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Tags: Death

A boy struggles with accepting authority.

Submitted:Feb 26, 2014    Reads: 9    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Goddamnit. He sighed as he walked out of the court room, another court date scheduled next month

by some filthy guap of a DA who had given him no information on his case. He thought to himself,

why am I even in trouble? I didn't do anything except hurt myself, people shouldn't have the

power, the authority, to tell you that you're in trouble for something completely hypothetical,

for something that "could have" happened. Ha. I "could have" went on a killing spree, do I? No,

and I'm not judged for this. What a joke. People always forget, this life is a big joke with no

punchline. They bleed the fun out of the senselessness and try to apply their rules and standards

because they're afraid. Afraid of what you may wonder, and I think it is death. They cannot

protect themselves, they would die if we abided to Darwins law, and that is why the world is so

chaotic and destructive today. If we had just followed this simple law of Survival of the

fittest, we would have no issues. The pieces of shit would be dead, killed by the righteous. The

weak that hold down the strong because they are too scared to do anything themselves would be

dead, fated from birth. Hell I might even be dead, but I don't take it personally. That's just

nature. You can't fight it. You have to embrace it. Why lie to yourself? We're animals, we just

play pretend. We think we're better, but we are not. If anything, we're worse. We fight senseless

wars. We destroy our habitat. We don't care. The brainwashed masses have bought into the idea

that we are better, we're in control because we are self-made gods. Repeat after me, we are not.

Gods do not fear. Gods do not destroy. Gods do not lie. Gods love. As a race, human beings are

trying to love, but we cannot. We are selfish little beasts. We fear the unknown. We fear the

new. We fear death. We fear. That alone should break your God complex. This all went through my

head as I walked the pompous hallways of the Justice System, a sly grin beginning to violate my

stoney face as I contemplated the joke. I got so lost in my head on the way out I didn't even

notice the bus sliding as I crossed the street.


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