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FIRE in the BELLY - Desire that beats everything

Novel By: Hina Hazrat
Flash fiction

What happens when power of education leaves behind hot cashes, credit cards, and huge amount of money? What happens when gender inequality talks high?

As we go along with the journey, the story revolves within lives of three best friends, who were raised in different fluctuating environments. With the power of education Inna, a girl belonging to a mediocre family and Seno, who was unexpectedly born becoming victim of violence, turning results of ultrasound false, kissed the success, giving their rich friend Neo, a rich girl, a lesson of pushing herself against the power of money-gravity.

However, as life proceeds, more morals come in way!
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Seno and Neo were brought up together. Since they were neighbors, they came at each others places, shared their thoughts, learning, friendships. They themselves were involved in several social activities as they lived in a community where people lived together - in short they were united under single plea. Things being cooked in one's kitchen were sensed by the other. This interlinked society had given Seno and Neo a great chance of several self discovery, self grooming opportunities and a chance to make links.

Seno was a medium heighten girl with short bouncy hair, with huge attractive brown eyes, a beautiful straight nose and a nice up cut. She has turned a very innovative, creative and amazingly intelligent nice young girl, but the negligence and discouragement extended by her father was something which can be seen by Seno's eyes. Though she was active in her school activities but the non-supportive behavior of her father towards her was killing her inside. Her mother supported her a lot in every step but was not present with her physically. She was sent to village by her father when Seno turned nine year old, with her 5 daughters, leaving Seno with her father. Seno was an intelligent child, her mother decided to leave her in city with her father for continuing her education. Seno used to contact her on phone and gave her all moral support which was supposed to be given by mother to her daughter. Seno and Neo turned best friends later in life, and their families' best neighbors.

And now here come Neo, let's start from her shoes. A brand new pair of pink high heels which she thinks looks hot! Her father has spoiled such a big deal of money on her shoes so that she could look longer and taller in front of her company. She had small pinkish hands with huge shinny nails which had always wore some nail color; she always wore nail polish and make-up. And her hair, she had long straight hair, a whitish attractive flawless skin.

Neo was a true brat; she was giving extra love, extra affection, extra care, extra support, extra luxuries and extra money.

She was not supposed to take permission before going anywhere, she just needed to call her private driver and then fly where ever she wanted.

At school she was the naughtiest one. She loved bunking classes, loved making random friends, loved texting and making phone calls all day long, loved using internet all night long.

Manicuring and pedicure was something for which she has to take time out every weekend. She was self-obsessive, possessive person. The extra love extended by her family had truly spoilt her. She was a pampered child. She was an utter spoilt brat but things taught her to b good later.

Neo's father admitted her to a medium school, as she herself had lack of interest in studies and her father never gave importance to her education, instead he was much concerned about fulfilling her demands. One main reason of admitting her in public high school was that, she had her friend Seno admitted there. Neo was such a lazy person that Seno had to come early in the morning to wake her up for the school then they both used to leave for the school together.

Seno started loving her dear friend Neo as time passed by because she got the pleasure at Neo's home which she found missing at her own home. Therefore she started spending her leisure time in Neo's home and soon Neo's friendship influenced her badly. She started getting indulged in Neo's friend circle. But with that she never ignored her studies.

One day Seno came early at Neo's home, she had to come early because she had to wear make-up before leaving for school, Seno at first did not like cosmetics but the influence turned powerful and it's been few days that she herself started wearing make-up.

On results day, Seno was super-excited. One the contrary Neo was badly cursing as this day had come and she expected herself getting failed in exam as usual. This was something very usual for her. By the time they were leaving for result; Neo shouted,

"Dad! Please do come to get my results, I know I have flunked a lot of subjects but please do the formality."

"Okay! I will come," said Bhamani with a confused face. She laughed showing her non-serious attitude, drew her legs in car, fixed her belt and flew with Seno.

Seno called her father on way, "Dad please come to collect my result."

"I will try," he said and hung up. She did not reveal the pain on her face instead yelled, "Drive fast!" fixing her all pain inside.

They arrived at their school. Took their classes and left for lunch.

In class they noticed a new comer; it seemed to them as she had transferred herself from some other school. Neo and Seno both were looking at her and thus saw her proceeding towards them. She asked them with a grin on her face "Hey, can I sit with you people? If you don't mind",

Neo replied, "Sure, why not? You can have my seat." The girl smiled and sat down - but what was this! She met not the chair but the solid ground.

Everybody started laughing. She quickly waved her dress. "Neo likes to make fun and tease people, I am sorry on her behalf," apologized Seno and pinched Neo to say sorry but Neo shrugged. "Its alright, I don't mind these small happenings," replied the girl and as soon as the girl smiled her green bright eyes grabbed Neo's attention.

They soon left for their class; their teacher praised Seno and said, "The diagrams are amazingly made by Seno in all over class." Seno nodded and didn't reply.

School was being crammed by parents; some parents were coming excitedly and some with frowning faces marching out of the school. Seno lifted herself above her toes to see if her father had arrived. But there was no sign. Neo was asked to go in for her results along with her father.

"I am sorry Mr. Bhamani your kid is failed she has to strive hard for finals,"

the teacher said. Neo frowned badly, turned her nose to the left side, made her punch by tightening her fist, fixed it in her left hand, Mr. Bhamani said, "Thank you so very much!"

Neo's father was embarrassed a little but then he said to the teacher, "Will you please call Seno?"

As he had something to say. Seno came in. Bhamani asked Seno if her father was coming but the expression on Seno's face answered him a big no. "No problem my child I will take your result" said Mr. Bhamani lovingly. He asked the teacher if he could receive Seno's result and the teacher handed him her result. Mr. Bhamani hugged Seno tightly as she had scored highest marks in exams." You deserve a treat my daughter." Mr. Bhamani said encouragingly. Seno smiled and wished that her father could have been here.

They all sat at their positions and left for home. On the way, Seno's feet were dancing, her lungs and her nerves everything were taking in oxygen to the immense level. She went straight to home waited tirelessly for her father to come and was counting every single minute.

Her father entered, she made him drink water, cleaned his shoes and arranged the dinning table and said "Dad you are forgetting to ask something! You didn't come to receive what I told you in the morning."

"Yes I was busy all the day," replied her father. "But you can ask now about my result."

Seno said with a sweet smile.

Her father never replied and went to his bed.

Seno started crying badly and missed her mother. This was something which was destroying her inside and just because of this she was looking for pleasure in Neo's friendship. Neo's father hugged her, whereas her own Father excused her. Neo made her happy, whereas she was isolated at her own home.

Seno took out her cell phone and sent a text message to Neo- "Are you awake?" after a moment she got a reply - "Nop!" Seno replied -"Trouble sleeping?" Neo replied "Was just talking to an old chum." And the chatting went on…….


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