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FairyWings Challenge.... Love is the means to Death

By: XxXxSamanthaxXxX

Page 1, i had to write about a steamy shower lol soooo here it is

Things never seemed to go right in my life, I am twenty three and haven’t had a good healthy relationship since... wait I don’t think I have ever had a healthy relationship well not since high school anyways.

I live in a bachelor apartment and work as a secretary for the office across the street, it sucks blending into the world when you want to be the one who is sticking out, and being gorgeous.

It seems all my thoughts go back to men and I don’t know why they just float over to them, and there wasn’t even men in my life, which was sad.


I walk in the front door of my apartment and drop my purse on the floor and walk into the living room, I draw back the thick black curtains and look out to the city, so many possibilities and no way in hell I was ever going to be able to get out and experience life.

I stretch and feel my muscles give way from the long day at work, sitting at a desk was hard work even when you didn’t do anything. I took off my light coat and felt the cool air of my apartment hit me, it wasn’t normally this cold in my apartment, I rub my hands up my arms and then walk over to the thermostat and cranked it up.

I sat on the couch with a thick blanket over my legs and watched another re run of CSI. But in the back of my head I couldn’t figure out why it was so cold I couldn’t get the temp up it was freezing in my apartment but I knew the heaters were working as the hallways was hot and I had phoned down to front desk and they told me that it was all working fine, so here I sat in my apartment freezing my ass off.

I watched as the sun set and the city came alive outside, ugh time to shower then go to bed, I had to be up early in the morning .

I got up from the couch and went to the bathroom and turned the cold tap on then the hot tap and let the water run and warm up, I started shutting the door when I thought I saw a shadow out in the living room I froze, my imagination taking over, I slowly crept out

“h-hello” I stuttered

No answer

I look around the room but see no one not a single thing is out of place, I laugh to myself a bit for overreacting and then go to the bathroom and shut the door, the bathroom is filled with steam from the hot water, I slide out of my skirt and un button my white blouse, and turn to look in the mirror, it wasn’t completely fogged over, and I could see my face and my long light brown hair, it didn’t make any sense I wasn’t even ugly plain maybe but not ugly, why no man? Can someone answer this for me?,

My hair fell down and onto my chest, my hands were on my hips, I was wearing old lady underwear, I really need to go shopping for girly underwear the kind of stuff I wore in high school.

I step into the shower and the hot water hit me and i closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water, I tilted my head back and washed my hair, and just as I opened my eyes I saw the shadow again but this time on the other side of the shower curtain, I froze, this time there was no way I was imagining it, I stood still trying not to breath but whoever it was knew I was in the shower no one just leave sand lets a shower running, I didn’t know what to do I didn’t want to turn the shower off and I didn’t want to just get out.

The shadow seemed to falter and then there was a cool breeze and it was gone, I couldn’t breathe, but I slowly calmed down and took a deep breath and opened the shower curtain no one was there but there was writing on the mirror and I wanted to cry and run

IM HERE it said and I quickly ran my hand over the mirror erasing the message

That night I curled up in my bed and stayed quiet I didn’t want to make a sound I didn’t like how I was feeling, like someone was watching me and I wasn’t just freaking out I really did feel like some one was watching me.

But I slowly drift off to sleep and I dream of my death, but it wasn’t my death that I was concerned about it was the shadow I was kissing before I died.

I sat up and was breathing hard , this wasn’t the kind of dreams I wanted.

Work was slow and boring like always but I had this dying urge to go home, and I didn’t know why, but it slowly grew to the point that I asked to leave early.

I walked into my apartment and once again it was freezing, but it comforted me somehow, I stepped in and closed my eyes, trying to feel where the eyes were the eyes that were watching me, but I couldn’t place it so I just stood there with my eyes closed but nothing happened and I sighed in disappointment.

I didn’t open the thick curtains this time the room was better dark , I went to the bathroom and closed the door.

The hot shower is nice, it is always nice after a hard day at work, not that my days were that hard, I watched as the steam filled the bathroom and I waited, I knew the person would be back I had a gut feeling

My feelings might be insane but I wanted the person to come back I wanted to invisible person to be back, I should be scared but I wasn’t, maybe I was just a dumb girl for wanting a stranger in my house.


Then I saw it the shadow on the other side of the curtain, and I felt my heart race and couldn’t make up my mind, either to open the curtain or stay frozen behind the curtain, I watched as the person stayed in one spot for a moment and then the shadow switched and was at the end of the bathtub just outside the curtain, the hand reached up as if to draw back the curtain but it seemed to go right through it and suddenly I saw the face of the shadow, it was a guy about my age or a couple of years older, but he was a ghost, I could see through him, I backed up just a bit and I saw the pain cross his face as I moved away from him.

“who” that’s all I got out before he materialized and the hot water of the shower was hitting him, soaking through his black button up shirt and soaking his dark wash blue jeans, but he just was looking at me.

“ Grace “ he said my name with so much power and I could help myself I took a step forwards and he reached out his hand and touched my bare shoulder, the hot water seemed to get hotter but it didn’t burn my back as it should I was to focused on him to care, I took another step forward so I could see his face even better

“who are you” I asked the full question this time and the corner of his lips twitched and then he smirked and pulled me closer by shoulder

“I'm your soul mate it just so happens that I'm dead” he whispered in my ear and his hand went down my shoulder and down to my lower back

“so your a ghost” I asked

He looked into my eyes and there was some kind of fiery desire in them

“yes I am, do you want to be with me” he asked

“yes ” I said without thinking but I knew deep down that it was true

I just didn’t know what had to happen so I could be with him forever

he crushed his lips to mine, my first reaction was to push him away but I couldn’t an electrical current shot through my body and I went closer to him instead of going away from him, his mouth was un yielding on mine and my hand went to his shoulder but I had to pull back, he no longer was dressed and it shocked me but I couldn’t help but press my lips back onto his, he pulled me even closer to him and his lips trailed down my neck and I closed my eyes at the exact time I died.

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