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FIRE in the BELLY - Desire that beats everything

Novel By: Hina Hazrat
Flash fiction

What happens when power of education leaves behind hot cashes, credit cards, and huge amount of money? What happens when gender inequality talks high?

As we go along with the journey, the story revolves within lives of three best friends, who were raised in different fluctuating environments. With the power of education Inna, a girl belonging to a mediocre family and Seno, who was unexpectedly born becoming victim of violence, turning results of ultrasound false, kissed the success, giving their rich friend Neo, a rich girl, a lesson of pushing herself against the power of money-gravity.

However, as life proceeds, more morals come in way!
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Seno opened her eyes at 10 am. She had exam the other day. She felt her mouth dry as she hadn't had any glass of water since last night. She was so numb because of the fight she had with Neo last night. Without glancing at her father's room she entered the kitchen and talked to herself, "I am too thin. I must start eating more - She begun to fix breakfast, forced her mind to forget about her fight with Neo and concentrated on preparing a fluffy omelet". She turned on the coffeemaker and put a slice of bread in the toaster. Ten minutes later, everything was ready. Seno placed the plate on the table and sat down. She picked up a fork, stared at the food for a moment, then shook her head in despair - "I don't feel like eating this" - she thought and again went to her room leaving the plate on the table as it was. She sat down on her bed.


Seno had a text message, it read:

"Good morning, how much chapters are you done with?"

Seno replied:

"I have to tell you something, we need to talk right now."


"Come over here, we will also study here together."

Seno replied:

"I will be there within 10 minutes."


"I will be waiting."

"Come in my child." Mrs. Aliyah welcomed Seno with a big generous smile.

"Thanks aunty, you are so nice", Seno said feeling like being at her own home and then she hurried towards Inna's room thinking about Neo.

Seno found Inna trapped between a lot of books, notes and coffee mugs around her.

"It seems like you have not slept for a second!" Seno said in a state of shock.

"Oh yeah, doesn't matter," said Inna while yawning.

"Alright now keep these books aside I need to tell you something, I fought with Neo last night at her brother's birthday party she acted so weird I mean she was so rude, I just asked her that where she was after the last exam we had, and she started yelling at me, her attitude did not hurt me, the thing is that she is hiding something from us", Seno explained.

"Hmmmm I see, what can I say, that's something between you and Neo."

Inna replied with hesitation and her mind was still revising the question which she had read before the arrival of Seno.

"Do you really want me to think that we are linked in regard of studies only, we sit together just to memorize these papers, we are friends just because we need help in our studies? Don't your care about other things? Our feelings, emotions, problems? Do you know how did I spend the whole night thinking about Neo, thinking about our friendship? How can you be so selfish Inna? We need to do something with this! We need to get her to the right track! We are her friends Inna! For God sake come out of these books! There are so much other things to worry about", Seno found herself shouting.

Inna watched her with her mouth opened. She had never seen Seno in this furious mood.

"But what can I do Seno? I am new with you both, I don't know anything about you and Neo", Inna reasoned.

"At least you can help me." Seno said with hope.

"Ok what do you want me to do?" Inna asked.

"We'd have to check up on her, like where she goes, with whom she…."

"Are you crazy? Do I look like some kind of enquiry officer? What if Neo gets to know that we are spying her? She will kill us both!" Inna said before Seno could complete her sentence.

"And what about our exams? When are we going to study with all this spying, huh?" Inna added further.

"I know it is difficult but Neo comes first, our friendship comes first, right?" Seno asked.

Inna did not want to disappoint Seno. Inna could feel how sincere, faithful and honest Seno was with Neo.

"I wish Neo could know how lucky she is for having such a sincere friend",

Inna said with a loving smile.

Seno smiled and thought - I liked this green eyed girl -

"Now shall we start?" Inna asked.

"Yep! Let's start", Seno grinned.

And then the two of them were totally focused on their books. Seno was all passionate for her studies. She wanted to do something, something different, she wanted to show the world how much talent she has. Inna was also passionate about making her parents proud of her.

While conversing for long, Seno asked Inna,

"What's your aim?"

"Ummm I have never given it a thought", Inna said laughingly. In fact she lied, she thought if she would tell her about her dreams Seno would laugh out loud.

"Are you serious? You should start thinking about it, it is about your whole future, don't be so careless", Seno said.

"A writer or may be an editor", Inna wished.

And Seno wanted to be an artist - A designer, or a sculptor, or may be a….. Cartoonist or…. a graphic designer, Seno the most famous graphic designer- Seno whispered to herself. Seno was all absent minded starring at her notes holding a pencil in her hand, thinking about being a graphic designer. She started scratching pencil and her hand started illustrating a cartoon. Inna's attention was diverted towards her eye-catching illustration.

"Hey! You draw so well", Inna exclaimed.

"Ohh… its nothing have a look at this", Seno opened her bag and handed Inna her sketch book.

Inna opened it and was impressed by the sketches. Starting form a mother, a baby, even to a fetus, sketches were made awesome. Inna felt each and every mood in her sketches, anger, irritation, loneliness, love, hate, and happiness.

"You are so damn creative Seno. You should start doing something with your art. I mean you should put them on some kind of exhibition or an auction show enabling the world see how creative you are", Inna shouted with all excitement.

"Your right Inna, I must do something with these sketches", Seno said with full zest.

"I want to be a graphic designer", Seno said with hesitation.

"That is so good. You can Seno! You have the talent. You can do it", Inna encouraged her.

"Yes, I know I can. Now tell me what your dreams are?" Seno asked again. She knew that Inna had something revolving in her mind.

"A writer", Inna revealed. "Do you think I have the potential?" Inna asked.

"Of course you have, you idiot! Do you write? I mean do you have your own writings on any topic?" Seno asked as a reply.

"Yes I do", Inna said with half tongue out.

"I am going to kill you, you're a big pretender, you never told me. Let me have a look at them", Seno demanded desperately.

"Ohhh Really? Did you tell me about your all those dreams you have in your mind?" Inna replied and Seno only grinned. Then Inna took out a file and showed Seno her writings. Seno read them all. There were short stories, articles on Pakistan. They were really very interesting, Seno loved it.

"We both will do something innovative and artistic together", Inna just had a thought.

"Now let's get back to our studies, we have our exam tomorrow and look what we are doing? Planning future before having results", Seno said laughingly.

"Yeah, right", Inna replied. She kept that file safely in the cupboard and got back to her books. They both studied and made clear their concepts. They revised again and again. Mrs. Aliyah brought lunch for them in the room. Seno sniffed as she knew that Mrs. Aliyah had cooked Chinese.

"Aunty! How do you know that I love Chinese food?" Seno asked with her tummy empty.

"Just a thought." Mrs. Aliyah said with a smile.

They all laughed and finished the food with no mark of ketchup left on plate. Mrs. Aliyah had cooked Chicken Manchurian with Chinese rice. Seno enjoyed them a lot. She thanked Inna and her mother. She left for her home, thinking that how lucky she was having two friends, just like her sisters and two women, just like her mothers.


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