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Demon Night

Short story By: Yasuko

I could feel the coldness of his hands and smelled the whiskey on his breath...

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I could feel the coldness of his hands and smelled the whiskey on his breath. It was to dark to see so I laid there using my other senses to anticipate his each and every move. His lips touched mine and part of me wanted to kiss him back because I knew this touch. I knew these hands. I have smelled this scent before that seeped out of his pores. I remember the first time he came to me in the middle of the night. Like a burglar, so quiet and aware of his surroundings. He knew where to find me, and he told me the very first night.

"I will be back!" The words as smooth as a babies ass rolled off of his tongue.

He spoke as if he were from a different time, maybe even a different era. His voice made me feel as though I were in a shakesperean tragedy and it was my time to die. It was my time to meet my end and wonder if I was good enough in this life to even think of an after life to await me.

He grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head with his arm. His other hand explored me like a child who recently found Narnia in their closet. He didn't leave any part of my body untouched. I knew not to make a sound. Although my first reaction was to scream my mouth wouldn't open.

I began to breath heavier as his large body was crushing my small frame and breathing became difficult.

"You smell like candy." He whispered in my ear.

I felt his lips by my ear as he took a deep breath to inhale my scent.

"I want to taste you." He said as his lips grazed mine.

I knew what he wanted. I knew exactly what he came for and still he took his time. I waited for his next move which seemed like hours. He was teasing me. Wondering if I too wanted what he came for. He could feel my body shaking and he placed his finger over my lips.

"Shhhhhhhhh, I will never hurt you." He whispered again.

His voice was a soft as a rose and as sharp a its thorns.

"I am here because you summoned me." He assured.

I went to lift myself up and he pushed me down with force. I could hear a slight growl come from his throat. He was a hungry dog and I was in heat. He could smell me from miles away and he came to mate like animals in a jungle. I wanted him to have his way but instead it traced my body with his index finger causing me to become hot inside.

As his finger incircled my right breast I could feel my nipples becoming erect. His tongue gently traced my lips as my head lifted up to expose my neck. His nose grazed my skin and I could feel the goosbumps invading my entire body. I no longer put up a fight. My arms were no longer pushing against his. His body slid down mine like a stick of butter on a hot skillet. His arms gripping my waist and pulling my stomach to his mouth. He kissed around my navel before moving slowly down to my pelvis. His hands moved and gripped my bottom as they forced my body to the edge of the bed. My legs open and his head was right where I wanted it. He reached up and grabbed the back of my neck forcing me up to face him. His nose touching mine as he moved it side to side gently before he rammed his tongue down my throat.

I kissed him back and pulled him closer to me. He bit my bottom lip and then turned my face with his to bite my neck. His teeth cut right through my flesh. I could feel my blood trickling down my body and the red stain upon his lips.

"Do it." I whispered.

He stared into my eyes and began to bite my flesh again. He was tasting my blood the way a vampire would but he was no vampire. He was a completely different kind of creature. I pulled him in closely only for him to no longer be there.

I could no longer smell his breath, or feel the coolness of his large hands. He was gone as quickly as he came. I touched my neck to feel my own blood. I put my fingers in my mouth to taste it for myself. All I could do now was wonder when he would come back. Wonder when my night terror would return.


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