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Five for Fighting

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Member Since: Feb 5, 2013

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Caving In - Character Pictures

by Five for Fighting
Posted: Feb 15, 2013
Mezyma Nyte made a mistake she's not happy to admit. It...

Caving In

Novel by Five for Fighting
Posted: Feb 15, 2013
Mezyma Nyte made a mistake she's not happy to admit. It...

Let's start off with the basics! My name is Nicole, but most commonly I'm known as Tea. I'm 15 and only 4"9... such a shortie. I love rock/heavy rock music; my favorite band is Breaking Benjamin (so freaking sad that they broke up... they need to get back together) and songs right now are pretty much all of their music xD I dyed my hair all sorts of blue's and pinks to match my eyes. And I dyed it back brown :p


-This is a new addition, spur of the moment made in anger segment. It may not survive for long-

How many of you have ever bullied someone? Don't be shy, just raise your hand- it's not like I can see you anyway. How many of you have been bullied? Most likely everyone should raise their hands unless they just sit in a ball in a dark corner all the time. Now, I have been bullied and I have bullied. There isn't any shame in it, though their should be. I'm not relatively skinny or pretty, I'm just average. But, us average's get made fun of so much, don't we? All we try to do is go with the flow, just get through all the shit of school and get out, right? Sadly, no one lets that happen. Everyone has that one person(s), just that one person(s) who always ruins their day. Mine is a girl named Kira and a boy named Sean. Me and this Kira used to be friends, but hey, we're not anymore. You want to know why? I 'mistreated' her. For one, I didn't, but I'm not going to this argument here. Lately I'm sure people have looked at me in the eyes of a slut, whore, bitch, gossiper, druggie, freak, whatever they can think of. And yes, I'm a bitch occasionally and do gossip and I am weird and a freak. But it's me, and people can't seem to accept that. There are people who just kill to have their shit dumped on others. I wish I had friends I could trust to listen to me. I do have friends, seven to be exact, and only three I can tell anything too. That means five of my friends are not trustworthy and blab their damn mouths to other people about things I say. Parent's tell me I just have to move on, there's always someone I don't like or there's always someone who makes your days crap. "Just ignore it, Colie. High school will be over soon." Are a mother's famous words. Did you ignore your problems, mom? Did you just turn your back and move on? No, you probably didn't. As a sum to this vent, as a moral to this story, it's rather simple. There are people who will give you hell, and in the eyes of a bullied girl, it is best to forget it. Its not easy, and not my preferred method, but in the end, its better for you. Like I said.. this thing has a VERY soon expiration date. Hope you get to read it before I get over my grudge ;)

Another love of mine is reading/writing, drawing, listening to music and writing music, playing the piano, and singing. Favorite pet animal would have to be a dog, favorite random animal would be a Pegasus.. but they don't exist :'( I like anime, to draw and in Manga form; haven't watched any shows other than one episode of Bleach and several of Naturo. So, the big secret here: I love Disney. Love, love, love it. Right now I'm waiting on that new episode of Austin and Ally.. supposedly they kiss ;) But, that really isn't the Disney I'm talking about. I like the old Disney full of Minnie and Mickey, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto.. you know the good ones :p


Now onto my writing and reading request. I could write any genre, some not as well as others,but their there. Normally I'll write Romance because it's classic and a lot of people read it. However, I get crazy ideas a lot and fantasy plots, dystopian plots, even sci-fi plots start to form. Normally I keep those ideas longer than romance. Right now I'm writing a novel, I don't know the name yet or really where it's going to go, but I'm halfway through the first chapter. I'm not going to promise an upload of it, or even character pictures because I don't want anyone to get all excited and then me not post it .-.

Reading Request! I do not read erotica, don't suggest it. If your novel is farther than five chapters, go ahead and suggest it but know that  it may take me a few days to get completely read up on it. If your novel is above ten chapters, eh.. I'm probably just going to ignore the request, but don't be surprised if I do comment on it later. When you comment on my page, I get that it's most likely a reading request, you don't have to state it in the comment. And please no repeated comments for the same novel, I get that you want me to read it. If I haven't commented on your work, then I probably didn't like it. Other than using correct grammar and spelling, that's all c:


^^ Just my dream tattoo..

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