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bring us back the light

Short story By: wolfey123


Submitted:Dec 4, 2012    Reads: 21    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

in the dark she heard their thick
rasped voices whispering with glowing
eyes just out of sight they told her
of the world she had stepped into
a dark realm filled with red smoke
and them those things with eyes
just black shadows in the far off
edge of sight soon one came to her
but this voice wasn't as low as the
others it sounded female it was
a torn and mangled teen? came up to
her and pointed to the dark and said
with a lisp "they are not to harm we are
to guide" "but then why do they not show
their faces?" "they have no face just eyes
and ghostly bodies i must be in this form
for now but once we step into the holy land
i will be pure and clean i will show you
how to ru-" the mangled body was cut off
by a blaring from the girl "WHAT!! I'm not
gunna rule this place its so dead and saddening"
"but this is why you were shown the portal.."
"why we need you is to bring back their hope
and bring their bodies to the world we know
again hold their ground in the light that will
shine" the girl shut up and was blurred out and
taken to the building there she saw a beautiful
young teen with blazing red hair with golden eyes
and a dress with blue and flowers adorning her hair
she was everything perfect she called her over with
a hand gesture and smile and said "my castle soon
to be yours for my father has died and i can not
care for this place in rule on my own" her voice wasn't
dark and broken like the eyes out side she ask"what is
the name of our new ruler the one to bring us from the
darkness" "my names Lota" "what a peaceful name for such
a dark place to be called this land will be called Lota
now till the next ruler comes" "are ..you the the girl
from out there...?" it was obvious but she wanted to know
for sure if it was and it was the girl.the perfect girl
guided her to the door
and stayed inside and said "farewell follow them and they will
bring you to him the grand fighter he will teach you much"
"uh your just gunna leave me out here"
"i have to its rule that i stay here now go on"
she was lightly pushed by her gentle hand and outside in the
dark again she went this time the eyes had slight bodies like
they were stronger then they were minutes ago what had changed them
but now the outlines flickered and glitched and were like small
lightning little sparks even fell to the black ground they guided her
off into the far out where she lost sight of the castle they told her
with voices that weren't cold but kind that he was the only one who knew
how to fight and that she would help her in the war to win back this dark
the light would shine and they would be people not dark figures in the mist


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