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FIRE in the BELLY - Desire that beats everything

Novel By: Hina Hazrat
Flash fiction

What happens when power of education leaves behind hot cashes, credit cards, and huge amount of money? What happens when gender inequality talks high?

As we go along with the journey, the story revolves within lives of three best friends, who were raised in different fluctuating environments. With the power of education Inna, a girl belonging to a mediocre family and Seno, who was unexpectedly born becoming victim of violence, turning results of ultrasound false, kissed the success, giving their rich friend Neo, a rich girl, a lesson of pushing herself against the power of money-gravity.

However, as life proceeds, more morals come in way!
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Results were declared. Inna got first position, Seno second and Neo was hardly just passed. Surprisingly, Neo was not worried, she had an expression which said - it's all fine dude.

"I told you that night to study but you were not serious, see your result, being a friend it was my duty to guide you to the correct path. Please don't spoil your parents trust. We have our final exams soon, will you make good preparation with us?" Inna asked in a friendly manner holding her report card as promised with Seno that they both together will be staying loyal with Neo and will be helping her study, finding next the real problem which is keeping her away from her studies.

"Yes I will", Neo replied in a way that she was so damn tired of these serial torturing lectures. "Do you need any help?" asked Inna. "I know you have many many queries in your mind regarding various equations in Physics. You can have my help any time you want", said Inna in a real friendly manner.

"No, I will make myself understand, Yahooo", said Neo with complete amusement.

"Ok, as you say", Inna replied and left for her home.

While she arrived home, she shouted, "Hey Mom, I got highest marks in the class". "Hardwork talks my daughter", replied her mother. "Yes, Mom it's all your support which gave me positive strength to work hard, I can't forget a single second you and Dad gave me love", Inna said while getting emotional.

She just saw her dad entering home, without waiting for him completely get entered home, she hugged him tight and in a very slow voice left few words in air, which said, "Dad, I love you a lot and I want to do something which cand high your neck. It was all your efforts, you drove me to school early in the morning, not letting me miss any class, and I am today with highest marks in the class dad. I feel so lucky that God has bestowed me with such amazing father. I felt so great when you smiled from inside after hearing about my results. Your smile and love is my driving force for success and achievement".

"Don't get me emotional child, common let's dine together, I am really hungry", replied her father, keeping all sentiments inside his heart. They both began their lunch and talked for hours while sitting on same chairs.

"Dad, my teacher has given me a chance to write for school's yearly magazine. I am given a topic on Earth Day to write on", said Inna with a grin.

"That's amazing, I know you will do amazing in it", replied her dad.

"Dad, but what should I write, I know I am a good writer but I need your help", asked Inna followed by a wink

"I know you are a good writer and that's the reason I make you write my office work", grinned her father.

"It's fun plus learning working with you Dad", replied Inna.

"Well, I have a plan for this year, which I won't be sharing right not. Let it be a secret for a while", said her father.

"I love secrets, let it be a secret then", said Inna.

Inna continued, "Dad, Dad, but a secret for a small time".

The conversation was over, when Inna's Mom shouted from the kitchen, asking Inna to help her in some work. Inna, her father and mother remained busy all the day long with domestic work. Finall night over took the sky. Inna had big butterflies in her tummy bouncing here and there all the way round. "I want to know the secret, Dad", Inna asked while yawning.

"Check out my bag", replied her father.

Inna took huge steps to the place where her father's bag was lying. She bent herself down and opened the bad. Her mouth opened wide, for couple of minutes and eyes filled with joy. She quickly went back to the room where her parents were sitting. She hopped and asked her dad excitedly, "Is it true?"

"Yes, of course", yawned his dad.

"I can't imagine my summer holidays are going to be real fun", said Inna.

"Now, imagine that", yawned her dad.

"Ha-ha that was funy dad", replied Inna.

"Stop hopping, tiles will be scratched", said her father.

"That was even too funnier", replied Inna and hopped with even faster pace.

Inna continued, "I can't imagine this surprise dad!".

"This is not just for you, it is for my wife too", said her dad.

"Ha-ha, dad", replied Inna.


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