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Ally is a small town girl from 1850 but it's 2013 and she's still here View table of contents...


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Spanish was there way of being alone when they were crowded around people. Most people in the city didn't even bother to learn how to say hello in a second language.

"Te amo mucho Starry" RJ placed his hand in Starla's head. He slowly stroked her smoothe blood red hair. "I wish we could stay here forever"

" me to me to" Starla had started to fall asleep. She was so relaxed and often dazed off in his arms.

RJ and Starla has meet in there middle school days. Starla was a out going 7th grader with a thing for the outcasts. She was spotted RJ a few days before. He was a self labeled emo but to Starla he was a guy who deserved no lable.

To her he was perfect and well she wanted to tell him. One day after 7th period she ran up to him " hey umm I umm think your hot" than she ran away. The next day she actually stuck around " what I said yesterday was true"

" well your pretty cute yourself." Starla felt her face go red. She despaired into the crowd.

Starts was selling tickets for the middle schools production of the Wizard of Oz and she just happened to be selling them during the lunch period of RJ. She saw him walk by and him and his crew saw her as well. The boy bunched up as they walked past.

Starla pointed him out to her best friend Cat who was also selling tickets,
"That's him I knew we think alike he is really hot" Cat said this as loud as she could so he could hear. He proceed to the lunch room not even taking notice of Starla not even a hello or a second glance.
Next came the time for Starla to announce to the lunch period. Starla out of the group of 5 girls was the only one who wasn't shy and could announce it with out going quiet.
She announced it the saw him. He was starring at her and Starla couldn't brake her gaze on him. He was perfect.
This was her time after the announcement she walked over to his table."by the way what's your name?" Starla staggered as she felt her face go red.
"RJ and yours?" By this time Starla was gone again


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