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imagine as prophet

Novel By: emeraldrainbow
Flash fiction

this is another book i wrote all with my pen and paper about 3 to 2 years ago. this is not a story is just imagine what i want to write. if i could explain something unique and clever. no grammar on it compound words neither checkup View table of contents...


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'the technology in the alien is what got our ghost body to let

us be human' i said 'and how was this when i born you I'm your

mummy' mum said 'i used alien technology to get my mind into

the baby in your pregnant belly' i said.

from the alien world i travelled as a wave of energy

that was transmitted to the human body feelings that was me to become

the baby that was growing in my mums belly i could remember enjoying

my travel to this mysterious planet earth to be born then all a sudden i was the brain of

me as a baby my mind felt different now i was a human baby from an alien brain body

that i was before i became a human baby i was feeling .

'i actually made you with

your dad the sex education thing' mum said 'mum i know how

you and dad made my body be born but actually i was already alive

as a person before i was born as your baby child' i said.

'well do know whatever you were before you became

our child that when me and your dad were making you it was

then you were on your way to becoming our child' mum said

and before i became the wave of energy that was to be transmitted to

the baby i became born as nathan rainbow i was an alien

with the prophecy set to tell the world the truth about the holy spirit

once i had grown to be over thirty years old and the aliens wished me well

as i set off the alien world to arrive to planet earth.

'mum I'll tell you how i got to be your baby when you

was making me with dad it was then my ghost body's

mind entered your body cos am not from earths ground

elements they just made my bodies features but i was

my ghost body and my mind became the brain of your

baby so i felt myself be human as your child' i said

'exactly how did your mind of your ghost body get to your

human body as my baby' mum asked me 'the use of alien technology

they created us so we'd become humans by using

elements out of the earth for our body so we'd be our mind from

our ghost' i said 'oh so there's two things you've mentioned

which makes sense of your technology by aliens there is your human

body which you'll become but you're not yet your human body which

is the first thing cos the second thing is then you are your ghost

body as your alien body' mum said 'that's correct mummy' i said

'and you mentioned alien technology brought your mind to your

element by the earth human body' mum said 'yes that's correct

i said. 'and this is how you got to my pregnancy alien technology

made your mind become my pregnant baby's brain so you

were my child' mum said 'yes mummy you said it correct

how i would explain it' i said

and it had happened the very energetic wave that i was

that was made for my baby body so i could be an alien born into my human body

to do a mission of the good news for the future of life and death

had begun i was born a baby and lived on planet earth to tell this real life story.

while i was living many more energetic waves continued pouring into

the earth's atmosphere so other aliens were born as humans.

then an alien didn't get born as a human baby

cos they were miscarriage and no human got see what they would of looked

like if they had survived the ordeal and lived on as a baby

to grow up and be seen as its person looks of character

so even though the aliens technology made this baby have its baby human

body grow in the alien so this miscarriage baby got to grow up and live to be

a kid, teenager and adult no one of its parents would of known it was there

miscarriage baby when they see its face who was this person they thought.

so the aliens asked the parents if they wanted their miscarriage

baby to be risen from the dead so it happened and then they realised

this person they saw was their baby it had got another life and this time grew right up

so they got to see how they looked if it had not miscarriage it was their baby again

growing up this time thankfully living.

'and this is how i was born

to your grandmas pregnancy so i was her daughter' mum

said 'the same way with alien technology putting your

mind to your human bodies brain' i said 'yes correct'

mummy said. 'when my ghost body left my alien body i floated

as my mind from the technology by the aliens then when my

mind which travelled from the alien world to your pregnancy

where my human body was element i first went to

dad before i got to you mummy' i said 'i know you did my love' mum

said. 'my mind floated to the brains of every sperm daddy gave to

your egg' i said 'why so many' mum said 'so that my human body

designed by me and the aliens became the body that i was

born as from your pregnant belly mummy' i said 'and how

did you get any of the sperm to all be the genes of your

body's dna' mum said. 'my mind which floated with all the

sperms brains went to the sperm brain that got into the egg and

then my mind implanted my gene dna design of my

human body features with my sperm i minded into the egg

and this was alien technology' i said 'your mind made

the sperm and egg become the gene dna designing of your human

body to what' mum asked. 'to grow and look how i did

when me and the aliens invented my human body in the alien

laboratory' i said

the aliens were doing a birth control practice assessment

in their biological clinic. they already had the aliens human diagram

of how it was to look as it grew through all its ages so as the wave went

to the sperm that was for the egg of human fertilisation to born

a baby. the aliens used the energy of the wave to make the cells

use all its chromosomes to grow the baby how it was to be.so before

this very moment the aliens had to make the wave gather the right

genetic from the human body it was being born from and to

so the alien would get the body it wanted to be born as so the wave

of energy it was made the sperm from the human body it was

in to become the baby it would grow by making the egg

fertilise it to be the baby the alien wanted to be born as.

'so as the aliens and you designed your human

body looks why do you look like me and your dad' mum asked.

'we chose you both to be my parents' i said. 'so you used

your mum looks and mine when inventing your looks' dad

said 'look at me i am myself from you and mum' i

said 'is just our body from our mum and dad though

really we are the ghost duppy we pronounce it' dad

said. 'now we know all parents they were kids and

all kids who became adults or younger then adults

were born with alien technology' i said. 'well many

time the cold take me body i feel sick me want the

alien technology take me mind to a healthy body make

me feel healed i feel much better' dad said 'this is a

good idea for the magic powers' i said. 'i thought to

myself about being able to float with my mind wishing

we could do it any moment dad was right he'd of

left his sick body straight away to feel better.

this was a future technology for the magic powers we would become

a wave and change to another living same healthier better body.

and my ghost body recognised my imagination and asked

'what would happen to your dads human body if he

floated away as his mind' 'his human body

would die cos he's not any longer his human body'

i said

the aliens wanted this to be a classic healing miracle so they made a wave

that would end the feelings and thoughts of a poorly sick injured body so that it died

but already the person was feeling and thinking as its other better fitter stronger body

that its wave transmitted to.

'and how would he become his same body

healthy again' ghost asked 'the aliens would use

aliens technology and the sperm and egg that made

his human body to invent his body again' i said

the aliens already had grown the person's body it was on the waiting list

since the injured sick person was ok till the miracle was put through and ready.

'so he can begin his human body life as an adult'

ghost asked 'yes the alien technology will grow his

body to adult then dads mind will float to his

human bodies brain and then he'll feel himself as

a healthy well human being' i said. 'these are

the magic powers you wish for' ghost said 'yes it

will make life interesting feelings for us' i said 'well

it didn't feel good when you were sick and injured during

your dying life so I'll vote for you to have magic powers

cure our body' ghost said 'i feel you' i said. 'alien

technology is floating ghost bodies minds to human bodies

being born' mum said 'its night time outside let's look

out the window to see floating minds travelling the

atmosphere to the birth' i said 'even from their death to

return back to the alien world' mum said. 'it's christmas

holidays those floating minds will look like santa claus

with his dears delivering gifts and presents to the parents

kids homes' dad said 'even if we can't see the floating minds

there still floating' mum said 'on to and from earth' dad said

'why' i said 'you mustn't forget for the birth and death of

humans' dad said 'and the animals and creatures and

organisms as well they are also user of the alien technology

they are also floating minds so they can become human

beings' i said. 'your pets christmas wish and new year

resolution would be' mum said. 'to be a body as human

body' i said 'you've said this so many times talk about

other ideas yet to be created' my ghost body said in my

imagination. 'it is actually possible when I've imagined

all my alien mind ideas then as I'm still human being

i could imagine new ideas from my human brain' i said

'and where will these of your thoughts go when your brain

dies' ghost asked 'to my ghost mind actually being human

i can imagine new ideas which i didn't have with

my alien mind and these thoughts are to become my

alien mind' i said.

'would it be possible for your mind to float away from your

human body so you are no longer your human body so you

feel as your floating mind' aldon horizon asked

'yes as deaths door' i said 'what i also mean is when

your human body's alive you haven't died ' aldon

horizon asked. 'my ghost body's mind would

be my human body so that my alien body

would become to still keep me as human body cos if it's alive and

it will feel and I'm no longer my human body I'm

my floating mind then my human body is stopped by my wave of energy'

i said 'then if you left your human body and got born as your human body again

you'd have your same voice attributes would you and how would you think

it's you all over again' aldon horizon said. 'i would

have my body features repeated and my mind is memoried with my wave

so even though my human body died when i am my human body born alive

i can think again it's me.

'could your body become

invisible and go through things' aldon said. 'when

my body goes to another world then i have vanished

from this world' i said 'and if your mind floated

without human body dying dead' aldon said 'then my human

body would float with my mind' i said 'and your mind floats

and you're not your human body and it hadn't died dead' aldon

said 'i have been raptured while living as a human being

and my body is stopped living by the alien technology and

my body becomes earths elements as feeling nothing as

my spirit left my human body when it was still

living till this happened' i said

then the aliens wanted to know how they would float the human body as well as the mind

so they kept them both intact together and but the human person's body

would get dizzy from the fast movement so the aliens had to use eye sight dimensions

to put the human body into another world so it could move with the mind

from out of its earth world it came from.


'what happened' aldon said

'my mind floated to the alien world and my human

body became dead by my spirit leaving my human

body to lose my mind' i said 'so instead of feeling

your body die dead your mind floats then your body

stops feeling and stops living cos your spirit done

this by floating to the afterlife' aldon said. 'yes

being your rapture personally' i said

the aliens experiments with the waves which is us that go to are bodies

born worked the experiment was a success and it was put into are worlds creation

or we would of been born as people with just the life we lived and died and that's all

we would of been was people with bodies that continue none of are brain memory

to another living life and death.

'what has a being human teach

you' ghost said 'I've learnt how it feels to live

and that I'm dying I'll soon be dead but it won't be

my ghost body that's dead ' i said 'what of you will

be dead then' ghost asked 'my human body' i said. 'then

your very much like everyone else even though you are

an alien' ghost said 'and so too are all the other people

they are aliens from the alien worlds' i said 'and

do you class animals and creatures and organisms as

aliens' ghost said 'yes they are also ghosts bodies

they have floating minds as spirits they are aliens

from our alien worlds' i said. 'go to the alien world

now being your ghost body now' aldon said. 'i will when

it happens' i said 'you didn't it then when i said do

it now' aldon horizon said 'it has to happen when

it does and that's when it will of happened now' i

said 'at any time' Aldon Horizon said 'all the time

was and is now so yes during anytime you will

see and feel as ghost bodies floating your mind

beyond worlds to all creation ' i said 'when you saw

that female ghost was she floating' my mum asked 'she looked

like her human body in ghostly body so she floated as her

mind to her ghost body when she died' i said 'she was

born to her human body with the same sperm and egg in the

afterlife and cos she's her human body in the afterlife

for you to see her when you're in the before life world she

would look like a ghost as her human body in the life after death world

she will be marvelled she'll know sure is true to rise from

the dead' i said. 'can the aliens make every person that's died

arrive to earth as ghosts' mum said 'of course when they've

been born in the afterlife they got their same body and then

they visit earth wed see all these people who died looking as

there people body like ghosts anywhere on earth they visit

and eating a burger fries and milkshake strawberry

in afterlife form' i said 'how could this

be i wanna know how you have good ideas

how it can happen' aldon said to me.

'the aliens can use the era of time of the earth

and copy the version of the world's cities towns

and villages buildings and put the afterlife

version directly on to earth' i said 'so you mean

like where the fast food store is in our before

life world the aliens would put the same store in

the afterlife at the exact place where the store

is on earth at the time and date it was' aldon horizon

said. 'yes so that ghost could be in the before

life fast food store so you'd see it eating in its

afterlife fast food store' i said 'so then the before

life and afterlife can be put together when the

aliens make the buildings and places match how it

was at every times date' aldon horizon said. 'yes so

wed live with the afterlife and people would see

all the ghosts that ever lived and died on earths planet'

i said 'this is the movies of the centuries' dad said

'this film is of all the time' mum said 'so in the before

and afterlife's we move to any place we can' dad

said 'they are ghosts there in their own world' mum

said. 'so all in all a ghost appears on our planet in

a building it likes to visit cos it's at the time now that's

the date of earth now' i said 'so how would we see the

afterlife building if they choose a past time of buildings

different to the building that's now on earth' aldon

said 'we'll see it when afterlife buildings as well

as ghosts are put onto earth' i said 'so now all

we seen is ghosts cos not any afterlife buildings

have got to earth' aldon said 'the ghosts just

came as there ghost body and have all their homes

and buildings in there after world' valdean said.

'all the people that worked as builders will be making

homes and buildings in the afterlife' aldon said 'the

aliens will also be made already before we get to

the afterlife world the towns and the cities places'

i said 'so a complete planet is already made like

an earth we can live with' aldon said.

'it's fantastic we'll be born as adults in another world with

and alien body and then we'll remember how we lived on that

planet earth and felt to die' i said 'and i suppose it wouldn't

be to bad to be healed in this afterlife and remember we

use to be sick on this planet earth' valdean said

'pain would become a good feeling if when we hurt * new parts entered

we get healed and cured straight away but it's not

worth hurting with pain that's severe cos to feel

it severe pain even though we'll be healed cured straight away

is still a bad severe feeling of pain wed feel so just keep it

so it hurts mildly on only certain parts our alien body

like feet hand leg arm only so when we get a bump

then we can really feel a miracle of healing happen

in the afterlife and before life will be immortal and mortal

feeling perfect' i said

so the aliens had to do pain body experiments and took reports from

every alien that had been hurt and felt pain while on earth

so the biology scientific aliens could get all the results on when pain was severe and when it

was at its weakest and strongest hurt so the aliens could design

the world and other people to not be able to go any further then to actually hurt us

too much cos aliens knew evil was the kind of thing where someone

would be good and nice to you then all a sudden cos of their mad crazy mind they would

believe to do something bad and terrible to you or themselves.

'it would be best to make

everybody not feel pain hurt you already prophesied it

to be like this when magic powers happen from the rainbow'

aldon said 'of course that's what is gonna be so no pain it

is then' i said 'but were hurting now can you sort it' valdean

said 'yes when the rainbow appears on to us

after am 30 years and older cos of my body' i said

what if your 37 and it ain't yet happened' aldon said

'then I'll be 38 or older when it happens' i said

'and what if you die and it still not happened your rainbow'

aldon said 'it would of happened before this i promise

i flew in the air and the aliens told me what i say will happen'

i said 'well that's not fair if you say evil things' valdean said

'i only want the good things i say to happen for

the good being of every person's feelings' i said

'then it

will really be each of every person well if we lost our mind

and lived on wed be a new person that would be evil to

everything we went through' i said. 'we wanna know everything

we've done so when all feelings become right it will be

perfect' valdean said 'it's the only way to live

perfectly everything we thought so were are mind now

forever' i said 'why would this be perfect' aldon

said. 'we are only gonna be always each our self if

our mind is always known what we've done now and

when every things right we are living perfect as

it's are selves really having everything right and that's

perfect for us' i said. 'i like how our mind goes

to our next life so we know we are alive living

nice a nice life is all we want' aldon said. 'everything

we're saying is are story we haven't wrote it when were

talking but this recording can be played back and

write down all we said to our story' i said 'then

write a book about what you've said and heard you're

the brother with the writing brain' aldon said 'i will

then do a movie so it can be seen what the book of

these stories reads' i said.

'it wouldn't be actually safe for an alien that would earth

to arrive to this planet earth' valdean said. 'of course

it wouldn't if they feel like this earth they'd be hurt by

any person that would capture it as hostage by any

means of force' aldon said 'aliens arrive to this planet

as ghosts they've already died' i said 'then who we are

they to wanna visit the earth that ended their life'

valdean said 'they were people that lived on planet

earth and they visit earth cos it cannot hurt them as

these aliens are ghost bodies' i said 'what's a ghost

body on earth' aldon said 'it's a living being in the after

life while visiting earth' valdean said.

the aliens and ghosts knew they had to become the body of humans and species

on planet earth to be able to live and feel like them so aliens knew if they wanted to go to war

against humans on planet earth they would have to be alien bodies that could touch

the human race so they could fight them.

but the aliens of nathan rainbow did not want an evil regime of aliens to create powers

that could threaten people by touching them but we wouldn't be able to touch them

like an invisible enemy so nathan rainbow had to get full power of all the worlds to make

creation treat everything normal.

'aliens also

have bodies that hurt and die if they arrived to earth

and had a fatal ending they would actually die on earth'

i said 'then the whole world's population would believe

there really are aliens' valdean said. 'how would an

alien that has a hurting dying body be able to travel

through space meteorites and comets asteroids when

if its space ship crashes the alien wouldn't even

make it to earth never mind being an alien found on

planet earth' aldon said 'well the alien would

arrive to earth how we all did as a ghost body

then cos they have an alien body they'd be bodied

as it on earth' i said 'and what if the elements

used to make the alien body are not of earths elements

instead of the aliens world elements they'd have

to bring the aliens body through space to reach

our planet earth which could actually crash into

space rocks and fires' valdean said. 'imagine

the ghost of the alien arriving to earth awaiting his

alien body and it doesn't make it cos it crashes

and becomes ruined in space' aldon said.

there were waves of energy which were peoples transmitted signal awaiting to

be born as a baby so when their birth wasn't ready there transmitted wave signal

waited on earth if it wanted to and the aliens knew that for every birth there had to be a wave

for its body so when the person died it would be able

to move to the other worlds that have been created for life to live on their planets.

so aliens could make humans and species of animals and creatures

and organisms be born even not being a wave cos waves were sent to all born bodies.

the living body has the energy to pull its wave to it this is alien technology.

'i wont

forget that the aliens have control over all the

pressure forces and gravity so they'd use their powers

to move the aliens body through space to earth

safely so the aliens body arrives to visit planet

earth and now you can believe an alien wouldn't

need elements from earth's surface to make its

body it can have its body made from the alien world

elements and arrive to planet earth' i said.

'and this also cos of using our mind to travel to earth

we can use the elements of planet earth to make our

body so we don't crash and ruin in space our mind

goes through anything like a ghost so we can get to earth

and alien planets traveling through space' i said.


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