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imagine as prophet

Novel By: emeraldrainbow
Flash fiction

this is another book i wrote all with my pen and paper about 3 to 2 years ago. this is not a story is just imagine what i want to write. if i could explain something unique and clever. no grammar on it compound words neither checkup View table of contents...


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'even we'd be able to have our earths planet elements not

from our earth but from the alien world that

created our earths planet elements and arrive to

earth as human being even though we didn't use

earth to be born our body' valdean said.

in the alien world an alien was being born as a human there

instead of being born on planet earth. the alien world had all

the resources to make this possible. it was the alien world that

invented planet earth and its orbiting planets in the universe coordinate.

'and also

the aliens can send your ghost body to earth then

use the earths planet elements to born your body that

so its already grown as a adult you wasn't now

born from parents the aliens already used earths

elements and made and grown your human

body then all a sudden your ghost body becomes

human and you think about how you feel as a

human being not even born by mum and dad this

will happen at our afterlife's' i said.

this was a future thing aliens came as human beings on earth

and they made human bodies grow to not be used by any person

then when they had grown the human body to be adult

then they let the waves of people become the body they had grown in

the biology clinic that aliens built on planet earth so humans could

begin life as adult without being born as a baby from parents.

'you know

when people die think about when there a ghost and they

remember when they lived they loved having a chocolate

mars bar but there not living as a human being to go to

a shop and buy a mars bar' aldon said 'there's people

who worked in the chocolate factories making bars

they died and are ghost bodies they'd take their chocolate

baking to the afterlife and make mars bars in the after

life' i said.

Willy Wonka the chocolate factory maker was in the alien world

continuing the development of his magnificent chocolate bars

and so to were the owners and workers of Cadbury and Nestle and Mars

chocolate companies so chocolate was made in the alien world so aliens

could eat chocolate bars.

'i wonder what precious my dog is doing now and

all the animals and creatures that died' aldon said. 'they

will be born in the afterlife so when we die we'll meet

precious and she'll remind us how poorly she felt dying

and that now she is so happy she feels well and can

talk as a human being' i said 'really that's how i expected

it to be when she was a dog but all she could do

was bark' aldon said 'in the alien world she will be

able to human talk' i said 'how is this possible she

was a dog' aldon said 'well think about this she'll

be born as a human being and learn how to talk

like how we did then she'll be able to talk like a human

being even though she was previously a dog' i said

the pets and wildlife going back to the alien world became humans and went to

the alien schools to learn how to read count and talk like human beings.

precious my dog was doing fine at school she was already ready

for me to go back to the alien world or she arrive to planet earth

and now that she was a human being not the pet dog

she would be able to talk and understand human speeches.


got me wondering i would like to be a bird and fly

and a dolphin and swim so how would the aliens

actually make me an animal and precious an

human and all the other animals and creatures

as human beings' aldon said. 'your ghost bodies will

be born as the body of humans animals creatures'

i said. 'well when we are born as a baby we

feel it cos it's our body but you also want to

know how are ghost makes us our human body'

i said 'and the animals and creatures to' aldon said.

'yes it's the same for us all how it happens and what

i know is when a body is born it will feel to live so all

bodies become who they are cos the bodies have brains

and hearts so when its born and grows it will be

a person even if not any ghost body is sent to use

the body' i said 'you mean people who are born were

not ghost bodies before they were born so becoming

this human being was their very beginning' aldon

said. 'and now they are a person even like us who

were ghosts that became humans cos they have

brains and this is what aliens use to give them

they ghost body cos the brain is there mind and there

brain thinks about their mind' i said. 'then

they get a ghost body how sudden do they' aldon said.

'at the moment there bodies have a brain to

know how to make their body grow to be born'

i said 'so were a sperm then an egg then a

baby that grows so there ghost body began at

these moments' aldon said. 'this is how aliens

created brains so every mind got a ghost body so

we continue to live on in the afterlife's' i said

'well this pretty much explains how we become

ghosts cos our bodies brains thinks about are mind so

we become a ghost' aldon said 'so every being ever

born will be a ghost' i said 'not even death before

birth would stop the unborn being a ghost' aldon

said. 'they become a ghost as soon as they were

born as a sperm' i said 'but there were loads

of sperms till one got the egg' aldon said 'for the

person who wasn't a ghost before they became

a body on this earth then all those sperms were

ghosts' i said 'so now i know how we became

ghosts by the thoughts of our brains that we have

a mind but how did your ghost become your human

body when you were a ghost before being any

of your human bodies' aldon said.

'before i became living as my human body feelings you want

to know how my ghost body got to be my human body'

i said 'yes explain do you know exactly how' aldon

said. 'well as we now know from what we've spoken

when my sperm cells became born and began feeling

in the sperms pregnancy that's when my ghost body became

these bodies of sperm to get me to my egg to grow my

human body i am now right and before my sperm

cell bodies began to feel to live i was my ghost

body and my sperm cells were of my dad's biologic

elements in his body from the earths elements they

travelled through my dad's body as energy elements

that had not any feelings of life and were just

lifeless substances and it was the feelings of my

dads body that used these earth element energy

substances in his body to make the sperm

become alive so before these sperm that i was

gonna become came living i was still my ghost body

from the alien world' i said 'then what else happened

can you explain how your ghost let you feel as your human

body' aldon said. 'then when my dad's body had used his

body feelings to make the substances that weren't lifeless

elements in his body to be made into living sperm

all a sudden i was the bodies of the sperm so i

would be the persons human body that the egg

from my mother's womb used with the sperms i was

from my dad's body' i said

it happened my energy of wave transmitted to the sperm that was

me for my mother's egg to fertilise my birth so another fact that alien technology was biological.

'ok this is school sex

education you're talking about things we read in books

about how our births evolve from mum and dad so right

now stop the sex education talk and god damn explain

the theory how your ghost body let you be human

as soon as the sex education began to feel you were

living to grow as a human being' aldon said. 'are ghost

body's mind lets our human body's brain be our mind so

we feel as a human being' i said 'and when do this

happen' aldon said 'when our bodies begin to feel' i said

'and why when we began to feel' aldon said 'this is when

our bodies alive so our brain knows it's being our mind

so our ghost knows we are now feeling as a human

being' i said 'so your ghost body takes a photo copy

of your human brain i mean like every idea you thought that's makes

you the minded person you are now is copied to your ghost brain

then all a sudden you're a human that can be a ghost when its all over

being from your ghost body with memory of your human life on it' aldon said

my wave was with me on my body so i would continue to live to the

future without the body i just was before now.

'every element on earth was created by the ghost body of aliens

so our ghost body would become the body of earths

elements to feel as human' i said 'so this is why

you believe you can begin as an adult or any specie

cos of our ghost body becoming these living bodies

with the planet we feel' aldon said 'yes rather then

be just the living bodies on the earth like you were seemed to suppose

to always be a human or pet or wildlife being and who is the organisms'

i said 'so what happens from our brain

is a copy of our complete life dying memory is

copied to our ghost mind and when we began living

a copy of our ghost mind is copied to our human

brain so we know we are feeling all our living

body experiences with imagination' aldon said 'yes that's correct that's our mind

so we know how we feel now about feelings we cannot feel now from the past' i said 'so the people who

invented photocopying photographing they were the ghosts

from the alien world that invented the alien technology

to copy our ghost and human minds into our living

bodies so we'd continue living in every afterlife'

aldon said 'i believe that's correct and they came

to earth and brang these technologies to use

for us' i said 'so when things are copied they are still

images lifeless taken from life' aldon said 'so life

can be made from lifeless things it all grew from

life spans so if you copy it into a living body your

mind will become your human brain that knows

your feeling your complete body' i said. 'so this would

happen when we've died' aldon said. 'yeah very much so

are ghost body will be available to be copied our

mind into another living brains mind to be are

self each person' i said. 'and we couldn't make our

ghost copy to another body in the afterlife any moment

is because our human body wouldn't die if our ghost

body we made it leave our human body to go to the

afterlife so we couldn't cos we are our human

body and it's still living as our feelings we know' i

said 'so then' aldon said 'we have to wait till we've

died' i said 'and is because of' aldon said 'aliens

created mortal bodies this way or if we were

immortal we'd be able to copy our ghost mind

to our bodies at any moment we want cos that's

how the aliens created mortal and immortal

bodies world' i said. 'this will be magical spells and will

bring miraculous powers when this happens to every

ghosts bodies' aldon said 'we will all see ghosts

become aliens from our planet all the way

to the afterlife world' i said.

'now why would you be in the alien world when other

people are on earths devastating nature feeling terrible

and you god feel fine' devil said 'cos every life has

lived on earth and when we've died and gone to the after

life there is other people born to live there life on

earth' god said 'then take every person to be born

and live in the alien world to feel better' devil said

'it would only make a difference to our feelings but

now all the terrible feelings those who died on

earth felt have happened and you just believed

taking every person to the alien world was to

make all the past be like it never happened'

god said 'it sure did all happen everything that

went on that earth' devil said 'then it shall

continue so life that dies can be risen from the

dead to life again' god said. 'so you want our

evil ways to get away with causing this pain

they feel' devil said 'but your evil is temporarily

your bodies can't live to feel hurt forever

and then when these people feel the glorious

afterlife body they will believe which is

best to live to feel' god said 'then they may

wanna live the dying life again on earth

there sure are a lot of addictive pleasures to

feel' devil said 'the aliens are inventing

technology for the earths bodies to feel glorious' god

said 'people will continue murdering and thieving

if they are re born as those same criminals

and even a good re born person will become

criminal if they get pissed off' devil said 'and

to keep are promise of glorious bodies for those who

loved the pleasures of earth life alien technology

will be put on every body's feelings and body to keep

them feeling and body fine in good condition' god

said 'so i could still think of an evil thing to commit

toward another person's feelings cos we'll each have our

own brain to decide to do our own decisions' devil

said 'we each have our own brain so life is really

ours each to live and the alien technology

will know to make your evil and bad ideas not

be felt cos your body will become on its self in

your own world even though you are in my world' god

said 'well you didn't do it in the before life instead

you let everyone be in the same world fighting cruelly

and hurting one another' devil said 'that is because

your demons took creation to be created with our

world and both our pleasures and pains became

felt in the worlds earth' god said 'you could of made

your world be without our world' devil said 'and

the angels would of lived and died in your world

to not risen from the dead for you came from me

and you believe your mind is for one life so we'd

be dead' god said 'and then we wanted to live our

world again and again forever coming back from

the dead' devil said 'then you were from my

world and we let you die so you weren't hurt forever'

god said. 'why would you let us die when you want

us to live forever' devil asked 'so you could live

to feel pleasured for eternity' god said 'how when

i lived i actually hurt' devil said 'that when

you die dead you are now not your hurting body

then you are my glorious body so you are living to

feel the paradise' god said 'when will this happen'

devil asked 'when the aliens have found

all the colours for his rainbow' god said

'what are the colours for his rainbow' devil

said 'the imagined feelings of the magic powers

sent to every person's body to feel the paradise

of the afterlife's fantasy in your brain to all your

body' god said 'and why the colours of the rainbow'

devil asked 'cos when the rainbow over the

world goes all over the atmosphere it will

become every colour on the earth so everything

feels like the magic powers of the rainbow'

god said.


'why has it taken so long to arrive'

devil said 'cos during time anything was to happen

cos we all let it be so who will make it happen

the rainbow you've already seen them in the sky

they arrived from the beginning' god said

wizards and witches in another planet who had skills

of the best expertise and manufacturing abilities

were making many products and appliances to bring to other planets

so they could give every person a gift and present to open

even when it wasn't christmas they would do this during the summer

time for a second festive holiday.

'but its magic powers weren't on earth' devil said

'till nathan has the rainbow on to our earth'

god said. 'how will he do it' devil said 'the aliens

will do it for him when he becomes an alien'

god said.

the marvellous worlds for the future were being made

so there were plenty homes and places to live and play in.

the aliens got more clever cos they made replica people

who were exactly like other humans who worked and invented

every product you could imagine to make so the replica people

who were like food and appliance and clothes and furniture makers

were at work so the amount of personal things made

was millions times more than just the actual people

who made the replicas become by the aliens making their bodies

and brains be exactly like theirs so the alien world

had a massive civilian world of people making medicines and products

by a million times fold more than the actual person who was used to

make the replica of their self.

'so your letting us be who we are

doing what we've done' devil said 'then the

rainbow and magic powers can arrive on

earth when the aliens want it to' god said.

'so who decided that nathan rainbow was the

best person to reveal the rainbows magic powers

on to the earths bodies' devil asked 'this

person nathan rainbow was chosen because

he has the brain that knows exactly what

i will do as returning as the body of jesus

christ to earth' jesus said 'how can nathan

rainbow do what you've promised to bring

upon the whole of the planet earth arriving

there through the space of the universe'

devil asked 'cos before we were human

nathan developed his prophecy when he was

an alien and it related to my promise of

sending the holy spirit to reveal me' jesus said.

the aliens wanted to make each clone replica of the person

they made be on another planet so each planet only had one of

the each replicas so there became thousands of planet earths

making inventions and items so they could be delivered to any planet earth

that had to have new things replace damage and destroyed things

so miracles happen on the same day night of any disaster.

'well you're not a nice person to let

earthquakes and famines destroy peoples

lives' devil said 'i didn't create the

earth to be disastrous and nathan rainbow

will prove me he is sent by me and our

prophecy is of world that makes planets

without these natural disasters' jesus said

so what was the plan of nathan rainbow for the planets that have to

quake and natural disaster cos of its nature. nathan rainbow

would like the spells that help evacuate and then rebuild

the country on the same day or night completely

with the help of the replica aliens.

it was the aliens who invented the wildlife of ants. bees, wasps,

flies, spiders, fish and many more kind of breeds cos they

all looked the same that they all did the same ability skills to help earth live

that these replica bodies would become human so humans

who had a good doctor and a good scientist and

a good electrician and a good food or home developer

could be that these one people then there are thousands

more people born with their body and brain so replicas be like them

so these talents are increased by the thousand fold.

it was an incredible discovery by the aliens so nathan rainbow

prophesied this to happen in the future when the rainbow

brings its magic powers and fantasy spells for all the world.

'so who created the planet to quake and

storm so ferociously' devil said 'the aliens

that forgot to make all the good things about

earth to be made to move and weather like

a perfect planet for us' jesus said

'we sure love the cold and hot and dry

and wet and wind and fog with the day

and night weather when its fine weather

we enjoy every term of spring

summer autumn winter

the weather is beautiful' god said

'people are happy for all four seasons

of the years weather when its perfect

to our homes and places to keep our

bodies feeling fine' jesus said 'so like

during a windy day or night your believing

is ok to have a storm happen as

long as its weak and friendly to every

thing on earth' devil said 'of course

then people can enjoy the nature of living

in a storm while it's a friendly storm

it won't devastate us it will be the kind

of weather brought to us by the magic

powers' jesus said

the aliens had no fear of even the storm being the strongest of all

there was now alien transport and other worlds to evacuate people

from the danger zone on earth and when the storm had done its

catastrophic damage the poor people didn't have to wait years for

their buildings to be built back completely. it was all built

on the same day night by next day night even since everything

was built in the replica worlds by thousands millions so all

was ready to be ordered.

then in the alien world of weather forecast the aliens and humans had already

had this meeting they discussed which parts of the earth

had the weather nature that was destructive and how many quakes

and storms and floods to expects so that the earths replica

properties and lands was met to the demand of the order to replace

the devastated area caused by the natural disasters.

'so we could enjoy

our dinner and pudding by the heating in

are home during winter it will be ok

to be cold and even snow' devil asked

'of course the magic powers will create

every type of weather for the earth to

pour and gush perfectly so if you wasn't

feeling fine cos you got really cold

the magic powers would change the

weather to spring and summer straight away so you felt warm' 'yeah but

the cold temperature would take a while

to warm up so how can you straight away

make the weather perfect' devil asked

'we'll be living with the dimensions of

life and death so our body would change

into the worlds weather already we'd

be in a world that left the cold of winter

and arrived in a world of summer 'jesus


with the aliens having been able to invent worlds where we could change

from a planet to go move to live on another planet then aliens

who had done enough christmas celebrating and were ready to now have

summer holiday weather travelled to another planet that was during its

summer months and it was sunny for drink of pop and sun bathe

in the shade on a sand seaside resort.

with the dimension technology are feelings had to move to another world

out of the world that made us feel what ever happened there so aliens

were changing to the same world they were in as in look wise

but it wasn't the same world they had just left to still be in the world

that was happening what had been happening was what ever had hurt

them was not in this world. this was a medical practice by

aliens inventing biologic powers for are feelings.

was it possible anything is possible when its told and made about to happen really to us.

'and why is death apart of the dimension

when were suppose to live life' devil

asked 'you may die from the world so you

can be re born to another world and you

are living cos your alive cos of your mind

becoming your body's brain so death is as

good as life so you get to live in any

world' god said.

human beings and wildlife were happy about this now that

they weren't there old frail body they use to be which wouldn't

grow younger and flexible.

'so in the lands of countries

where hurricanes and tremors and floods ravage rain

it will actually become real that these countries lands

will have perfect weather so the wind and

equator plates and rain is a beautiful weather

cycle' devil said

'of course that is the world of nathan rainbow

the glorious afterlife' jesus said 'so then where

rain wouldn't pour on the ground there will be

a world where these countries have their plenty

rain pour upon their land' devil said 'yes

and plenty it will be a flood that is upon the

clouds so the lands are rained and in these

nations every person will be safe from every

flood' jesus said 'so you will make the

flood stop ruining our homes how' devil said

'the flood in nathan rainbows world will

become to a river and sea it will flow

like a stream of lakes so much rain it would

of flood us but we are with the rainbow

and every cloud rains perfectly' jesus said

'then let the rainbow onto the earth' moses

said 'the earth will have to be created like

the world of nathan rainbow' jesus said. 'but

the rainbow is foretold it can appear on a world

that's not created like nathan rainbows world

to control all the natural and people made

disasters so the troublesome world's problems

become perfect' moses said 'and how is

this possible when we are feeling bodies

and the earth has to quake its tremor to

maintain its core the plates' devil said

'while the rainbow calms the event our

bodies will be out of the way with the

dimension of another that's like our world we

were in the dimension is the perfect event

until our world is calmed so we can re turn

to all dimensions of our world' moses said

'let the holy spirit become nathan rainbows body if he

really is the helper sent like jesus' devil said 'the

rainbow shall appear on nathan rainbows body so we'll

see he is the prophet that explained it really also happened'

moses said 'would the rainbow that appears on nathan's

body happen at which age' devil said 'it happened before

nathan became human when he was an alien' moses

said 'then how old will nathan be when the rainbow is his

body as its already known to happen' devil said 'the

rainbow already is with nathan's body so as he grew

older he would be his alien mind in his human brain'

moses said 'but we see no rainbow on his body'

devil said 'how will we even know he really is

nathan rainbow' devil said 'the rainbow is in

nathan's brain and he will explain the rainbows

of magic with his mind then you'll know its him the

human that has the rainbow' moses said 'and how

will the rainbow show from his body what will the

rainbow do to his body' devil said 'the rainbow

will show from nathan's brain and it will perform

magic powers around his body' moses said. 'but

it didn't use to perform magic powers on nathan's

body before when it does he use to be poorly and

injured' devil said 'the rainbow has to let nathan be

feeling as a human first then when his brain has

grow all his mind then the rainbow can become his

body cos then he's an alien again' moses said 'so

nathan's body will become like the rainbow when

he's alien bodied from his human self' devil said

'yes cos then he'll feel and be a body of magic

powers he can't be the rainbow body if he's

still human he has to be an alien body to be the

rainbow body' moses said 'so when nathan

becomes an alien that's the age when he has

the rainbow' devil said 'yes so until this happens

the only way you'll know he is the rainbow

about magic powers is that he'll talk about it

the way you'll know he is the human that

will become the body of the rainbow sent by

the aliens' moses said 'what if it happened

to nathan like the same age jesus was when he

was it thirty years old like the bodily dove on jesus

body' devil said 'i actually believe this that

nathan could be older than thirty one years old and

still be human all because his rainbow body

will appear as his body at any age of his

human life' moses said 'what will the rainbow

on nathan's body look like' devil asked. 'it will

be close to his brain it will be the fluorescent

energy of ray beams it will look to the human

eye like a rainbow seen from the clouds around

nathan's brain' moses said 'and what will

nathan body look like cos of this rainbow on

his brain' devil asked 'nathan will be a human

body with the rainbow on his head then he'll

become the body of an alien so his body is

all about the magic powers caused by the

rainbow from his brains mind' moses said

'and who else will be like this' devil asked

'every lived being will be the body of the

rainbow' moses said. 'what do you believe will

happen when nathan rainbows body leaves life cos

he died' devil said 'well he'd be alive in the

afterlife' moses said 'how does nathan rainbow

get to the afterlife' devil asked 'with his

mind that rainbow around his brain is the dimensions

of all his lives and deaths while nathan was

human also his mind was on the other side of

the dimension to the dimension that was his human

body' moses said 'so how does nathan think when

his mind is in another dimension to his human

bodies dimension' devil asked 'remember he has

his brain and so his mind is with the afterlife

life dimension' moses said 'why is it like this

to live on any worlds planet' moses said 'why what

will happen when he does at free will' devil

said 'nathan will go to and from earth and the

afterlife whenever he wants to his mind will

make him be an alien and human' moses said

'and what will happen when he does' devil asked

'ok this is simple his mind will fly to earth through

the dimension then he'll be his human body then

when nathan decides to leave earth you would see

nathan's body move out of earth' moses said 'how

can nathan's human body move out of earth we'll

be believing he's flying through space' devil said

'his human body will go through a building

wall and floor by the dimension making it all

be in the form of graphic but to you it will still

look and feel like a wall and floor' moses


the aliens knew that we would have to be bodies that were in a graphic world

as well as material world to do this and cos of are neuron brain memory energy

we could be put with the use of are wave into the body that would let us move

through things but the aliens knew waves could not travel through everything

so we went through the holes and gaps or anything we could open to get out and in.

'why like this' devil said 'so nathan's human

body can leave out of earth he wouldn't of died

to of got to the alien world' moses said 'then

what happens when nathan reaches the afterlife

or the alien world' devil said 'he'll be

an afterlife or alien person by the dimension

of the world making his body for his mind to use'

moses said 'so when nathan changes from human

to alien what happens to his body he stops using

then' devil asked 'the dimension keeps his

body alive living and the magic powers keeps his

body fit and healthy nathan will always

have his body even if he decided to die dead

he'd have it re born' moses said. 'so if

i saw the world with my eyes but it wasn't really

there then I'd go straight through any

wall or floor' devil said

'and that's how the dimension let nathan's human

body leave earth without dying dead' moses

said 'then he'd be able to showcase this stunt

to the world' devil said

'then all the dead would appear to earth as

ghosts they they'll be human and animals and

creatures in their afterlife world' moses

said 'why do they look like ghosts' devil asked

'cos their body is in the afterlife so when

there afterlife appears on earth we see

there afterlife body you see on earth from

the moon' moses said 'then may the dimension

arrive its power to earth to make all the wicked

become human and all the others be after

life body so the wicked see so many ghosts

on earth' devil said 'yes this will happen

so all the wicked see every other person

that use to live and died all become alive on

earth looking as ghost bodies' moses said

this was an idea by the alien inventors to make ghosts appear

on earth so they did an example they chose the people

who lived during world war 2 to have their world war 2 era of time world

appear on planet earth so humans saw them as ghosts that were human beings

but they had their own world to live on it was put onto plant earth

with dimension technology that would let the world war 2

generation of people be able to feel in the planet earth world

so world war 2 people got to live in the 21st century till they moved back

to their dimension of life and invited people from the 21st century

to go into their world war 2 dimension of life it was like a computer game

really living it so the past time had to be now for us to have this future.

'we could make this happen in the end times'

devil said 'many ghosts will appear on earth

cos they'll be living in another dimension

at the date of time of their earth's life

when they lived before they died' moses said

'so the earth will look the same how it did

when they lived in those past times' devil



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