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imagine as prophet

Novel By: emeraldrainbow
Flash fiction

this is another book i wrote all with my pen and paper about 3 to 2 years ago. this is not a story is just imagine what i want to write. if i could explain something unique and clever. no grammar on it compound words neither checkup View table of contents...


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rainbow character 1

when nathan was an alien living in the

alien world he worked as a wizard cos his

mind had ideas that became real as nathan

used his magic powers to invent items

and things. nathan at this time believed

that he could become the body of any specie

as long as his mind continued to live on

with all the thoughts from his body's life's

so his memories weren't lost with the brains

he no longer used with specie bodies

he'd finished using to live as.

this is how nathan who's surname was

rainbow became the greatest

wizard of all time ever forever cos

now all the aliens could change from

their original body which was the

only body they ever before then ever had

to live as and were excited to be

able to fly and swim and dig cos nathan

had got his manufactured company of

aliens to work to design the many types

of body species that we see live our

world of every today and tonight's.

at this alien world you'd be amazed by

Nathans company that designed species

Body's that you could become the

body of a mice or rat and you could

walk by a cat peacefully it would

let you go your way cos Nathans idea

was to make all the bodies of the

animals and creatures be best friends

so when they met another kind of

animal or creature breed life continued

on as normal that there never at this

times ever were cats attacking

mice and rats and even birds could

fly onto the shoulders of cats

to get a lift across the road cos the

bird was tired of flying for a while

and the cat carried the bird across

the road and let the bird fly onto

the grasses tree with as much time

to cuddle the bird with its paws

softly. and all the animals and creatures

loved nathan rainbow cos they all lived

in his alien world and the only hunting

for prey and play fighting was done

to they meals which were already

always made by plants that grew

their meat and vegetable dinners

and pollinated and honey puddings.

nathan rainbow sure was the most

loved wizard of all time for he

didn't want to be the creator of

the idea the other aliens had which

was to make the world have

animals and creatures rely on

feeding by eating one another

cos those aliens made them not

any plants to grow all they food

and made they brains of the animals

and creatures not realise nathan

rainbows idea of his peaceful

made world for the love to his

animal and creature species

to have perfect paradise of this world.

now when one of the alien volunteers

went to the aliens who were the other

side to nathan rainbow they became

the body of a rat and its friend became

the body of a cat but all a sudden

their brains instinct lead to the cat

attacking the rat cos the aliens designed

the cats body to do this to the rat

and when the test was done the alien

who was the rats body was upset

cos they felt the hurt the cat had

done attacking they rat body play fighting

and the aliens laughed and continued

to keep the creation like this cos they

obviously were not at all any good at being

wizards as good as nathan rainbow

was. now all the animals and creatures

were very upset cos they had become

those aliens designed bodies living

as much life span till they died

and they were being hurt all cos

nathan rainbow did not know that

these aliens had cast a spell on every

thing would be made to live the

body designs of hurt and this is how

nathan rainbow and all species became

the bodies of hurting feelings

cos aliens used evil ideas to create

us to hurt each other cos they were

happy to let us die all cos they could

let us be made to live again

hurting every life we lived with

they body's they designed which Nathans

aliens described as being mortal.

rainbow character 2

nathan rainbow was now a human being

he decided to let the opposing aliens

take control of creation cos he

knew that while species lived in

the paradise of his idea world there

would be other species led astray

to go and live forever in the

hurting world where nathan was

now cos this was the only world

these animals and creatures and

humans had known to live

cos those aliens didn't make there

brains take every memory from

their life before to this life now

so nathan told his aliens that

during his mortal life to bring

the magic powers to his body

that he had created for his mortal

body cos nathan already knew it

would take his brain at least

29 years to realise his previous

life ideas by then when the

aliens visited him to secretly

give him his magic powers he

would understand why he had

all a sudden magic powers cos

he designed them but you see

the trouble is nathan said to the

aliens who would bring those

magic powers with the ufo i

want you to wait till i am at

least 29 years old cos the way

those aliens have made the mortal

brain i have vision my body

at that age how i will be when

I'm mortally aged 29 and i felt

my brain had the memory ability

to remember everything i could

about the alien life and one

of the aliens asked me and how

sure are you about these issues

i said i am very certain I've

got the only ghost body that

will take all my alien memory

to my mortal brain and another

alien said nathan why have

you been the only one that's

got a ghost body to put your

alien mind with your mortal

body i said so has every other

body else but what i mean is

only i know the alien memory cos

i haven't yet begun teaching it

so you all know about the memory

of this alien memory i have

minded and I've already chose

my sperm and egg for my birth

so for certain i will be

born with the mortal body that

will be capable to reach the

age of 29 and have the

health to remember my alien memory

so i understand why I've got my

magic powers with me and then

the other alien who hadn't spoken

during this conversation then asked

that mortal body those aliens have

created it can die at any time

during your life that's how much

it hurts so you can die before

29 years old and all your alien

memory and magic powers would

not of let you teach it after

29 years old so i said but

I'm going to the mortal world

with my ghost body that has the

idea to reuse the same

sperm and egg so i will still

have my mortal body and

my ghost body will have

all my life memories so i would

still know all this so i will

make it to the age of 29

and remember my alien

memory and magic powers i

won't actually die yet even

though i hurt cos my ghost

body will take away safe

from dying dead and make

me my mortal body still living

see i made sure those other

aliens not make us to die there

mortal creation and then that's

it all has ended and been forgotten

no i made sure we all

become like my ghost body so

anything when its died will be

living again made as they body

again just how i have explained

so my aliens can take

control of the creation worlds

and the alien who last asked me

said that's a good idea cos even

though we mortally hurt there's

also a lot of nice feelings when

you're having treats and enjoying

fun yes i said cos those

aliens took my ideas but they

also made it the bad wrong

way why said the alien how

can we believe they've got your

ideas about bodily and world creations

which are suppose to be

paradise which is absolutely good

and then its made bad how those

alien recreated your idea so

i said cos those aliens made

everything feel nice to enjoy

fun cos it would also be painful

but I've made everything that feels

in my alien world even if you

become mortal to be always

pleasure felt and this is how take

all the good things and make

the worlds bodies have feelings

that can only feel the good things

and that's what pleasure really is.

one thing i realised about the mortal

world is are bodies grew from the

ground but its how we grew which

is made by the aliens using the

ground to make our bodies.

and this was the

most difficult part of my existence not

knowing anything before i became

an alien that's when i began

remembering it was my first

brain. now i wondered i bet

my alien parents knew what happened

before i arrived they made me

come to life but the truth is not

anyone remembers anything before

they began of how it was before we

became brains with body's but this

made me have a rough idea who

i was and they were before we

ever remembered i guessed we were

of anything out of all things that

were to be made for us. so i

believed i had and they had that is

all of us have always been existing

as the things that eventually made

us but it wasn't till we got are

body's brains that i remember who

i am so now i believed i was the

brain of the things that began

to exist out of nothing so all

things could be made again if it

all came to nothing again so us

as nothing knew how to make it

all be everything that has ever

to exist this is what i said to

myself daydreaming trying to

imagine the beginning and

past before i had a brain

and the aliens who i had just

been speaking with got the idea they

all agreed it makes sense they

were glad cos they wanted to believe

that when it all ends it would

really be the end forever that

somehow wed get back to how

it began so we could all be remembering

how it all ended even with

another brain and body cos

there was a time when i was

not even a ghost body and i knew

it came from the nothing. i

imagined a dead person re living

again and doing the same good

exciting things they played when

they lived so i knew it was a

good idea cos stood gazing at

the grave of this dead person

reading the birth and death dates

picturing in my mind the life

they lived how they loved that to

have their same mind and body

re live healthy they would do

the same loved things again

so the picture in my mind of there

life would really happen they collected

their newspaper and milk for

cereal from the newsagent early

in the morning this would of

happened those years ago i

thought and that neighbours

cat stood on the door step where

the milk man delivered milk bottles

was seen by him some mornings

as he carried back home his newspaper

and milk craving the taste

of cereals to read his newspaper

but this was then and now he

was dead his ghost visited

my imagination when i heard the

tram traveling outside through

the melting snow as it rang

its bell to be ready to drive

i got the impression the ghost

of the man wished he had

his mortal body so he could

taste the cereals with milk and

read a todays newspaper with

the added sensual noise of the

tram driving up the road after

its bell rang ready to drive

hearing it through the window from the road again

while christmas holiday had its snow

melting. there were also graves of

females and i wondered of how

many female graves would of had

attractive females that i would of

loved to of dated romantically

cos they were beautiful. it

was only a matter of time when

female ghosts would visit not only

my imagination but also my eye

sight. i had become a very clever

wizard for i seemed to be the first

alien to bring the issue of raising the

dead to have their same body features

whereas the other aliens that had the magic

powers to raise the dead would only known

to let us have a different body cos of

its different looks but i thought its fine

cos it seems well cool being raised

from the dead to have your same body

again and even have other type of

looks and species bodies to use for

our living said one of the aliens as

they were listening to me explaining

the purpose of the alien world and

all the aliens involved in this conversation

said yeah these ideas are really cool indeed.

it made me excited cos

each time i fantasised about raising

of the dead it let me believe my pets

that had passed away dead could be

made exactly how they were when

they lived and begin another life

again so at last for all time i

would stroke and cuddle and make

my pets healthy cos i loved being an

animal creature lover and i

was sad crying cos the raising of

the dead for us all now hadn't

happened now so we had to wait.

the other aliens i was speaking to

believed i was honest enough that

how i spoke is how it will become

cos one of the aliens said how you

explained it is how it is now i mean

i got my body i was born from the

sperm and egg and when i die

when i use the sperm and egg

that born me my body again i will

be my body again born and i said

that's exactly how i explained it

and that's how it will be like then

the aliens all said were looking forward

to the raising of the dead and i said

yeah it will be real that's what

life is and one of the aliens said

well do you think death is fake and

i said death would be fake if we

became dead forever cos i know

why death was made so we can

have our bodies re born healthy

so we can live young again then

one of the aliens said this must

be why i enjoy getting older cos

to think as my old selves with my

young body would be even more wiser

cos i would be more healthy and i said

that's true wise is best when your

healthy you can think better when

you feel well


the clouds had changed from showing the sun and birds

so the moon and stars made our twenty four time clock now

so the ghost could visit me anytime 'this night' the ghosts told me

'i will tell you how you want the worlds creation to be so

i can use my energies to act your ideas on to you'

'how would you know my ideas for world creation' i asked

the ghost 'cos all your ideas you use in your brain

i know them all cos i am a part of your complete mind'

this ghosts was able to be seen as luminous so even though the room

light was switched off i was able to see that any ghosts do

really exist. 'the reason why' the ghost said 'i am apart

of your mind is that your human body is my mortal body

cos you are my ghost body' 'that makes sense' i said

'cos i believe while I'm human my ghosts body is

another person which is actually me' 'whatever you do'

the ghost said 'i am with you even though i can do something

else' 'how though' i said ' cos we are the same person

it is i am you so while your being human you can

still be your ghost body by not being your ghost body

cos you are feeling as your human self so i be your

ghost body until you are as your ghost body again

so you can be a human body as well as a ghost'

'the aliens that created me wants creation to be

how i believe it to be' i said 'I'm closer to the aliens'

the ghost said 'my body is in between mortal and immortal

world and aliens use ghosts to put us into bodies living with

these worlds' 'when did you realise you were me ghost'

'from when' the ghost said 'you became human bodied'

'also at these moments as I'm your ghost which is you while

your being human' the ghost told me 'how you are thinking

about me that you are me just that your being human so

your ghost follows you being itself to we both think

together' 'and this is how' the ghost prompted 'your

human brain controls my ghost body which is really you

completely' 'so whatever you think' 'i can also think

of whatever i want' 'well just then i thought about my dead

pets' i said to then say 'what did you just think then'

i asked my ghost. the ghost replied it 'wondered about how when

i die i would be this ghost body it was being now' 'right'

i said 'so we both thought of different things yet you are

actually my mind' and then the ghost said 'whatever

you wonder of with your brain also lets me wonder about

things of the same topic in as many ways that relates

to the topic you imagined' 'so you use my brain to think

like me' i asked 'exactly like this' the ghost told me 'cos

my ghost mind is really yours so i think like you in

any way so you can be your human brain till you be

again your ghost mind' 'oh ok' i said 'i really understand'.

'i have two bodies one ghost and one human and cos

I'm human my ghost is still with me being controlled by my

human self being anything of anyway like me' 'correct' the

ghost said 'this is how am able to talk to you about these

issues cos am using your brain and it's you with these ideas

cos I'm you i can talk to you' 'i can sense these feelings

in my brain' i said 'the things you explained to me i

already knew' 'exactly' the ghost replied 'i can wonder

of anything like what you've imagined I'm all your brain

i am you for god sake' 'i remembered the ghost of that female

visiting me she obviously saw my ghost body looking handsome

she smiled at me with attractive love' i said.

'what about every other mortal beings body do they have

ghost selves' i felt like i was asking this question i already

knew the answer to cos the ghost of me answered

'every mortal being has there self a ghost body' and i

already believed this. 'i mean this ghost was answering my questions

cos it used my brain which knew these answers cos this was

me this ghost i was talking to as the alien wizard named

nathan rainbow i am this ghost that knows these life and

death issues while I'm human being for god sake I'm talking

to myself it will talk back to me with anything it knows

about me' i said to the ghost. the ghost then said

'i already knew you wondered this remember i am you

even though we talk together i can only talk to you about

what your brain knows.

i asked my ghost 'can you see the ghosts of other bodies

when I'm near them that i see people ' yes i see ghosts for every person

you see as human then' said the ghost 'so i asked 'what do these

other ghosts do for the person body they are' the ghost

replied 'they do exactly what we do they go by the minded brain

of how its persons human body brain wonders' i asked 'do the

ghosts ever notice you' 'not at all yet' replied my ghost. i said

'how would we get these peoples ghost to know how to do

the magic powers i have idea to happen to our bodies

with the use of our ghost bodies' 'you'd have to make these

people believe with they brains about your magic powers so there

ghost body's know how to act those powers onto their human bodies'

i said 'there are ignorant people who won't know how to believe

my magic powers so they ghosts won't know if the persons

brain don't understand my magic powers' the ghost said 'ok that's accurate'

'but do know this even those people who didn't know what

magic powers would do when they ever die they will become

their ghost body' i asked 'is this the time you can

actually interact with those type of ghosts' my ghost answered me

'only if those ghosts go to you cos remember nathan i do

what you do for i am your mind to your brain

i am you' i said 'ok if those ghosts came to me to believe

what i say can you interact with them' 'yes' my ghost replied

'cos i am you and what you do i also do' i said 'cos if i had ghosts

believe my magic powers when they came to me you could let them

know what my magic powers are how to perform them'

'yes' this ghost said 'cos your brain would use me to let those

ghosts know about our magic powers' i said 'well

then it can work if i get my aliens to make ghosts that know about

my magic powers and use my brain and other believers brains

about my magic powers to let the ghosts who didn't know

to know about my magic powers then this mortal creation

won't be so bad and evil after all it was before'

the ghost said 'i believe that true i know you want mortal

creation to be as perfect as immortal creations feelings'

'that's exactly how i want mortal body to be' i told the ghost

'it will be done by the magic powers of the aliens and me and

us that create creation to be wonderful' i said. then the ghost

asked me' do you mean like when you were poorly and

hurt you could be mortal body without these pains'

so i replied 'to be honest to be the mortal body it always

can be hurt anytime cos it's how it feels to even let us feel nice'

then the ghost said ' i know how you mean you want all the best

feelings of mortal body to be made to your life after death body

which can be designed to not ever feel pains that hurt' i said

'yes then this is immortal the best of what was mortal'.

'nathan you have many ideas with your mind' the ghost said

'i wonder why i cant now be my ghost body to stop

being mortal and go straight to the immortal world' then the ghost

replied 'you mean like choose any moment to not be your

human body and all a sudden be as this ghost body'

'yes that way' i said then the ghost said 'well your human those aliens

who created your mortal bodies designed you all to be only

your body till its died' 'those aliens that created mortal

world aren't like your ideas' the ghosts said then i said

'i know this and i wish my ideas were how creation was made

wed have so much fun being mortally cured and healed eternally'

'what else do you know that i want' i asked the ghost

the ghost replied 'for lots of all time of every era worlds to be

created so you can live back in the past

like now' ghost said 'with more people

made to be like those who lived back then

in the past' ghost said

'they wouldn't be the people who were actually

them they'll be at the after death in the next life stage'

i said 'so these people who have the body

of all the past era of time people they'll be new

ghosts living first life's of previous human bodies of the past time eras'

ghosts asked 'and do you want to know why this is' i said

'yes tell me' ghost said 'i to would like to live

with the past time people with past era of times

being now' ghost said

'well basically those actual people the

first original versions will be some choosing

live another body life so to make the

past be body's the same as people living during those past times well make new

ghosts to be those people and now you can

live with all the heroes and stars of the past' i said

'good idea' ghost said 'then you know if

you can't be your human body at the era

of time you lived nathan when an alien

wants to live in a world of your time of

era nathan then another new made ghost

will become your human body features'

ghost said to me. ' that's ok cos i tell you

this now there may be more than one

same era of times of the past created

for any alien so even if i chose to opt

into my mortal era of time for an alien

who uses there ghost to live mortally

back in the past as now there

would also be another ghost that wants to

live in my era of time of the past so another

ghost that's new would have to be my

human body cos am too busy already doing

my time of era for another life so even

a ghost who wasn't new that was another

original first version of another past

person body could be my human body or

any available body they choose to be

for a past time of era life now cos i

tell you this we aliens love using our

ghosts bodies to live in the back to the past'

'every alien would wanna be your human body

to feel how your brain was so clever with

ideas' ghost said 'that ok i want every person

to be like me and like my aliens body to

realise how to be minded like the magic

powers it will make every world perfect cos

put it like this when new ghosts start new

life's they could be evil bad spirits bodily

living in any era of time in any of the

worlds but with the magic powers present

with all the worlds created those evil bad

things done by people and even earths nature

won't be able to hurt us cos the magic powers

work to stop evil and bad things hurting us'

i said.

'you know what that is so true i believe you

are the alien wizard nathan rainbow'

ghost said. 'thanks this is how eternal

life will be this is the best way to stop

all disastrous thing catastrophically affecting

us' i said

'this will become creation cos those aliens

that made us hurt will give up they'll end

up hurting all time if they wanted mortal

bodies hurt to not be eternally healed when

cured' ghost said

'well it won't be like mortal hurting pains

forever i mean when i die I'll be back

as my ghosts body to my alien body and so

will many other aliens and when they've

lived my magic powers life those

aliens that made pain hurt will be defeated

cos my aliens have already made the

magic powers so it's a choice try the

hurt pain life or the magic powers

life i know which i prefer for

sure i didn't enjoy the hurting pains'

i said.

'so we've gotta be painful hurting life

until we die then' ghost said

'yes i had to cos like i say i came to save

everything from here or i would of

gone to my magic powers life and

all those living in hurting pain mortal

life would of been doomed if they had

to re live this way forever and ever'

i said

'i agree you're a nice person and so are

many beings painfully hurting' ghost


by now the time had got too late.


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