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imagine as prophet

Novel By: emeraldrainbow
Flash fiction

this is another book i wrote all with my pen and paper about 3 to 2 years ago. this is not a story is just imagine what i want to write. if i could explain something unique and clever. no grammar on it compound words neither checkup View table of contents...


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'imagine god decided the time was the end as in

the last days and earth hadn't yet born that human

being who is the holy spirit what would jesus do about

the promise of the helper' aldon said 'this would not happen

especially as the aliens have control of the earth's nature

so the end time last day signs won't show till the holy spirit

is human and tells all what he already knew before he

became a human being' nathan said 'ok and what if

the aliens found this human being was in fact the

holy spirit and any situation occurred that would kill

this person' aldon said 'the holy spirits human body

won't be killed the aliens know its bodies brain

knows all the important prophecy stories to make

the signs of the last days nights occur' nathan said

'so how would the aliens keep this person's body living

if it was threatened by any assassination attempt' aldon

asked 'the aliens would use the control powers

of the earth's nature and the holy spirits human and

ghost body to move out of the way of anything

that would of killed him' nathan said. 'would

any people be able to see his body move with the powers

of the aliens control' aldon said 'it can happen as slow

and fast as anything so fast you'd see his body then

all a sudden he wasn't there he'd vanish' nathan said

'where did he go' aldon said 'he went with the dimensions

of the world his human body moved as lifeless

kept alive by his ghost body so he'd still have his human

body feeling fine when he realised he was human

person even though he felt as his ghost body rising out

of planet earth' nathan said 'who is this person'

aldon said 'this person is nathan rainbow' nathan

said 'so your actually telling me you are the holy

spirit' aldon said 'yes cos i am the magic power

with the rainbow' nathan said.

'are you the only human

to use the dimensions' aldon asked 'every living thing

will use the dimensions it will let our bodies feel the best

things about life' nathan said 'well then we'll enjoy

dying dead if were always alive living to feel perfect'

aldon said.

'how will the animals and creatures

that ate one another for meals on earth know not to

feed on each other's body in the afterlife since when

they lived on earth cos of their body instinct their brain

was designed to know they had to hunt their prey to be dead

so the animals and creatures they ate weren't living in their

hungry belly' albert said. 'do you mean that cos these

animals and creatures that live in the afterlife will still

have their minds from there before life implanted in there

afterlife brains so they'll remember their past life instincts

that they would hunt prey in the afterlife' hazel said.

'that's what i was thinking that the afterlife is perfect so

the animals and creatures won't have to eat one another

to feed full up so all the animals and creatures can live

together without eating one another' albert said.

'all the animals and creatures in the afterlife will become

human beings so they can get the human instincts in there

mind where i imagined as a human being cos i had a human

brain that animals and creatures live in a world where

they know they don't hunt prey cos the world is made to feed

them by food and drink made by the alien seeds' hazel

said. 'you telling me that cos they don't have a mind that

knows not to hunt prey this is why they eat one another

apart from the plant eaters with the river stream' albert

said 'the animals and creatures weren't made in a world

that grew there dinners and breakfasts instead of eating

one another's bodies and then they were made to believe

they were to hunt prey cos their minds believed they have

to cos this world is made so they have to' hazel said

'but there dinners and breakfasts did grow in this world they

ate one another's bodies grown in this earth' albert said.

'i know that but i mean in a world where instead of using one

Another's bodies for dinner and breakfast they have it

grown from the world which isn't the actual animals and

creatures body' hazel said 'though the problem is even though

they have their meals prepared by the world they'd still hunt

prey if they see to catch them cos it's still in their mind to

know cos they were species that did this in the before life'

albert said. 'this is the prophecy to know all causes so when

worlds are created to act perfect to our feelings the earth

will be created so we know how to make one another feel

perfect' hazel said 'well it won't be much fun if I'm a

rat and a cat hunts me as its prey in the afterlife all cos

it still hasn't learnt we no longer live in the before life so

hazel why would this cat hunt me as its prey in the after

life' albert said 'that is the cat has all its mind from its

living life's brain continue to its next life's living body brains'

hazel said. 'well then this cat and the species can learn

to remember they don't hunt prey cos they can become

human being in a life to get to know this in their brain

so when they go to another life to live as a cat there

mind from their human brain will continue in their cat

mind so then what' albert said. 'this cat will know they

no longer hunt prey cos they got to know with their mind that

knew this prophecy for the afterlife's going into their next

body brains' hazel said. 'and what about those that still remember

to hunt prey id be a rat and be attacked by a cat' albert

said 'it would of happened in the before lives but at least your

mind continues to another afterlife so you'll live again' hazel

said. 'if the world was created where every bodies body couldn't

feel one another then I'd feel like the elements instantly as lifeless

forms even though I'm alive when any cat attacks me' albert said

'so what would you feel you have to feel so you live the worlds

we thought' hazel said

'we'd feel everything else in the world but not any bodies body

touching us' albert said 'sure then no cat or rival species would

hunt you as prey if they tried they wouldn't be able to touch your

body so obviously you wouldn't feel it' hazel said 'yes and cos my body feels it will have to be created like this so i feel like

a rat or mice that walk by a cat that can't hunt me as prey

even though it would if it's got that mind that still needs a human

body to use its brain to know this prophecy for its mind that

goes to all its next body living life' albert said. 'so how would

our bodies be able to not feel the touch of one another and

we feel to live' hazel asked. 'when we live in the same

world our each self body would be the only body in our world' albert

said. 'you mean like in this earth were we all live that I'd be

the only person in this earth' hazel said. 'yes we each as our body

that's our person would be placed as the one world we all live

in so the feelings of our bodies would only feel our world' albert said.

'then that would work for all the animals and creatures that would

of been hunted as prey and we'd still see people cos were placed in

the same world' hazel said. 'think about this when would it really

matter' albert said 'so all the good thoughts can touch one another so we

can feel loved and so all the bad thoughts weren't felt as they they

couldn't touch us' hazel said. 'correct so the world would let us feel

the good ideas that our minds think to touch our bodies' albert said 'it

will prevent the cruelty to animals whenever they were to be threatened

the threatening person wouldn't be able to touch the animal' hazel said 'and

you wanna know how' albert said 'how' hazel said 'our brain every

thought is felt so how we imagine to do using our body when we are

good or bad will make our bodies be real feeling or graphic visible

so the bad ideas you would do to harm my body would become graphic

visible in the world so i wouldn't feel your bad idea threatening as

you hit me and I'd be feeling real so i felt still continuing on as

normal' albert said

'wow that would help all the vulnerable

animals' hazel said 'yes imagine as soon as an evil idea is using there

body to commit crime they are feelings not real and are as graphic

visible even though they are feelings not real and are as graphic

visible even though they are feeling real and its victim feels real

so at last no hurt feelings from evil attackers' albert said. 'you know

this will be made to happen by the alien technology' hazel said 'will it

happen on planet earth' albert said 'this will take place on every planet we

as people live with' hazel said 'why does it have to be this alien technology

on all the planets in the universe' albert asked 'we want those poor

terrified animals and creatures that lived using one another bodies to survive

in the before life to arrive in the afterlife and be able to live with the

other species without being eaten and beaten' hazel said 'it will be a

movie miracle that a cat will see a mice crawling by it then as soon as

the cat hunts the mice's body becomes graphic visible and not its real

feelings body so the mice is unharmed' albert said 'so the alien technology

uses our brains ideas to navigate our bodies feelings into

safe dimensions of each our world' hazel said 'now every

one will be happy to try being an animal or creature the

mice no longer have to worry about the cats' albert said

'this alien technology will keep the promise that afterlife

feels perfect even though of any ideas they imagine to do to us'

hazel said 'well its true we'll always think how we want

to with any feelings even good ideas people can think bad when

things happen' albert said 'i then don't believe they were really

good people they were living life fine then they imagined bad

things to actually do' hazel said 'yeah that's true so good is

always a good thing' albert said 'i actually believe things

can be perfect' hazel said 'which way thinking wise or feeling

wise' albert asked 'feeling wise cos our world will be created

to feel perfect' hazel asked 'how by making our body

only feel the pleasures of life and death' albert said 'yes

with the use of alien technology as soon as pain was to be

our feeling whatever would of caused it becomes graphic visible

and not a real thing during it' hazel said.

'so if i had a car crash

it would instantly become a graphic visible instead of the real thing'

albert said. 'everything that would ruin and destroy your body would

be instantly changed from its real thing to graphic visible so your body

would go through the car crash that doesn't actually happen in your

bodies world' hazel said 'what is graphic visible mean' albert

asked 'its the car becoming as a graphic display so your bodies in a car

made of picture colour lights' hazel said 'so how would i sit and drive

a car made of picture colour lights when I'd fall through it' albert asked

'cos the world of the real car would be placed onto your world so you

can drive it but in your world its as a graphic display visible car cos

in your world you are placed with the cars world while both of you

are in your own world' hazel said 'this alien technology would be

used on everything so we'd live free from collisions that would injure

us' albert said 'so how do you feel anything in the world that's what

life is to feel the things in the earths world' hazel asked 'the world in

the afterlife is made so we feel the pleasures of health and desires

so we'd feel everything in the world' albert said 'so i can feel the walls

and the ground cos of normal contact but if i fall or bump into them

that would hurt me then it became graphic visible form to my body

but what if my body was still in the graphic display of the wall when

i stopped moving of this accident' hazel said 'the wall would still

be a graphic display until you came out of it then the wall would become

a real wall again' albert said 'and what else do you think

alien technology used as well as our thoughts to achieve these movie

miracles' hazel asked 'the alien technology will use lifeless things

that surround our body for example walls and buildings and vehicles

amount of speed going towards are body to prevent the collision that injures

our body' albert said. 'and why is this done' hazel asked 'cos if the alien

technology relied on our body pain to know when were injured to then avoid

us colliding then we'd already collided and been hurt' albert said 'these

miracle movies by the use of alien technology sure will help us feel

bodily perfect by controlling the bodies that thought what to do and the

speed and pressure forces of lifeless elements that surround our body

to be our home and places and items of our world' hazel said.

'the alien technology to make our bodies feel perfect controls every

thing around us to be normal' albert said

'and why is dying dead

actually a normal thing to happen to our bodies' hazel asked 'so when

anything goes wrong we are freed from the hurt it would kept on doing

if we lived forever to be wronged' albert said 'yes so if this

alien technology failed for a while till it got fixed and up and running

again we could and would of been hurt and injured if we collided

badly so death would save us out of eternal pain' hazel said

'but wait there's another important issue about this alien technology

to make our body feel perfect' albert said 'what is it anything practical'

hazel asked 'imagine a person decides to attempt to trick the alien

technology' albert said 'the alien technology uses every perfect feeling

for our body so its fine it really is' hazel said 'yeah but the trick is

which evil people do when they are doing bad things is they can think

of good ideas i mean where they think of fine things to do and same time

actually inflict harm to any person's body the alien technology wouldn't

pick up on a fine idea using their body to inflict harm to any person'

albert said. 'the alien technology would pick up on the pressure force

inflicting towards the person's body at the attempt of harming them'

hazel said. 'but i mean it could be the softest touch slightly enough

to hurt me' albert said 'you wouldn't feel the hurt inflicted by the bad

people when creation is made to have bodies that feel perfect besides

the alien technology uses our ghost body which uses every force of

pressure on every part of our body to feel perfect' hazel said 'its

absolutely revolting that a evil idea would be doing grievous bodily harm

so i had to appear as a graphic body so they couldn't inflict there

madness to my real feelings' albert said 'it will keep you safe

and you'll feel a lot better' hazel said 'what about fair play

we're playing sport we have injuries from collisions and strained we

twisted' albert asked 'this is where our ideas aren't intentional

to inflict on purpose injury but cos we play physical games there are

injuries but like i said alien technology uses the things we spoke about

the pressure forces the persons ideas the elements of the world and body to move

and still all over every area to feel perfect' hazel said 'jesus

i could finally be tackled or struck and feel fine' albert said.

'you do know that even the slightest amounts of touch builds up forced

pressure' hazel said 'so the alien technology would pick up on it if it

would of hurt us' albert said 'exactly and the alien technology knows

about how every part of your body feels so you'll be taken care of

absolute perfect feeling wonderful' hazel said 'it will be horrible

if the alien technology breaks and fails to work i would get hurt

wouldn't i' albert said 'you'd actually feel perfect you'd instantly

become your ghost body till the alien technology was fixed and reliable

again working' hazel said 'then what would happen now I'm my

ghost body' albert said 'you'd change back to your world and body

this way all things are kept feeling normal' hazel said.


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