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Stabbed heart

By: midhat adnan

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Umm yes that was you, you were there when i was wondering in my garden i gett a parcel,that parcel has a heart stabbed by knife it is all pure heart made of same red fibers as any human heart has,that heart is not giving me any clue that is it of any man or woman, either it belongs to Muslim or non-muslim, it is not giving me even a single clue that it belongs to SHIA or SUNNI or anyone else!!
I start thinking about all those crazy ppl belongs to me,can anyone be such crazy sending me his fresh dead heart?? i just go back a minute you were asking me either i like to take chocolate flavour or i wish to get some caramel one as iknow youlove caramel one i asked you for cramel with just a single topping of dark chocolate and you laughed you were saying me that you love me alot, reminding those moment i smile an then this fresh bleeded heart grabs my attention back. Why is it smelling like my very own blood, it seems to have you in my hands. "Mom" sara my three years girl calls me, you know what sara has those brown eyes as you have,her lips;they are just curved as yours though she looks like me but she has many qualities like you... and i love her a bit more.. hey stop someone is calling on phone "yes,who's there?" "what! how can you say that i just talked to him few minutes can you say this, he left home an hour ago, no! not another blast...He is not my huband,you must be mistaken,He can't be my can they blast a mosque?? Hello...who's there can you tell me what is going on...who did this...don't be such cruel,don't say that" the phone is dead someone said "Are you new to Pakistan it is vary casual, come and complete the formalities and take your body home" and cut it off.
I am freeze is that heart mine really?? 

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