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FIRE in the BELLY - Desire that beats everything

Novel By: Hina Hazrat
Flash fiction

What happens when power of education leaves behind hot cashes, credit cards, and huge amount of money? What happens when gender inequality talks high?

As we go along with the journey, the story revolves within lives of three best friends, who were raised in different fluctuating environments. With the power of education Inna, a girl belonging to a mediocre family and Seno, who was unexpectedly born becoming victim of violence, turning results of ultrasound false, kissed the success, giving their rich friend Neo, a rich girl, a lesson of pushing herself against the power of money-gravity.

However, as life proceeds, more morals come in way!
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Submitted:Jan 3, 2013    Reads: 24    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Good news just stroke the walls of Mr. Gohar's home. The beauty of spring season was all at peak. Buds were turning into beautiful yet exotic flowers. Mr. Gohar's funny attitude and smiling face was filled with glitters, as he was expecting to be a father of a male child after 5 daughters, which for him was a matter of pride and honor. Everyday in the morning, he began his day by having a quick glance at ultrasound results which expected birth of a male child. Time for celebration was coming closer and closer. Lungs were inhaling fresh oxygen. Heart was not able to tolerate infinite happiness, and was laughing continuously. Mr. Gohar had spent whole day in the hospital, with ears errect, and open, competely clean from all cerumen, so that nothing can be an obstacle in the way of hearing the most awaited good news.

The cry of the baby was heard. He jumped high in the sky. His hands were in air. The nurse stepped out and said, "Congratulations". He was jumping, jumping, ignoring the powerful force of gravity! Even gravity could not control him and left his happiness in air for minutes!

The nurse continues, "Congratulations again, you are a father of a cute baby girl".

He forced gravity leave him, and stood straight, and asked, "Are you joking?, the ultrasound results were expecting a baby boy".

"It was expected, and sometimes results fail", replied nurse.

All the good attitude, healthy nature, positive thinking which all had been possessed by him were dead in just a blink of an eye after hearing the news.

He carried all negative gesture, and drove the car to the home with wife, treating her like a baby producing machine, not thinking of the pain she just went through!

Right after stepping in the home, he looked at the newly born baby and said with all angriness,

"Unlucky me! Above all, unlucky my wife, this unlucky daughter and unlucky day. I always demanded and prayed for a son, but received 6th girl in return. Huh!"

His wife ignored his words. But still the words were piercing her heart. Mr. Gohar was cursing the baby girl, born under his father ship. He was not even liking the guests, who were coming to greet him. He was not giving even a smile to them. Though he was receiving them respectfully, as he had to do that to sustain his social life but from inside he was feeling so unlucky and was cursing himself again and again.

Mr. Gohar was an aircraft engineer by profession. He thought of himself an unlucky person in the whole world as according to him he had no son to look after him at his old age. Despite being blessed with several blessings, a wonderful life and a wonderful wife plus healthy beautiful daughters, cursing for not having a son was the usual act he had been doing.

There was a feeling of hatred for this newly born baby inside his heart.

"Common stop cursing your daughter instead thank God, we never know the mystery behind God's decision," said the baby's mother; Zahra, with a grin, holding Mr. Gohar's left hand tightly, making him feel that he had a person to stand by with.

"No! I'm un lucky," said her husband, leaving her hand in air.

"No, Don't call yourself unlucky, you are blessed, see the luxuries, see the blessings the uncountable blessings! Don't demoralize, discourage or curse your daughter, you will see one day she will make us proud, she will make your neck elevated high! Don't curse her and our other daughters too," said his wife with sobbing eyes.

"I want a boy! Can you listen? I want a boy! A boy! This day in very unlucky, seriously unlucky," replied Mr. Gohar with pressured eyes tough and rigid talking style.

Zahra controlled her temper and did not say a single harsh word, instead was relaxed.

No party was arranged for the baby girl. Instead Gohar slept without dinning with his family. After a rest of some hours, a lot of tension was released. He left for his office with empty stomach. And did his breakfast at office with his friends.

"Aren't you feeling well Gohar? There is a lot of tension in your face," said one of his old mates while dinning.

"No, I am okay," replied Gohar with a fake smile. He passed his office timings and got back to home, not even asking about the baby, he left for his bedroom and started watching TV. This attitude irritated Zahra, but she was helpless, she was not able to do a bit, she was all dependent on her husband for bread and butter. Hence, she had to bear his harsh words which were truly killing her from inside.

Zahra was taking care of the girl; named Seno, as a great mother, keeping care of her cleanliness and her nourishment.

Mr. Gohar considered a boy; a sign of pride, a sign of high head, a sign of prosperity, a sign of perpetual continuation of heritage. And seeing girls and girls all round the corner of house were making him depressed and congested.

The girl was neglected by her father, which was truly affecting her psychology. And in years of rapid growth she was feeling something missing in her life.


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