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FIRE in the BELLY - Desire that beats everything

Novel By: Hina Hazrat
Flash fiction

What happens when power of education leaves behind hot cashes, credit cards, and huge amount of money? What happens when gender inequality talks high?

As we go along with the journey, the story revolves within lives of three best friends, who were raised in different fluctuating environments. With the power of education Inna, a girl belonging to a mediocre family and Seno, who was unexpectedly born becoming victim of violence, turning results of ultrasound false, kissed the success, giving their rich friend Neo, a rich girl, a lesson of pushing herself against the power of money-gravity.

However, as life proceeds, more morals come in way!
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Submitted:Jan 29, 2013    Reads: 26    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

When the journey of summer vacations turned out to be a real achievement for Seno and Inna, it appeared to be devastating for Neo, as she kept herself busy with random friends and in parties, breathing luxuries every second. Neo had immense talent in her, but extra love and too much luxurious life where she swimmed in golds, had ruined her.

Right after Inna and Seno were back to their homes, they called Neo to join them. But Neo seemed to had moved her ears. After a very long time, Neo arrived and joined the conversation. She started telling about the fun, parties, the money she spent on calls, made Inna and Seno woke up. They asked her a lot to please stop such activities and assigned her a task of contributing some efforts in making the book which they planned. For Neo, this book idea was a trash, she laughed badly when she heard from Inna, the idea of book. Her mouth was opened so big that the charcoal filled tooth appeard so prominent in mouth. This attitude made Inna burnt with embarrassment and her cheeks turned red, with three pimples on forehead jammed with clotted blood.

The day went with all such harsh and bitter conversations, just in 30 days when Inna and Seno were remained so focused with their future plans, Seno seemed to be neglected from studies. In final results, as predicted, Inna secured highest, Seno secured good marks and Neo was just passed.

Right after when they three were coming outside from their class holding report cards in hands, Inna suddenly had a glance over Red Marked Announcement on softboard. Inna's attention grapped Seno's and Neo's eyes towards the notice. It was an announcement for a scholarship to study abroad for a year at world's leading school. It was an exchange program, with one seat for self finance student. Inna and Seno applied instantly by going to the student affairs office. Neo was not eligible to apply for the scholarship due to her low grades.

After a tough process of selection, the two candidates selected for the scholarship were none other than Inna and Seno, who smartly helped each other in getting through the process successfully with hands ready to help each other at every moment. The idea of book turned out to be a real surprise for the selection committee when they saw such incredible efforts live in front of them in the form of book, which was partially completed. The selection committee found Inna and Seno, an excellent combination of talent and hard work who will be giving a good name to the school while studying abroad. The mystery occurred, when Neo decided to took place on self finance basis, and again the time came when money played it's power and Neo entered the same school where Inna and Neo were registered on scholarship. While on fligt, Neo fastened her belt proudly giving a message that money talks. It was not so surprising for Inna and Seno who were seeing such arrogant behavior of Neo who entered the process with the power of money, by paying a huge amount for a year.

They were welcomed by the new school, Inna and Seno were happy seeing such warm welcome by the school management, hostel management and students. Neo was not giving them a smile back, so arrogant!

Even in school, Neo never left her activities, and many students complained about her behaviour and frequent absents from classes. While Neo, was busy with her activities. Inna and Seno were planning to build an online website for the world to see the art of both talents young girls. They decided to put their writings and sketches on the website making their art accessible for the world to see and get inspired. It was no longer that the school announced, "International Contest - Recognizing Art" for the students worldwide. And luckily before the deadline of submission, the artistic website featuring creativity, innovation and unique expertise of two young girls was live before world. They made the submission, and asked Neo too, to enter in, but she seemed really not interested. The amalgamation of Inna's writings and Seno's paintings, sketches and drawings were completely mesmerizing for the world. Out of over 1200 submissions entered from students worldwide from 122 countries, the website of Inna and Seno stood the winner of all. And the school, planned to organize an event for them in the school's largest audience, invited their parents and provided them tickets and sponsored their journey, after hearing that they were not able to pay for their own. When the news stroke the media of Pakistan, that two young girls have won an International Award recognition their Art, they became a young celebrities in Pakistan and of course abroad. Their families were so happy and excited seeing their young stars shining globally. Neo's parents tried a lot to join their neighbors in their journey but they failed as the school replied with no to help them in any way. Seno's father was silent in his journey, because the daughter whom he had been thinking as a matter of disgrace for him, was the one who made him sat on aeroplane for the first time and she was the reason which was made him, a celebrity. He was not able to stop his heart cursing his hands which had beaten Seno badly. While Mr. Gohar was thinking, Gohar stroke his fist in his belly and said, "Hey, have some food". Seno became the reason for his father to sat again with his near and dear friend Mr. Gohar after so many years. Inna's this global achievement had made his father feel proud and he forgot his all miseries and pains.

Upon their arrival at the school after a long jounrney of 36 hours, they were treated so beautifully that tears fell down their eyes. They entered on the red carpet and were not able to digest the level of happiness in their hearts seeing their daughters sitting on golden chair infront. Soon the ceremony began, and a series of announcements, different sessions by international speakers started. The winners were announces in public, and Inna and Seno were asked to come on stage to receive their trophies. When Inna and Seno were given so much love by the people all around the world, Neo felt something missing while sitting at the back in the audience, missing her parents who just lived in the neighborhood of the winners. Inna began her speech which highlighted the importance of a relationship between parents and child in grooming the child's personality. She said, upon which the corners of the auditorium broke with the voice of clappings, "There is no alternate of parents in this world - RESPECT THEM". She further added, "If a child is not able to find real love from parents, the child then tries to seek the love and affection in some other company, which unfortunatey if is bad, will affect the child, of course badly. I have seen my own friend working so hard for studies, but since the love from parents was not there, it killed her emotions and she remained frustrated even in school. It killed her emotions, it killed her emotions….". After when Inna ended her speech, Seno took the mic while shivering, "From where should I start, and from where should I end. My hands palpitate when I say something. Well, now I am okay and now I will speak my heart. My mother was tortured when I was born, because I was a girl. The question which kept my mother in dark for years was, why was I a girl? Why? And she had no answer! There my journey began. I captured every torturous moment as a piece of art and turned them with my hands as a memory. I thank my father for everything he did for me. I thank my mother for giving me a gift, whom I call life!" Her jargons remained in her throat and she left the speech incomplete as emotions over took his mind completely. Mr. Gohar was touched by her words, and was not able to look up with his eyes over Seno. He felt proud from inside. His feet had some natural energy, he ran over the red carpet towards stage, stepped up the stairs, and hugges Seno tightly, and whispered, "Fogive me". The ceremony was over with beautiful messages which world remembered for long.

Neo sitting in the corner at the back, when saw such an international award in hands of her friends, who had asked her to utilize her talent, was just cursing for not using her time constructively. It was a lesson she learned, that talent talks. She promised to herself in deep voice, "Now I will be pushing myself away against the powerful force of money gravity".


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