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Symphony of Talents

Novel By: CandyConfettiStar
Flash fiction

Akina, the new girl at school, who is a little shy but very friendly and humorous, hates everything that's happened to her. She has moved at least ten times to different schools, even different countries because of her parents' job difficulties. But this school was special. When Akina meets three other musical students at Melodic Harmony's Gifted School of Arts, troubles and misunderstandings start to happen. But as the four heros' lives gets all mixed up with depression, anger, and frustration, they realize friends are the only ones who can understand you. Step by step, hand in hand, they walk towards their future and destiny together as a beautiful light of friendship guides them. View table of contents...



Submitted:Sep 1, 2011    Reads: 12    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1


It was a peaceful and quiet midnight. In a small town in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, all the houses were dark and quiet, only the soft sounds of snores and lovely chirps of crickets filled the night. However, one house, the one farthest from the street, was lit. Shadows of people moving were shown behind the curtains and a moving truck was parked next to the building. A man walked into the truck, got out the last box in the vehicle, and carried it back to the house. Then he and several other men walked out of the house, waved goodbye to the family who lived there and got into the truck.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" A woman called after them.

"Come in, dear," A man gestured the woman to go inside. "We should leave the unpacking for tomorrow and go to sleep; tomorrow is Akina's first day, remember?"

"You're right," she replied, and went inside. A young girl greeted her by ripping open the last box the delivery man had brought.

"Akina, what are you doing?" the parents exclaimed, shocked. "I thought we told you to go to sleep, young lady," her father said sternly.

"I know," the girl said tiredly, "but you know I can't sleep without my guitar. Besides, I didn't know it was going to be the last one!"

"Okay, sweetie," her mother said. "Play your guitar quickly and go to sleep right after. Tomorrow is your big day, you need to get lots of sleep. Oh, and your room is upstairs, down the small hallway."

With a quick nod, Akina carried her guitar carefully into her new room, which was bigger than she'd expected. Her bed was already unpacked, fixed, and was sitting at the corner, and a few boxes labeled, "BOOKS" and "SHIRTS" scattered the room. Inside her closet was a big mirror, just like the ones in celebrities' dressing rooms. A box marked "HOODIES" and "SHOES AND SOCKS" laid on the floor.

"Wow, this house is amazing!" she whispered in awe, staring around the room. "But nothing can compare to Vancouver."

Akina shook the memories of her old hometown out of her head and changed into her pajamas. She then took a notebook out of her backpack, sat on her bed with the guitar, and strummed a few chords, humming along. Akina flipped to a certain page in her notebook, read what was written on it, and began to play a song.

"You were my soul, you were my heart, you were my love, you were my life," she sang, and tears slowly began to fill her eyes. "But now you're gone... Oh, you're gone..."

Struggling to fight back the tears, Akina sighed and put down her guitar. She threw the notebook into her bag, jumped into her bed, and threw the covers over herself.

"Mom... Dad...where are you?" she whispered, rubbing her necklace. "Mom, can you hear me? Please answer me, Dad! I need you... I need both of you..."

Before she knew it, Akina was sound asleep. But she had a question nobody could answer: Where are her real parents? Only the parents themselves could answer that question, but the chance of meeting them probably was zero, for she had no idea where they could be. All she knew was that they were alive somewhere in the world, because the necklace hadn't broken yet. The special necklace... the necklace of love was still alive.


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