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The Man Who Loved A Fairy

Short story By: Yusufalam

Its about an angel who falls in love with a man.

Submitted:Nov 27, 2011    Reads: 588    Comments: 13    Likes: 5   

Once upon a time a man met a fairy who had descended from the heavens. Their differences drove them to each other and they became best friends. The more time they spent together, the more closer they got to each other. She could always tell from his face when he was in trouble, and never left his side whenever he felt sad. She had totally fallen for his charm and loved to cry her heavenly tears on his shoulder. They completed each other.

But finally the day came when the fairy had to go back to where she came from. They met on their favorite island. But it was different. There was a strange silence around them; everything seemed to have stopped in time. And then something happened, something they had never anticipated. There lips came together and they kissed.

They were lost in the lip-lock until they realized it was the time. Time for them to finally part their ways. But things had changed after the magical kiss. They could no longer suppress their feelings for each other. They knew they were in love, may be they were always meant to be together and it was something they could not run away from.

So they acknowledged their love for each other and decided to come back to the island one day when it is possible for them and get married. Until then they would meet in his dreams.

The man went back to his people and realized what he had done. His people would never accept a fairy among them and that was all a bad mistake. That night when the fairy came to his dreams, he told her not to come back again since they won't be accepted either in the heavens or the earth if they came together. And they will be on their own.

The fairy wept and went away, but came back the next night. She said she couldn't live without him and she was ready to lose her wings to be accepted among the people of the earth. The man was really happy, he had everything he wanted. He agreed to that without even thinking about what the fairy was putting herself through.

Days passed, they met in his visions, remembering the past and dreaming about the tomorrow. Everything was just perfect.

But eventually the fairy started thinking about her people; and started having second thoughts. She felt guilty that she was going to betray them for the love of a man. And one day she realized she couldn't take it anymore; and decided to leave.

She broke the news to him one dark night, and left. Leaving behind nothing but her memories. The man was shattered. His worse nightmare had come true.

The separation from his angel drove the man mad. And nobody heard of him for a long time.

The fairy moved on but one day decided to go back to earth and see how he was doing.

She inquired among his people but they seemed to have forgotten all about him. She went to the island where they had met for the last time. And there she saw him, and couldn't believe her eyes.

He had turned into a beast!


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