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The Beast of Arakan

Short story By: Yusufalam

Story of a beast.

Submitted:Aug 21, 2012    Reads: 101    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

After a day full of carnage, the beast of the valley of Arakan returned to his home. Amidst stillness of the night, his cabin could be seen distinctly, covered in moss and surrounded by huge trees. As he entered inside, he placed his enormous axe in a corner and took off his blood smeared clothes to reveal his scaly body. His brutal eyes had shown no signs of compassion as he had smothered the poor souls and then cut them into pieces. He sat in front of the mirror and looked at his reflection. His lower face had hair-like projections which moved like tentacles, his eyes were blood red and his sharp teeth protruded from his elongated mouth glinting with saliva. He then took off the dreadful mask which was covering his upper cheeks and forehead. With the mask off, he could see a glimpse of his old human form now which was concealed beneath the camouflage. Suddenly his ears were filled with the screams of the dead, who had begged for mercy as his image reminded him of his diminished humanity. A drop of tear emerged from his eye as the guilt slowly started kicking in. And there! He was remembering Rose again! He cried and cried with no one to console, the tears flowing like a stream off a river.

"Why did you have to leave me, love?" Growled the beast as the pain became too hard to bear. "Take me where you are! Can't you see the demon I've become?" Saying, the monster stood up and went down to the basement where lay the body of his one true love. He wept at the cemetery until he fell asleep.

He was now walking in a castle, a gigantic structure with flora all around; there were picturesque fountains at some distance and birds had filled the place to the brim with their songs. There was a surreal feeling about the exquisiteness of the place he was in but he continued with the stroll, mesmerized at the beauty of it all. He walked to a fountain, and looked at his reflection in the water. He couldn't recognize the man he was looking at. It then struck him! He was looking at himself, he was all human again! He kept staring at his reflection, as if bounded by a spell. He could have stayed there for an eternity, but then he heard a female voice call out his name from behind. He recognized the sound and turned slowly. He wasn't prepared to see her, but it was not like he had a choice. His eyes had tears in them as he opened his mouth to greet her, only to realize he had no words to say. She covered his mouth shut with her lips and took him into her warm embrace. He could feel the grief of past years fade. They danced for hours as if nothing had ever been wrong, danced on the tune of their eternal love.

"I have to go now, I cannot stay." Rose finally spoke leaving him struggling for breath "You can be good again. I know you can." Saying which she disappeared from his arms as he desperately tried to make her stay.

The giant woke up, realizing she was gone. The pain of separation flowed like poison in his veins. He went up the basement and looked into the mirror; he was looking at the beast again! All he could feel now was anguish mixed with monstrous rage! She had done it again! She had left him alone to rot in a world which had nothing but pain. Overcome with wrath, the beast put on the mask, and took up the axe. He was now ready to put some more souls to rest!


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