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Lying doesn't do good to anyone... but twisting the truth is a whole different story. It's not like Jasmine Hamilton actually told the truth but it was close enough. But she does learn that even the smallest of twists, turns into the biggest of disasters.

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Never Change for anyone. Not even your friends. I learnt that the hard way. I guess it's my fault. Lying to get friends. No that's not true. I twisted the truth. I DIDN'T LIE. I never meant to but my mouth spoke without me telling it to. I tried telling them this… well, not very hard, but I did try…

"My mum's a movie star," I cover my mouth but I know they've all heard. "Who is she?" Amy asked getting excited. "Classified!" I say improvising. "My mum said not to tell you."

My mum was sort of a movie star. She'd acted in plays and been on Eastenders for a few years but not at a main character. But she did have the looks. She had golden locks and the complection of a peach. Some say I take after her but I've never had her natural looks, and I had spots that I had to cover up with makeup but I suppose it's something I can work with. Like dad's. He's more of a movie star than mum. He was mum's husband in Eastenders, a few months in Coronation Street, a matter of days in Holly oaks, currently a teacher in Waterloo road, a frequently appearing character in the Simpsons, and in a couple of adverts for his luxurious hair. It's him I probably get my swagger from. Dad and mum are both young. Really young! They're both thirty and I think you can calculate knowing that I'm fourteen. "Isn't your mum Launa Hamilton?" I nod waiting for a bundle of people saying I'm a liar. "She's the lady in Eastenders! She must have been in other movies too. And your dad… Mark Hamilton, seen him in everything!" There were a bunch of girls around me after that. That's how I got popular at my school

Now I'm nearly seventeen and my best friends are Jasmine, Amy, Bella, Becka, Chloe, Elena, Helena, Lauren, Stacey, Rachel and Yasmine. And they're just my BEST friends. Not that I bother about any of them any more, not now I've got tons of my dancing friends who are seriously good dancers from my dancing school, oh and of course seriously cool. They're mums worked with mum in Eastenders and tons of other movies that I've never heard of but I pretend I have because... hello! I have a reputation to keep up.

Okay it's not at if I live in a posh house. Just a simple three bedroom but it doesn't matter because no one's wanted to come to my house yet. And they never will!

"Emm.." It was Jacky. My best friend in dancing. "Everyone's coming round house on Friday and your mum said yes!!!"

Oh yeah thanks mum! Now what am I supposed to do?

(Chapter Two out a a few weeks)


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