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Code Geass: Voleureine and her Vampire lover

Novel By: EM reine
Flash fiction

“my name is voleureine di Britannia, I’m the tenth princess of the holy britannian family my father, Zero di Britannia and my mother, Cordellia di Britannia died after the fifth prince of Britannia also my older brother, Florientine di Britannia murdered all of our family, I’m the only survivor of the family and my older brother took the throne of being the emperor of the holy britannian empire, he spare my life cause he said ‘you’re my greatest opponent in the game chess you always beat me, I’ll spare your life cause I love to finish you in the battle field when you get old enough so, go! And live on, I’m sure we’ll meet again, I love you my little sister..’ he did love me as much as a lover but I suddenly hate him, despised him but after 1 day I’ve met a person who is the same age as my brother saved me from being killed by the gangsters on the street and his name was ‘hello, are you alright?, my name is Tybalt dawson, what’s your name little princess?’ and that was the day I’ve started to like him..” View table of contents...


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"my, my, shall we ask voleur of who she is living with?" florient recommended and tybalt said "fine by me" and voleur shouted to both of them "I'm surely living with tybalt!" and tybalt make voleur sleep by his power and florient said "I mean that I've been defeated by you but where you will take voleur?" and tybalt said in a serious face "I will never betray her" and with a wind tybalt and voleur were gone. Voleur walks to an aisle and at the end of the march her dress turns into a black gothic elegant dress, and Tybalt shows up in a black princely tuxedo, and tybalt drank her blood and tybalt drank his own blood and he kiss her to drink his blood and voleur remembered that (she has been in love with her older brother florientine, she has been always the winner between she and her other 22 siblings, since she was the middle sibling she only goes open to her closest sibling her older brother, florientine and when florient begin to have a geass which she don't know she was always left alone cause florient is buzy plotting to attack their family so he hasn't time for being with voleur and her siblings call her the lonely princess) and voleur said to tybalt "I want to ask some questions to florientine." And tybalt said to voleur "I have to ask you a question, why did you abandon your title to your own throne?" voleur said "because I can't trust my brother." And tybalt said to herself "I will be at you back no matter what, I will be your savior" and meanwhile florient is laughing and talking herself saying "my little voleureine, you always trying to be happy without me, we'll the time has come to be in an arduous life with me, Ahahahaha." "Your majesty, you have a guest" said the royal butler "what an unusual guest, voleur I'm glad you're coming back here with me" and he smiled at voleur "I'm just a guest now, I'm no longer your sister; I'm here to ask you something, why did you kill our family" Voleur said and "guest, we'll your old enough to know the truth; 10 years later, I was your sweet favorite older brother, I have bestowed a so called GEASS and in return I shall give the corpse of the person who I love no other than you or give the corpses of my family except one member that will soon I will turn into a pureblooded.." and florient licked voleur's neck and pierce it by his geass vampirism power and voleur fainted and florient continued "vampire." And tybalt smelled voleur's blood and he rushed to the castle and there he saw a beautiful seductive looking girl and when the girl faced him the girl said to the surprised tybalt "it's been a while, tybalt" and tybalt said " when did you awoken up?" and the girl said "tybalt, have you forgotten my name?" and tybalt said "sovelle, don't be ridiculous" and sovelle said "as usual I'm not surprise you're trying to chase a rose" and tybalt said "as usual, but the difference is she's more than a rose.." " oh really, but at least you've change; want me to drink something that can refresh me from you?" and tybalt said " fine by me.." and sovelle lick his neck and she pierce it and drank his pureblooded blood; and meanwhile voleur waked up and florient said "voleur, don't hold back; I know what you want."

. .

-End of chapter 3-


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