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Notebook by Kalu Azu

Book By: Kaluazu
Flash fiction

[Still Coming]

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Chapter 1
Jason Riders had to be the most mischievous child in his entire high school. Despite his horrible behavior, everyone loved him and found his sense of humor extraordinarily exciting. Throughout his entire freshman year of high school, there wasn't a single day where a teacher was thrilled by his presence. So it was no wonder why in the beginning of his sophomore year, all his teachers had a bottle of Aleve on their desk waiting to be used.
The bell rung and first period began. All sorts of kids walked into his first period English class-some whom he knew and others whom he didn't. He took a seat in the very back row next to his best friend, Michael Bernstein. He and Michael had been best friends since the third grade, getting into trouble and causing disruptions together. When Michael was hurt, Jason was there and vice versa-truly lucky to have each other. However, the two of them coexisting in one place happened to be a pain for all of their teachers.
"Hello and Good Morning Class. Welcome to the first day of your sophomore year of High School and welcome to your English 10 Honors Class. I trust some of you have heard of me; I am Ms. Pottinger, the so-called meanest teacher in this school. I assure you," she chuckled. "You will find many teachers who are much harsher and much less tolerant than I." She flashed Jason a nice smile. "Now I will begin to take role. Please stand when I call you, so I can match a name with a face."
As she began to call out the names of students in the class, Jason and Michael began to talk.
"Dude, this class is going to be so boring. English class? Ugh. Talk about a pain in the-" Ms. Pottinger cut off Michael by yelling his name. He quickly looked up and then stood. She smiled.
"I hope I don't have a problem already in my classroom. Why don't you just relax and get accustomed to school again while I call role Mr. Bernstein. Is that fine with you?"
"Yes ma'am." He replied and sat back down. Quickly, he pulled out his touch cell phone from his pocket and began to text Jason who was sitting right next to him.
The text read: 'If we can't talk, why not text =D'
Jason grinned and said to Michael "Don't mind her. I'm sure she's fine with us talking. I mean, it IS the first day and all."
At the end of the role Ms. Pottinger asked if there was anyone she didn't call and a few students raised their hands and stood up including Jason. After directing the confused students to their appropriate classrooms, she looked at Jason.
"Ms. Pottinger, you didn't call my name." He said.
"I didn't feel the need," she began. "I know who you are Mr. Riders. Why, every teacher in this school does. In fact, I've been told so many stories about you that I bet I could avoid at least half of the pranks you plan to pull this year. Now, I hear you have a sense of humor, as do we all. But this is an English class-not a comedy class. Keep those jokes to yourself. Okay? Thanks." She walked back behind her desk and pushed the chair which was stationed there to the side, pulling up another one. "Oh, one more thing Jason," she added.
Ms. Pottinger took a sheet of paper and pushed it down onto the seat. It was then obvious the chair had a massive amount of glue on it when she attempted to pull the paper off.
"Nice try, Jason," she grinned. People giggled. "Welcome to sophomore year."
After class, when the bell rang, Jason and Michael compared schedules to determine where their next classes were. The rest of his day went smoothly. All of Jason's teachers happened to know exactly who he was just like Ms. Pottinger had said. Because they lived two houses down from each other, Jason and Michael walked home with a bunch of friends. They began talking about their goals for the year and their teachers and classes.
One kid said "Ay, ya'll got Ms. Rivera for Spanish 3? She is so fine."
"I bet," replied another. "I got Mr. Fuller."
"Tell me why all my teachers knew who I was." Jason laughed.
"Dawg, you've made a name for yourself as like the biggest jokester and disturbance in the entire school," replied one guy.
"I don't think that's a good thing Jason," said one kid with horn-rimmed glasses.
"Web head, Shut up." Most of the kids just lightly shoved him, slowing him down.
He jogged up to Jason. "Seriously Jason, look at your grades. They've reflected your disruptive lifestyle. You couldn't try out for the basketball team like you wanted because you were having trouble making a 2.5 grade point average. I'm just saying."
Jason looked at him and shrugged. Jason was an extremely clever child. His mischievous mind, however, made him take advantage of his cleverness. When they reached their houses, they bid farewell and entered. As he set foot into his house, Jason's mother immediately rushed to him.
"So how was the first day of sophomore year?" She asked.
"It was fine. All of my teachers knew who I was before I even stepped into my classes." He stepped into the kitchen and began to rinse and eat an apple.
"Well why is that?"
"Because I'm super popular, duh." He chuckled and rushed up to his room.
Jason plopped onto his bed and looked up at the ceiling remember the conversation he had had when walking home. Justin Webb was known to be a super smart and logical guy. Everyone called him Web head and his reasoning with Jason made sense. He picked up his phone and called Michael.
"Hello? Jason?" Michael answered.
"Hey man. I was just thinking about what Web head said. Maybe this year I should tone it down a little."
"Oh my goodness, Jason," Michael started. "Without your hilariousness, life would be boring and we all would probably hate to come to school even more than we do now. Besides, you do it for the LOL's remember?"
"Yeah, that's true. But, this year I want to do at least one sport. I'm thinking about trying out for the basketball team and when teachers kick me out of their class, my GPA lowers a lot." Jason sounded concerned.
"Man, listen. This is the beginning of a new school year. Just a few laughs before we go to junior year, which might I remind you is the hardest year of all."
"Alright, Michael. Hey, listen. My dad is back from work. So, I'll talk to you later. You can text me or something. Peace."
Both boys hung up and Jason rushed downstairs. The smell of pizza lingered in the air. His father was standing at the kitchen table with three boxes of pizza in his hands.
"Where's my sophomore son?" He asked and saw Jason in the corner of his eye. "Hey, champ. How was school?"
"It was pretty cool. My teachers all knew me-it's this whole popularity thing I got." Jason flashed a perfect smile.
His father chuckled. "You know you get that popularity from me, right? Anyway, where's your mother? I didn't see her car in the garage."
"I don't know. She was here when I came in." he replied.
"Well, alright. I guess half of this paycheck will go to you then."
Jason's eyes lit up. Thoughts of lavish spending flew through his mind. "Sweet, I can't wait for when I get eighteen years old and get to work for your company. Then I'll be rolling in dough too." He snatched the check from his dad who laughed.
"By the way dad," Jason added. "You're going to have to show me some day where you work. You know I've never been there, right?"
His father's face became stern. "There's a reason for that. Now go upstairs and put that check away so you can eat some pizza."
Jason rushed upstairs and looked at the check. He began to wonder and became very curious. He flipped open his laptop and searched his father's company-Power Bros. He read articles on all the power generators the company had made and engines and all sorts of equipment. Then he visited the company website and looked at the top of the page. It read: Power Bros. © "People with Power…That's our goal!"
Jason began to laugh. "That is so corny," he said.
"What's so corny?" Jason heard a voice ask and immediately turned around closing off the site. His older sister, Jessica, was standing right behind him giving him a look.
"Hello, Jessica. You're home." Jason looked shocked.
"Yes. Yes I am. I'll be coming home everyday after my classes are finished. Remember? My college is right down the street. What were you doing?"
Jason looked at her. "Nothing. I was just looking up a website."
"And this website was corny?" she smiled.
Jason laughed. "Isn't the pizza downstairs?"
"Yes. And it's getting cold so hurry up."


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