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Where Are They Now in 2013

By: Juggernaut

Page 1, A year from now where will be Cain and gang of six

Where Are They Now in 2013

Subba Rao

Cain’s Carnivore Pizza

Total toppings 9

Meats from 9 different sources

Weighs 9 pounds

Delivered within 9 minutes

Within the radius of 9 miles

Gingrich General Contracting

Sold fake contract to millions of Americans in 1990’s

New contracts tailored for

Social conservatives and immigrants alike

Revolving loan contracts, a specialty

Lessons in history for million bucks

All pure pluff

Rick’s Karaoke Bar & Grill

Aliens are especially welcome at Rick’s

All recipes are faith based

At Rick’s it all about free beans and gas wells

A slab of meat for a flat rate of 11 bucks

Michelle’s miscellaneous

On Sale

Do it yourself water boarding kits

A self-help guide to live without social security and Medicare

From farm to fame in 9 easy steps

Prints of my self portrait

A cat has 9 lives to live and we have only one why? A self introspection.

The country is going in the wrong direction. Where are you during the last 9 years? Just a rhetorical question (By an unknown American)

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