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The Life of Talia and Crystal

Book By: corettac
Flash fiction

a story about two little girls

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The Life of Crystal Knowles part 1
A.K.A. Lil Cj (#2)
Written by: Coretta Clifton
The Life of Crystal Knowles Pt. 1 (A.K.A. Lil CJ)
Our story begins in the heart of Houston, Texas in a county hospital. There is a lady there named B. Knowles and she gives birth to two identical twins. The babies' father is named Clifford Harris Jr. they also have a 3yr old big brother named D'quan and an aunt named S. Knowles. Today is Christmas day in the year of 2002 and everyone is so happy and excited to see two new additions to their family. After several days passed by, she is now ready to take the twins home. By the way it was a boy and a girl. About a week later she takes her babies to get registered for Gerber Insurance. Seven months later she sends them to daycare. It was the same daycare that their cousins "Talia and "Aaliyah went to. They were there for about two years. While there, they had some experience with the water. The twins' names were Crystal and Christian. They both got two gifts on their second birthday. She gave Crystal a gold chain with a flower pendant at the end and she gives Christian a gold chain with a crucifix pendant at the end.
After she gave them their gifts and dropped them off to daycare, Clifford Harris, the father, had a conversation with the mother. It was to take the twins with their uncle Lud. Bridges and Karma Bridges to live on St. Thomas with Sonia and her family. She is so thrilled to hear this so she says "yes." Within a month or so they are packed up and on their way to the airport. While driving, B. has Crystal on her lap and Christian sitting in his seat next to her in the back. Crystal was wearing a blue and yellow Fubu pant, a yellow polo shirt, and some small dark blue and white air force ones and the gold chain with the flower pendant. Her hair was braided and put into two. At the airport in St. Thomas, they were going to meet Talia, Aaliyah, Tania, Sonia, Sonia's mom Mo'nique and the rest of their little kids. When the plane landed, Sonia's family were right there to greet them and B. said to herself, "Well! This is good timing!" Sonia and Aaliyah helped them pack their luggage in their brand new Lincoln Navigator and headed for home. B. and her family, after they got home, settled down in their new 2 story home.
The next day they went to the mall with Lil' J Xavier (their cousin). Their first stop was a t Claires to get their ears pierced. Crystal and Christian got some cut diamond earrings. Their new 1yr old sister, Tatiana, got the same thing and their older brother, D'quan got gold name plated earrings. Now when it was all over, they decided to do a little shopping in the mall.
They first went to buy cds from a record store. Crystal was wearing a pink tank top and a pink camouflage army pant. Her brother, Christian wore a blue tshirt and a blue camouflage pant. While there, she bought things for the children and some groceries.
When they are finished they have come outside and find out a surprise outside. It was Snoop with his son and his little niece who was little Talia. When Talia saw them, she said, "Oh my, look uncle. I want to see Crystal she is so cute!" He then had a conversation with her mother and told her that there was a party at the Reichold Center for the Performing Arts. This was no regular party. This was a nice little seasonal party. It was a school's out summer bash featuring guest appearances by Nickelodeon characters like Spongebob and Timmy Turner and Ludacris, Nivea, Ciara and Rihanna and the list goes on.
Talia got so excited. She said, "Uncle, I want to go. When is it?" But wait! It gets even better! A new addition to the family was to come along. He was to become a superstar later on. His last name is Davis. Figure it out. It is easy. Anyway, let me get back to my story. It was to be held on June 16th @ 6:30 p.m. that night, Talia, Justin, D'quan, the twins and Spanky went to the movies to watch a movie called ATL. Talia was wearing a red Ecko shirt with dark blue Ecko Denim jeans, a red bedazzled belt, red & white air force ones and a gold chunk chain with a "T" pendant. Her hair was in two scuncis and she had on a rolex watch. Justin was wearing a white tshirt, dark blue G-unit jeans and blue and white G-unit shoes. He also had a gold chain with a cross shaped pendant. Spanky was wearing a yellow polo shirt, blue Sean John jeans and blue and yellow air force ones with a gold cable chain with no pendant. D'quan was wearing a phat farm outfit which included shirt, pant and jacket which were all white except the pant which was blue. He also wore a platinum cable chain with no pendant. They ate nachos, candy and popcorn and played games. After the movie, they played some games in the game room and headed for home. While they were going home, they met someone by the name of Chris B. hanging out with his 15 friends playing basketball. He told Talia he was coming out with a new video for his song "Kiss Kiss" and he wanted her to be featured in it. She was so excited. She was also scheduled to be in the I'm so hood remix song and the original video with her dad P.
The next day, everyone was eating breakfast. The babies had Cheerios and the grown ones had Honey Bunches of Oats. After breakfast, Talia, Crystal, Christian, her lil brothers Kilani and K'moi went for a ride with her father P. They went to the Emancipation garden to get some fracos and chill out.
When it was lunch time, they went to McDonalds to eat stay in. The kids all had kids meals while the father had a big mac combo for himself. After eating, they went to a party at the American Legion Hall for kids under 18. It was also one of K'moi's friends whose birthday was today. The party featured guests like Elephant man, Kat, Mims and Pressure. They performed live on stage. They also played music like "I'm a flirt" remix and other songs by Tpain and etc. And believe u me somebody was flirting at this party. It was little miss Talia who was flirting with a light-skinned boy with braids named Chris. Now Chris had a nice beautiful Shawty. Not like her father's definition in his song but one small ghetto chic. They had lots of fun. But then they had to leave and go back home. What a fun filled day it was for the kids especially Talia and Crystal. They lived in a big green house in Contant and for the first time ever, a pool.
The next morning, about 5a.m. B. heard something coming from Crystal's room. She was so hungry, she started to bawl. In fact when her mother got her she was hot with a fever. She took her downstairs and gave her hot herbal tea with milk to drink. Then she got a medicine bath. After all this, she patted her back to sleep till daytime. A few hours later, D'quan and Spanky went to school for the last week to close out the semester and to take their final exam to close them out. After school, they practiced for the upcoming pan fest. They practiced and practiced. Their mom picked them up with little Talia in the back in her own burgundy Lamborghini. They were a part of the Rising Stars.
The next day, the twins Talia and their mothers went out shopping. They bought items like chips, baby needs and food. They also bought some magazines from K-mart to read, some clothes from Urban Threadz and some hand chains for the kids. Today was a nice shopping day for everyone. (note: insert movie another time)
The next day, they went to church. They attended the Calvary Baptist church. They reached at 11:00 just in time for church. Their group was divided into 2 groups. The kids went to children's church and the others went to church.
The next day after church B.'s two youngest children went to their pediatrician in Haven sight Mall. They went for a physical and maybe one of two shots. They were scheduled for 2pm which was thirty minutes before school ended. The night before, B. combed their hair for school the next day. She put several corn rows in Christian's and a nice design in Crystal's. Crystal's hair had rubberbands with bubbles at the end of the braids. To accompany them was Talia and Tania Creque who was Sonia's children in case you didn't know. They both went to the Dober Elementary School. Talia was in the third grade and was 7 years old making 8 in a couple of months. Her little sister, Tania, was in the 1st grade and had just turned 6 a few days ago. Depending on their ages, their parents had to travel all over St. Thomas to drop them off @ school. After all this was done, B. went back to pick up Sonia to take her to work. Sonia was an accountant by the way and B. was a manager of her store in the heart of Charlotte Amalie. So, on their way to work, they had a little chit chat. Sonia told B. that Talia was finishing recording her 2nd CD @ ISW Studios called the Underground Movement. Her stage name is Lil' T. They asked if the twins could be part of a few of the songs that were to be on a CD and B said, "Of Course, anytime sista!" So sthey drove a while, chatted and drank some coffee. Then finally, they reached their destination. B. asked her two questions which were: "What time u want me to bring them?" and "Can the song I wrote for them be a part of the CD?" Sonia said,"Of course you can. In fact, let me tell you a secret. Some off island artists are coming to be featured on her cd also and they are going to have an album release party in which she and yall are invited." "It's going to be held next week Friday, so lets get going." B. said,"OK. They'll be over after their appointment is over. It's only an hour. Thanks a million." As they were heading their workplaces, they both said, "See ya later!" Then it was off to work.
Today was going to be a good day. Also, today the kids were to get their report cards because they were leaving this upcoming Sunday morning @ 8:15 sharp. Everyone got a report card except the twins because they were too young. Everyone could not wait to see what they got. Lunchtime came. Last period came and then finally school was over. After work, B. and Sonia met at Main Street which was @ 2:30 when school was over and then they decided to pick up their kids. While on the ride, they talked about Sonia and her daughter whose last name was also Creque like everyone else. They went to pick her up and the other kids quick so that the two twins could get to their appointment on time. Aaliyah was 10 years old making 11 in December so they left her and her older brother in charge of the others. His name was Aubrey Creque and he was 15 years old making 16 in November. They reached to their appointment almost 3:00 and went in quickly. They did little paper work. The twins both got a checkup and one shot. It is about one shot because when they were finished with the shot which was the flu shot, the doctor wanted to give them another one to get it out of the way but they cried and said no. So that was all for now and they left the doctor's office @ 3:40. Next, they headed for ISW studios were everybody else was. Luckily, they were right on time at 3:30. The four of them headed to the studio. There was lil Talia in her nice lil outfit sitting at the mic. It was a white and blue G-unit shirt and a dark blue denim jean, a blue and white Air Force ones and a big chunky gold chain with a "crown" shaped pendant. She had her hair in one and looked ever so cute! Everyone took their seats at various positions. Talia had the list of songs in her hand for the album and also, today was her photo shoot for the album cover and the cd insert. This album was to jump and to be released by Friday. This was already done and she gave the pics to her mom. She also gave her mom, her $100 NY hat with sticker to hold while she recorded her songs. This was a special event for everyone. At one side were the family members and at the other side were the off island artists excluding her daddy Plies. The off island artsits were not the ones for the whole album because there were only 3 songs left to be completed. These artists were: T-pain, Hurricane Chris, Kanye West, Yung Joc, Lil Wayne, and daddy Clifford which was T.I., the twins' father. Now they started. First one was with T-pain and Kanye West and was called "Good Life Remix pt.2." By the way, they were in the month of November and the last week of it. They also had a special appearance who sat with Hurricane Chris and made it not 3 but 4 songs to complete. Now, when they finished "Good Life Remix pt.2", it was 4:20 p.m. this special guest was no other than Lil 3 feet himself. Next song up was to be "Go Cj" which now included Lil T, Lil Wayne, Christian and Lil Cj, who was no other than Crystal herself. The next one was called, "I'm just me" which was written by Talia and featured Yung Joc. And the last but not least, was the one with Hurricane Chris and Baby 3 or shall I say lil 3 feet and the twins. (This also included Talia of course.) This one was called, "Our Hood." This was the one that sounded hard. It was written by no one other than B. herself. All in all, everything went well. Now Talia had 16 tracks on her new album and it was to be copied in two days to be distributed to the many stores. It was one day after the copying of course.
The tracks on her album were as follows:
1. "SOS" (adapted from Rihanna)
2. "Why (adapted from Jadakiss)
3. "Stop, Drop, and Roll" (written by Sonia C.)
4. "1, 2 Step" (adapted from Ciara and Missy)
5. "Playas rock Remix" which featured Hurricane Chris
6. "Momma" from Hurricane Chris
7. "Little miss Missy"
8. "I'm a young stunna"
9. "Our Hood" written by Beyonce' K.
10. Born N Raised (adapted from Dj Khaled and company)
11. "Good Life Remix" (adapted and featured from Kanye and T-pain)
12. "Stay Fly"
13. "Go Cj"
14. "I'm just me"
15. "Like father, like daughter"
16. "Get low remix" (Flo-rida, Talia, and T-pain)
These were all produced by ISW Studios, Hurricane Chris and Ratchet City, Beyonce K. and Collipark from Colliaprk Music. Talia, out of everybody was so excited especially since she got to record her songs with one of her favorite artists who was Hurricane Chris. She was also excited that when she returned back to her hometown which was the County of Dade & Shreveport, Louisiana, she was to be going on tour with Hurricane Chris, Baby 3, Ciara, J. Xavier, Paul Wall and Soulja Boy. She would also have tow accompanies on her tour which were none other than the twins themselves.
Crystal, A.K.A. Lil Cj's favorite song was Playas Rock n she was so excited to be on tour with Hurricane Chris himself. Even though she was 2, she was making 3 nexr month so she was here thinking she was a big woman. She is also smart like her friend Baby 3. In fact, she did a number of activities in school that a normal 2 yr old could not do. This did not mean she was abnormal though. It just meant that she was one of the smartest ones in her class.
The next morning, Mommy B. had a next announcement for them. "Guys", she said, "Listen up! Uncle Trick(D) told me last night that he sent down some special packages for yall, but you have to be on your best behavior today. Got it?" "Yeah" they said. Crystal then said, "Mommy, I'll be good."
A few days later, Beyonce' had to pick up a child that she had been waiting for years to adopt.
The Life of Talia L. Creque pt 1
Talia L. Creque was born on January 23rd 2003. She is currently 6 years old and making 7 next month. She and her family are getting ready for Christmas this month. She loves shopping and because she loves shopping, her father is going to take her shopping Friday after school. She attends the CCA School on St. Thomas VI. She was born in the 318 which is Shreveport, Louisiana. She and her family has moved to the VI for a while (about 2 years) and they have been moving for the past 4 ½ years. She is currently in the second grade and will be going to the third grade at age 7. She is a very smart child. She is currently working on a new single for her new album. It is called "Young Stunna" which features her father, lil Chris and Young Jeezy.
Her new album will drop on December 20, 2009. It will be called "318- My Rap playground". She is also almost finished with this album. This is the second to last single to be dropped in this album. One song on her album is called "Holla at me baby" featuring Dj Khaled, her brother Aubrey, Rick Ross, her sister Aaliyah and Paul Wall. She travels to her father's home state Fort Myers, Florida to spend time with him there. Together, he makes life easier for her since she has a sad but not fatal disease. She has starred in several artists' music videos such as: "Got 'Em Hatin' by Plies, "Stanky Legg" by Gs boys, "Birdwalk" by Soulja Boy, "Aint You Chu" by Mike Epps and "First Name Last Name" by J-money.
She also likes to ride in her Cadillac power wheels truck around the neighborhood. She will be starring in the music video for "All As New Js by Baby 3 Feet coming soon. Her stage name for the music game is Lil' T. She has a hot single called "Roc tha Mic" feat. Freeway and Murphy Lee on her new album. She has been in magazines like People, Word Up! and Vibe. She has recently been on stage with her father to accept his award at the BET Hip Hop awards a few months ago.
She is signed to Slip N Slide Records and has songs featuring her father. … to be continued -
Talia L. Creque is a 6 year old in the second grade. Her birthday is on January 21st 2003. She is currently attending the Sunset Elementary School in Miami Dade County, Florida. She was attending a school in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2008 and she has now relocated to Dade County Florida to live with her father.
Today is Wednesday December 9, 2009 and it is 1:20 pm. She is in her arithmetic class. It is going to finish at 1:45 pm and then she will be in her science class at 1:45 to 2:30 pm and school will be over at that time. They are currently working on their word problems and learning some multiplication. A boy in her class peeps over at what she and her friend are doing and blurted out "Aye, aiu look at wha Talia doin! They aint doin' their work! I gon' rat." When her teacher heard this, she came over to investigate. As she was coming, Talia had mixed feelings at this time because she was doing her work but she stopped to help her friend with something not relevant to arithmetic. She felt scared and angry at the boy. She started to hold back her tears. She did not know what to do because if they got caught, both of them would get licks. She froze. When the teacher got there, she asked, "What are you doing? I thought I gave yall work to do? You want me to give you extra?" She answered, "Nnnoo, I was just helping her. See, I was almost finished. He needs to stop lying on me!" When Tabari heard that, he started to defend himself but the teacher (Mrs. Canes) decided to have a look at Talia's paper. "But you're not finished and I am about to move on and any how yall three fail my test tomorrow, you getting licks from parents and me." "Is that understood?" "Yes?" answered Talia. She was now scared. She wanted to leave. She couldn't wait until 2:30 to go home. She muttered to herself,
"Why I have to be here with this boy? I just want to leave!" The time now went by and it is now 1:50 and her class is getting ready for science class. She raised her hand. "Yes?" said Mrs. Canes. "I could sit some other place?" She was almost to tears. She knew that she was not ready for the test and wanted to study but she didn't want to sit in front of Tabari. "I will speak with you after class" said Mrs. Canes.
"Now, class, take out your pens and paper. We are going to take our test. Talia, come sit by me." Mrs. Canes sighed. "You know what, come with me a minute." "Class, I am going out to come back and I do not want to hear a peek out of you. I am going to send Mr. George inside to watch you.
Mrs. Canes took Talia to the fifth grade classroom to have a word with her. The fifth graders had gone out to gym so she decided to sit down and have a word with her. "Talia, what's going on with you?" "I I can't sit by Tabari anymore. He getting me in trouble and I I I don't know about the math test. I scared!" "Tomorrow you are going to sit next to Jahlani in the third row. I am moving you nearer to me so I can see you. Why are you not ready for the test?" "I don't know how to multiply that good" Talia said. "Ok" said Mrs. Canes "I need you to study for my test tonight and I am going to give it to you on Friday. Also, I am going to test you on it when it is time for math tomorrow." "You're fine." After hearing that, she stopped crying and her teacher gave her paper to wipe her face. "I could see my sister please? I hungry." Talia's teacher already knowing her situation carried her to her sister's 6th grade classroom. Talia was now feeling tired. She told her teacher, "I tired." Hearing this, her teacher told her sister to feed her and to hold on to her since school was about to finish soon. Talia's sister, Aaliyah, told Mrs. Canes "She is supposed to be going to the hospital today for an examination checkup and an EKG of her heart." "When is this?" asked Mrs. Canes. Aaliyah answered, "At 3:00. She is going to be scared. Our father is going to pick us up at 2:20 and get her older brother Aubrey to go with us." "Oh, ok" said Mrs. Canes. By this time it was 2:10 pm and Mrs. Canes went to her classroom to get Talia's bag, sheet and other and left her with her sister. At 2:20 pm, their father came to pick them up to carry his daughter to Miami Children's Hospital to get a regular check up and to examine her to make sure that her condition is not getting worse. This condition that she has will eventually go away in about 10 years. So until then she has to go to the hospital every 6 months for regular checkups.
On the way to the hospital, he stopped at the nearby high school to pick up Talia's older brother Aubrey. He is in the 10th grade. As he got in the car, Talia asked him, "You could stay with me? I don't feel well?" "What happen?" he asked. "I sleepy. My stomach hurts. I could sit on your lap?" "Yes" he said "Come on up miss. I gon' let you go to sleep after we done. Ok?"
"Ok "she said. As they parked up her father got the bag that was needed for her and picked her up into his arms. She held onto him tightly. "What happen mama?" he asked. She started to cry.
He already knew what was going on so he told her siblings to go on and let the nurses know that they were there. When they were gone, he put her to sit down in the driver's seat and got some information out of her. He then sat down, put her on his lap and gave her some of her milk, picked her up and they both headed to the lobby.
Her appointment started with an EKG. "Daddy!' she screamed. "I am right here" he said.
"You're going to be fine. This won't hurt." She then settled down a little. After this was done, she ran to her father and was shaking." The nurse said "she looks fine. We don't want to put her under any more stress so that will be it for the day." So after the appointment was done they all went home. TO BE CONTINUED…
Future of the old Stories
Today, the kids are back in their hometowns. Talia and Aaliyah are in Fort Myers, Florida with Talia's father P. Crystal and Christian are in Dade County in Miami. That is where all four of them were born. They are going to school for the first time today after a long time in the Virgin Islands. It's the month of September. Talia is in the 4th grade and is seven years old making 8 in January. She is smart so she got a skip from the first to the third grade about two years ago. Her sister Aaliyah is 9 making 10 in January also. Talia is on the 22nd and Aaliyah is on the 17th. Their mother drops them to school every day in her H2 hummer with spinning rims. Yes they are rich.
Today they are all going to school dressed the same. Talia is wearing a yellow t-shirt with a yellow, white and green plaid pant with white air force ones. Aaliyah is wearing a green t-shirt with a yellow, white and green plaid pant with white air force ones. Crystal wore a pink t-shirt with a pink white and black plaid pant with white air force ones.
Crystal and Talia had also recently shot a video with Hurricane Chris and Baby3 called "A Bay Bay pt2". They are also to attend and perform at the Bet Hip Hop Awards in November 2009. Talia's father P. also decided to get her a diamond chain with a goon pendant at the end like his.
The life summary of Talia L. Creque
Talia Laquaisha Creque is an 8 year old female born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her father, P. was born in Miami, Florida. She has 2 sisters by the names of Aaliyah and Tania Creque. Her older brother, Aubrey, is 16 making 17 years. Her mother's name is Sonia Creque. She is a hot lil rapper. Her stage name is Lil' T. She is signed to Slip N Slide Records and frequently sings with Birdman and Lil Wayne @ Cash Money Records. Some of her friends are: Lil Derrick, Dezi B, Baby3 Feet, Lil Chris, Hurricane Chris, Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist just to mention a few. Like her older sister Aaliyah, she is a cold young stunna. She has rocked 2 shows and 3 concerts despite her condition. Her next show will be held in the Municipal Auditorium. She is fin to do it big. Her next show includes people like Young Jarvez, Scooter Smiff, Myles Brown and J. Xavier. She loves cartoons especially Spongebob. She has a sad condition and has to visit the hospital every 9 months for therapy. She hates the hospital. Her birthday is on January 22nd. She goes around the block in her hood with her father. She visits her father's hometown, Fort Myers with him every 3 months. She is always on the move. She is featured in her father's video "I am the Club" mix. She wears a long gold chain to the top of her belt buckle. It is chunky and has a big crown shaped pendant at the end. She has to upcoming video shoots in which she will be featured in. this one is named "I am the club" remix featuring her daddy P. she has the second verse. The other one is her own song called "Young Stunna". She recently copped a Lamborghini Murcielago and has a driver because she cannot drive yet.
Talia has been with people like rappers and President Obama. Since she saw him she has been friends with Sasha and Malia ever since. She has been in videos like "My President is Black", "Do tha Stanky Legg" and Bird Walk" (remixes).


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