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a young girl fallss sick and is sent to house. love is in the air as house falls for tha patients sister gabby when the patient trisha has chase falling for her . but will everything work out and house find her illness before something happens ??

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Chapter 1

He sat silently, sitting at his desk throwing his ball in the air when Lisa walked in. He looked up at her to see her slamming a file on his desk. "14 year old female, constant fainting and dizziness" she said smiling. "I thought you'd might be interested". "Yeah what could be more interesting than a 14 year old girl" he replied taking out his yoyo. Lisa grabbed his yoyo and looked him in the eye "you are taking this case or you'll be on clinic duty for a month" and with that she left his office closing the glass door behind her. He picked up the file and paged his team. "This should be interesting" he said to himself. A half an hour later he was standing at his white board scribbling down symptoms. "Maybe its Wilsons disease?" said Doctor Robert Chase eying the board. "Good idea" replied House half mockingly. "Go test for Wilson's disease and run a tox screen as well". Carmon rolled her eyes "just because she's a teenager she on drugs" she said leaving the room. "Anything is possible" yelled House after her.

Dr. Chase strode into the ward to see a bright faced woman running up to him "I'm her mother" said the woman looking at the thin gaunt girl sitting up in her bed. "My name is Laura and she's Trisha" continued the woman. "Please tell me what's wrong with her" Chase stared at the woman, she was quite pale and had dark bags under her eyes. "I don't know yet" he began, "we'll have to run some tests but…." The young girl sat up and whispered "no, no injections I hate the no way" Chase smiled and sat down beside the girl "Trisha, I promise you I will not let them hurt you just look at me while they're doing it" Trisha stared fearfully into Chase's eyes "promise?" Chase nodded. Trisha smiled and seemed to relax. Chase slipped a needle into Trisha's arm and noticed something strange on her arm. It started to turn purple, Chase immediately pulled the needle out. Trisha sat up "why is my arm purple and itchy" Chase stared at her she was getting paler by the minute. He ran out of the room and straight to House. "Something is wrong with the patient" he panted. House rolled his eyes "I'll have a look at her now" and with that he walked down the halls into the ward. Trisha was hunched over vomiting into a bowl "you must be DR. House" she smiled weakly. House nodded and took some of her blood "I'll have to run a test on it" the young girl nodded. Just then a tall, blonde, thin woman walked in. Houses jaw dropped. "I'm Trisha's sister" she said "how is she" House stared at her and said "she's quite ill" he replied. She looked at him and smiled "alright but you've got to make her better, ok?" House nodded and walked out of the ward. "WOW" he thought "I've never seen a woman like that" he smiled "and she and nice breasts". He walked down the hall into the lab where he found Forman "Go test this" he said throwing it at him. "Jesus" Forman thought "he's in a strangely good mood"

Chapter 2

Later that day House was sitting in his office when Forman rushed in. "what do you want" said House in an unpleasant manner. "By her blood tests it seems like there's nothing wrong" replied Forman. House frowned "But Chase says she's getting worse by the minute". Forman rolled his eyes "where's Cameron?" "Down with the patient, Trisha is taking pictures of her days at the hospital" House sighed. Forman frowned "and Cuddy's okay with this?" House laughed "yeah she says it's good for the hospital, I think it's because she feels sorry for her". Just then Chase burst in panting "`Trisha's gone into cardiac arrest" House stood up leaning on his cane "great a new symptom to add to our board". "Cameron's coming now" Chase continued still trying to catch his breath. Cameron walked in soon after. "Now that everyone's here let's start diagnosing our patient" Chase sat up "maybe its diabetes, its treatable" Cameron sat up too "yeah or it's a parasite". House stared at both of them "what's got into you two?". Chase stood up "I'm going to run some tests" House nodded and Chase was gone. House stared at Cameron and said "what's the name of the hot young girl who's the patient's sister?" Cameron laughed "her sister's name is Gabby, why do you ask?" "Cause she's hot and has a nice ass" he smirked. Cameron rolled her eyes "I'm going to check on Trisha" "Yeah, yeah, yeah leave me alone with the black guy" called House after he. Forman stood up hastily "I'm going to help chase". House sat down in his spinning chair and spun around. He then got up and walked to Trisha's room. Sitting in the hospital chair was Gabby watching her sister who was fast asleep. House walked over and sat beside Trisha then he looked over at Gabby. "Where's Cameron?" Gabby looked over at House "I don't know, she done some tests and left, is Trisha ok?" House looked at the ground "be honest I don't know". Gabby's face fell and she said no more. Just then Cameron rushed in "House! Chase had just checked her blood count is low which means it must be an infection" House sat up "ok put her on steroids right away".

Just then Trisha woke up "Hey doctor Cameron" she smiled trying to sit herself up. "How do you feel hun?" replied Cameron helping her sit up. "A bit better but" she grabbed the bowl and started to vomit violently. Gabby stood up and stroked her sister's back. House stared at Gabby with large eyes. Just then Chase walked in and closed the sliding door which snapped House out of his daze. "Yes what do you want" he said quite abruptly turning to face Chase. Trisha who had now finished vomiting stared at Chase while a small smile spread across her pale face. "I have run some tests and its clear it's no infection" said Chase staring at House. "Do you know what's wrong with me doctor House?" whispered Trisha shakily. House stared in the fearful faces of Trisha and Gabby "no" he said staring at the floor. Trisha's face fell and she stared at gabby. Chase bent over Trisha's bed and smiled at her sweetly "I promise you I'll find what's wrong it you and ill fix it". With that he kissed her head and left. House stood up and followed Chase. "What was that about?" called House after Chase; Chase turned and smiled "what?" "Don't what me you have a thing for her" replied House. "And you have a thing for her sister what's your point?" smiled Chase as he walked off.

Later that day Chase was sitting drawing beside Trisha when his pager went off "I'll be back in a minute sweetheart" he sang gently while exiting the room. When Chase left Trisha's mother sat beside her bed "so what's with getting all cosy with Doctor Chase?" Trisha frowned "he's cute and sweet and I really like him and I think he likes me so why can't THIS happen?" Trisha's mother cuddled her "because you're fourteen and he's nineteen there's a big difference". Trisha's face fell and Chase re-entered the room "what's up hunny?" he questioned and he sat back down beside her. She smiled and replied "nothing". "Chase?" asked Trisha Chase looked at her "I can't feel my legs is that normal?" Chase jumped up "no it isn't" a worried look spread across his face. He disappeared out the glass doors and dashed down the hall into House's office. The pushed open the door and stared at House "she can't feel her legs that's another symptom". House nodded "Ill page Cameron and Forman" as quick as lighting Cameron and Forman was in the room. House scribbled on his board while Chase and Cameron whispered quietly. House banged his cane on the floor "shut up and listen". "Forman go check with cuddy can we do a biopsy. I think she has stomach cancer." Chase's face fell "wha…wha...What?" Chase stammered. House stared at Chase "yes, a biopsy" he says in a sarcastic voice. Moments later Forman strode in "Cuddy agrees but she says to be careful with her" House turned to Cameron "go prep her for surgery".


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