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Tags: Vampire, Emo, Hair, Blah!

“It’s a boy!” the doctor exclaimed as he held a new born baby in his arms. He made his way around the woman’s bed. “What will you name him?” the doctor asked.

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"It's a boy!" the doctor exclaimed as he held a new born baby in his arms. He made his way around the woman's bed. "What will you name him?" the doctor asked. That day she named her new born son eathen. He had dark green eyes and was just the most Precious thing his Mother had ever seen. 12 years passed. He had grown into a teenager in the blink of an eye. His brown hair was to his chin. He attended a middle school near their home and he had grown small wolf teeth at the bottom of this mouth. "Brush your teeth!" his mother said in Romanian "I already did" he said as he walked down the stairs, his backpack full.

"Be good and don't even think about going somewhere after school" she warned "I won't" he said as he closed the door.

The trip to his school wasn't far. But every time he saw his brand new car his grandpa had bought him he sighed. It was a 2010 Chevy Tahoe

With all wheel drive and leather interior. He had stuck a Grenade sticker on the back just for fun and had always gotten in it to hang out with his friends. He walked to school with his friend Joshua. He was tall and had Yellow hair, He always wore jackets and sweaters from his favorite store Zummez and was a geek fan of star wars.

"Dude! I just got this really cool-"he began

"Star wars replica of some ship" eathen finished

"Uh well yeah…. How did you know?"

"You tell me this every week! You need to get a new hobby or find something cool."

"whatever" He responded

They reached the school in 6 minutes. Eathen hung outside for a while to talk as Joshua went inside. Eathen looked at his friend scarlett

She had deep black hair and blue eyes to match it. He got up and sat next to her on a block they had in the front of the school.

"what you didn't want to say hi?" Eathen said to her.

Scarlett turned and smiled "hi! I didn't see you!" she said and have a him a hug and wrapped her arms around his neck. He hugged back.

"hey um, could you give me your number again cause josh deleted it"

"again? What is with that kid?" she chuckled (sorta)
"yeah, I guess he got another ship replica or something!"

"RING!" the bell chimed

"I gotta get to class. So ill see ya later" Eathen said and turned

Scarlett tapped him on his shoulder

"You forgot this" she said and handed him a piece of paper

"oh, thanks" he said smiling


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