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In a world where P.S.P is in power a planet called Rage must survive but is it useless when the Zombie Flu And other disasters come?

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In Rage By.Dawson Christy: So I thought I would type the story of this forgotten world before it was all gone so lets start with the back story are planet is called Rage well.. it is now you may know it as Earth as it is named in history books but the P.S.P or planet supervisor program renamed it Rage in 3082 anyways after puting housing and other thing on planets like Jupiter,Mars,Uranus (now called Xeal) and pluto they still were unsatified. And in 3123 they left in search of new planets and found hundreds these including Asfed,Cell,Saded,Hovefed,and worst of all the destruction of are world New Rage you see billions of Humans left only about 3000 stayed and now we don't have the power to keep Rage going animals run the streets houses fall down and almost all of us were sick so by the time it was 3130 only about 400 were still alive. It's time to go into cryo-sleep if i'm still alive when I wake up in 3592 I will write more hopefully I see you later. It's 3592 I woke up 2 days ago and things are worse then ever the P.S.P sent a message saying that all life on Mars had died just like they did when we tried in 2014 years and years ago before cryo-sleep (which came out in 2016) so i'm going to look around and see what it look like further out. I walked out further and it only got worse only 200 survived to this year and some kind of disease is going around Edward Broafe the town scientist said it makes you have amazing amounts of hunger and only flesh fills it its small but spreading so i'm staying inside from now on but the New Rage News on Channel 44 said that New Rage has new and improved cryo-sleep taking away any chance of them coming back to Rage it's sad to think about but its a well known fact in the town of 200 well... 199 a boy named Jake Hachi died from the disease now being called zombies but Edward calls it crykilthopia got to sleep see you tomorrow. It't 6:02 and i'm one of the 40 that are not sick with Zombie Flu but it's great i'm sure we will live on. It's now 7:00 and I hear people outside and I think they got in but it's probably just my imagination right? The year is 4000 and I haven't wrote in years but let me tell you why after I said I thought someone was there the sick people tried to kill me so I jumped into cryo-sleep and was safe but I didn't have time to set the date to wake up so by default it waited for a year ending with 000 which the next one was 4000 worst news is i'm the only one left on Rage. it's 12:00 i'm tired of this place so i'm finding a way to New Rage so lets go outside write you soon. to be continued...


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