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triggering frequency

By: Tawroh

Page 1, under the influence of good music i feel like a scarred membrane, i get infected with it but i color it in my percpective.

there is a sound, a note, sometimes a beat that makes me whole again
and in this moment as the vibe passes my flesh there is only me in my vein

as it passes i wonder, was that the sum of echos that makes me be
or just the raw essence, my thin kernel, my ego unplugged i let noone to see

it freed me for a moment, it tormented me forever after, to pursue the caster of my shadow
on this exploration, on the hunt for my very explanation it let me know that i was there

there is always a sound, a note, a beat that resonates inside us
that fuels imagination, inspires perspective, flexes our limitations

there is always music, there is always me
but only so seldom does it matter

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