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The daughter mother HATES.



We are born, survive  and finally we die. We are born with no reason just some useless junk born to fill some usless space. No one will save you, only you can do that. I was that useless junk starving on the hard couble stone of a road. It's cold, i can feel it eat my skin away robbing me of my warmth. The hunger in my gut has kicked in and the feeling of emptiness fills my hallow gut. huddled close i could people cheer, my eyes lay upon their greedy faces my body boils with rage but then slowly remebers i am just useless junk and so are they. They live as if their gods and deny the fact of death or even heaven nor hell, this is it i could feel my life slowly slipping my heart was slowing and the voices quieted finaly i whisper finaly i can become nothing and just disappear. Darkness covered me and a weoman walked from the darkness, "MoM" my heart dropped into a fast paced rythm that beat itself into my ears, go away i scream but she ownly fastened her pace to me she lifted her head her eyes were sunken in and an awful feeling erupted into me. I started to scramble away but was towerd over she reached down and clamped her hands over my throat and with no effort at all had picked me up, choking me as i hang in mid air. the air was leaving from my lungs ,"you awful child she screamed" my mouth let out a few words "look who's takin mom"? rage boils within her for she tightens her grip on my throat "just die she screams it's all your fault". I am trying ma beleive me i am trying.the ground under me is shaking and my eye's flood open expecting to see i don't know i guess a gate to heaven or hell but instead a red fabric cealling, i notice a blanket wrapped around me and with a queasy stomach a voice came from my side. your up says a girl. i am afraid to see who she is, afraid to know that once again madame whats her face has once again found me. she noticed i hesated do not be afraid i will not harm you says the girl.


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