. The waves threw her like an unwanted goldfish out from its water bowl, its home. She didn't even get a second to cry out when she had landed on the seashore with a heavy thud, just like you would kick a stray pebble away from your path. Her side hurt badly after the impact against the heavy, wet sand. She arched her back in pain and let out a painful cry.

The massive and unseen watery limbs of the sea threatened her almost, looming before her once more only to move back again, gaining more strength. It was almost as if it were deriding her, frightening her.

She couldn't take being banished from her own home. Her own father had forbidden her to ever enter her own kin, her own family and friends. She was never to be heard or seen to them ever again; this day forth she is dead to her father and unfortunately, her own mother as well.

Why father? She thought agonizingly, why mother…? Why did you not say anything? It wasn't even my fault. It was … is all a conspiracy! I've been framed into all this appalling happening. It had nothing to do with me. Neither of you even gave me the chance to explain myself! What do I do? Where do I go without you all, my own people and my own home…? The sea is my only home.

A gentle tingling was erupting behind her eyes and in the inner corners. She rubbed her eyes at once t o make the strange feeling go away.

A warm trail fell down her already wet cheeks, like two rainy trails racing each other on a window. She tilted her head that sopped with moist water. She slowly lifted her hand and traced the water that extraordinarily had leaked from her eyes. Her fingers moved on her cheeks gingerly.

This is strange to occur, she thought wonderingly. It's never happened to me before. What is it?

She looked around her and spotted a large boulder just a few meters away from her. She felt a tingling sensation in her large, forked fin that slowly ran up to her curvaceous hips in pinky-purple scales, but she ignored it. She made a quick and desperate decision - because she was exhausted from leaning on her hands and elbows for this long, since she was never in such a predicament in the deep sea. Pulling herself forward with her hands while her large fins pushed her torso as much as it could, she headed for the boulder, which was beckoning to her helpfully.

The sensation deepened into pins and needles in her lower half, mainly down to tailed fins. Ignoring the irritating feeling once more, she pushed herself forward one last time and her shoulder rested against the boulder.

There was that pins-and-needles feeling again.

She frowned confusingly. She turned herself around so that her bare back was now leaning against the cold stone, she had expected to see her scaled fins, but instead she was watched a pair of legs and feet perfectly formed. Her eyes widened in horror at the smooth limbs that were met her.

Her eyebrows turned upwards in worry, like a child wanting her mother to comfort her not to worry.

She tried to lift them and was half successful, but they were difficult to shift or manage because she had never had the prospect of owning any 'till date. She felt weird with her new limbs. She made a face and poked her thigh. Does not feel so bad, she thought. It's certainlyextraordinary.

Legend had had it, that when a mermaid or merman swam out of the sea, completely, their lower finned half would disappear until their human feet touched water again. They would transform to human. Hence, she was no longer a mermaid anymore and appeared to be a human. And she was naked, which wasn't the biggest thing that was troubling her at some extent. However, she was a modest creature. I am completely nude! Her mind screamed. The scales that were covered over my breasts have somehow disappeared, too.

What am I to do now? Her scared thoughts cried. She looked around once more. Perhaps I could find a helpful human?

No, that wasn't possible. There was no human around to help her. She looked towards her right; no Mermaid or Merman calling her name and telling her that it was her right to return into beautiful sea-water, which was gradually beginning to calm down its anger finally. There was no-one. She was alone.

There is only the boulder to help me, she thought gloomily.

She took a deep breath and turned herself around from her shoulders for starters, as her legs lay there tingling away, and her hands smacked on top of the cold boulder and tried to elevate herself up on top of it.

No success.

She was only able to lift her bottom up half way as her arms had begun to shake from the power of trying to move on it without any help from her long gone, beloved fins. She let herself be lowered back onto the sand because she wasn't used to the new extensions.

Of course, she thought as the sense hit her, she had to learn how to get used to having human limbs in the first place in order to walk without falling down.

"What an out of the ordinary test this is," she said to herself. Certainly, it was would be a extraordinary test for her.

She twisted back around and let herself sit back down softly, and realized that the tingling had decreased by now, allowing her to smile. She decided to move forward and rest on her knees; her legs to be folded below her and carefully stand up. So, she gingerly got herself up pushed her palms into the sand before her and pushed herself up - first her right leg and then her left - and she slowly and nervously propelled herself upwards.

Steadily, she ordered herself mentally, carefully…

Her curly, wet hair was gently moving with the wind as she finally carried herself upright and stood exactly where she was, not daring to move. And her arms automatically flew up at her side for balance and struggled for while before finding her footing again.

"I am going to fall," she cried with worry at her uncomfortable stance. Her posture was odd, one hand in the air and the other in front of her at waste's length. Her long black hair was almost down to her calves and lay in front of her chest. Her crystal blue eyes were embedded in her huge almond shaped eyes.

She blinked before staring at the horizon. Beautiful, she thought, sitting down in the boulder as her hair was drying in the cool breeze.

The ocean whooshed and waved in and out in dark grayish-navy layers as the sun began to set. The sun was looking like a gigantic semi-circle orange fruit, sitting still in the spectacular horizon scenery, and, the sky was painted in beautiful hot colours of yellow, orange, some red, and pink. And the vast ocean was calming down, shining the glittery illusion of soft waves on its onyx surface. Shadows were cast on everything and everywhere, giving birth to new silhouettes that could be mistaken for anything or being.

A sudden rustle sounded from the left of her, which made her turn her head towards the dark man-shaped silhouette automatically. Her eyes widened in realization when she saw who it was.

"Who is it?!" she asked, shocked.

"Ephelia?" he asked incredulously, as he stepped in nearer. "Ephelia Zephyr?"

"You?" she cried. "We thought you were dead."


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