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Code Geass: Voleureine and her Vampire lover

Novel By: EM reine
Flash fiction

“my name is voleureine di Britannia, I’m the tenth princess of the holy britannian family my father, Zero di Britannia and my mother, Cordellia di Britannia died after the fifth prince of Britannia also my older brother, Florientine di Britannia murdered all of our family, I’m the only survivor of the family and my older brother took the throne of being the emperor of the holy britannian empire, he spare my life cause he said ‘you’re my greatest opponent in the game chess you always beat me, I’ll spare your life cause I love to finish you in the battle field when you get old enough so, go! And live on, I’m sure we’ll meet again, I love you my little sister..’ he did love me as much as a lover but I suddenly hate him, despised him but after 1 day I’ve met a person who is the same age as my brother saved me from being killed by the gangsters on the street and his name was ‘hello, are you alright?, my name is Tybalt dawson, what’s your name little princess?’ and that was the day I’ve started to like him..” View table of contents...


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"Hey vampire, Wake up.." voleur said to tybalt and tybalt answered "it's a great and wonderful night turned last night.." as he smiles at the blushing voleur and voleur remembered what happened last night, "what's the taste of my blood" voleur said to tybalt and tybalt said "sweet, you're not afraid of me?" and voleur said "cause you're my brother" and she grab tybalt's hand and she put it on her chest and she said "tybalt, put your hands on me" and tybalt kiss her on her neck,chest, etc. and they spend all night of happiness. Tybalt suddenly hugged voleur and when his lips falling to voleur's lips voleur pushed away tybalt and said "I'm not worthy for you!" and tybalt said "why?" and voleur said "why? You're asking me why? See, you're a vampire and me look at me I'm just a girl a girl without a family, a girl without a real name, a girl hiding from the eyes of Britannia, a girl who has nothing.." and she cries and voleur walked away from tybalt and she knows that tybalt will follow her so she went to the former 'area 11' land and there she met a Britannian girl named fille ashford cause there a still britannian people live there even if it's japan now and she started going to school the ashford academy where there are only britannian student's are allowed to study there.. "hello, I'm voleureine dawson, and I'll be your classmate now so, hello to everyone I'm pleased to meet you." And every boys on the academy were so crazy for her she treated there very special until one day she met someone who she thought that she will live with forever they spend beautiful days together on that handsome man but one day she knew his name and he's.. "Florientine di Britannia my older and most admired sibling" and florientine knew that she is the lost princess and she walked away to the forest and she encounter some frightful wolves and florient went rescue her and voleur known his geass a geass of being a vampire and she said to florient "why? Do I have to fall for you?" and florient said " cause you're my fiancée that's why I can't let you die cause mother and father were also siblings and they get married so do we are.." and a man suddenly appeared and that man is "tybalt?" said voleur and tybalt said "yes, my princess.." and tybalt said to florient "I'm thankful that you snatch voleur away from me.." and florient said "so that if I crush all of pureblood vampires voleur will just be an obstacle, and also I will never give voleur back to you" and tybalt said "then if you're not allowing that I will crush all of you even if it's you your majesty."

. .

-End of chapter 2-


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