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FIRE in the BELLY - Desire that beats everything

Novel By: Hina Hazrat
Flash fiction

What happens when power of education leaves behind hot cashes, credit cards, and huge amount of money? What happens when gender inequality talks high?

As we go along with the journey, the story revolves within lives of three best friends, who were raised in different fluctuating environments. With the power of education Inna, a girl belonging to a mediocre family and Seno, who was unexpectedly born becoming victim of violence, turning results of ultrasound false, kissed the success, giving their rich friend Neo, a rich girl, a lesson of pushing herself against the power of money-gravity.

However, as life proceeds, more morals come in way!
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After a week, their friendship started growing stronger and stronger, much closer and closer. Inna was a complete nerd, a very studious girl. A girl of wisdom, a girl who was aware of ethical values of her family. Inna was given a medium, a required love and affection from her parents. She had long curly hair, she was tall just like her father; Mr. Khan. She was the girl for whom her parents were proud of. Her parents were always encouraging her for not only her studies but also for her extra curricular activities. Her father always asked her about her school, her aims, and activities and about her time she spends in her school. Her father was very much concerned about her education. Inna always wanted to be a writer but becoming a biologist was her mother's dream. She always linked herself with the daily researches on science and technology. She loved broadening her intellectuality, her knowledge and what she loved most was writing about every point that stroke her mind. She was enrolled in the same school where Neo and Seno were already studying. Inna was giving tough competition to Seno. She was also helping her and Neo in their studies without getting jealous and never considered them her competitors. Her mother had always taught her to help everyone who came in her way for help. One day, the three of the girls were at Inna's place. They had their exam the next day. As their friendship had started getting stronger, they used to sit together for their studies. They also shared their thoughts, aims, likes and dislikes with each other, something which usually friends do. Inna and Seno were talking whereas Neo was busy with her phone. Neo's one ear was entangled by an earphone with radio on and at the same time she was sending text messages to her random friends. "Neo! Stop it, you have your exam tomorrow." Inna said. "Yeah I know you both look like some caterpillars, completely focusing on this boring book can't you take your eyes off it? Anyways carry on with your studies I will go and get some potato snacks for myself." Neo said and left the room. Potato snacks were something Neo was crazy for. She used to crack a joke by saying, "Seno, I wish I could marry that guy who sells potato snacks". And Seno would laugh out loud on it. "But your father has left you here to study. He must be thinking that you are studying here, making your future but look what are you with?" Inna said in a louder tone so that Neo could hear properly as she was in kitchen. "I don't want any lectures. And I don't like extra advices, did you get that?" Neo yelled out of kitchen. "But what if you get fewer marks? Your father would be blaming me as I have told him that I will make you study and we three will study together." Inna reasoned. "Alright! Here is the book and I am studying! Look it's in my hand is it fine? "Now stop staring at me," Neo replied to cease the argument holding the book in her hand. Inna tried her level best to make her study but her every effort was useless. It seemed that her attention was somewhere else, however her eyes were duly on paper. Neo was just aimlessly zapping between the pages. "I would see-indeed I would see clearly that although your eyes are on the notes but your attention is somewhere else." Inna said suspiciously. "My attention? It's in book." Neo seemed little afraid but confident at the same time. Time passed and the morning sun rose above the horizon. And the two of them were still the same. They had a lot of coffee cups, books, notes and pencils messed in front of them and a lot of questions and answers in their minds were bouncing here and there. They also had fear, fear of getting failed or fear of forgetting the answers which they had memorized. But, Neo seemed no afraid. Indeed was busy with her make up, hip hop hair do's whereas Inna was tightening her braid and Seno just brushed her hair a bit as she loved her hair messy. Neo and Seno had brought their school uniforms with them so that they could get ready at Inna's place to save the time and get to school together but Neo's smart brain was planning a master step. Neo got ready at Inna's place but left earlier without having breakfast. "I am leaving for my home; I will join you both in exam premises," Neo excused. "Our plan was to go together, what's the rush? Why are you leaving like this?" Seno said. "No, I have something to deal with. I am sorry. I am in a hurry. Catch you later, all the best with your paper." Neo left without waiting for Seno to say a single word. "Sometimes she behaves so weird and talks absurd." Seno told Inna. "Leave it let's eat something I can only feel hot coffee in my tummy." Inna cracked a joke. They both had their breakfast. Inna asked Seno to revise the answers loudly so that she could listen the words too. Inna's father dropped the two girls at school and he greeted them with good wishes and left for his office. They entered the examination hall. They looked for their roll numbers. They were sitting perpendicular to each other. Invigilators distributed the sheets among students. Seno looked at the door for Neo. But neo was not there. Seno prayed and opened her sheet and started writing. Inna was going through the questions she read the whole paper and she also looked for Neo meanwhile. It was 15 minutes passed until exam was started and still Neo was missing in the exam premises. Inna started her exam with a confusion that where is Neo still? After half an hour Neo entered the room with a smile, excused the invigilator, "My tire got punctured and we took it to the mechanic in order to fix it and I had to take lift so that I might not miss the exam. This is the reason I am late. Will you please give me the permission to give my exam?" The innocence of Neo appealed the teacher and she permitted her. Neo sat down, looked at the paper wrote what ever she knew. Neo with high and strong spirit finished the paper before the allocated time and left the hall. Inna looked at her and thought may be she had made preparations a lot without letting them know therefore she did it first. As for Inna this was her first exam with Neo and Seno - a first experience at that school. Seno and Inna ended the paper and marched out of the hall. They looked for Neo but found her nowhere. They checked the washrooms and other classes but had not find her in any corner. They tried to call her but her phone was switched off. Than they left for home as they had to tell her about the next paper's preparation. On the way, in the public bus Inna and Seno shared a great company. Inna got attached to the words of Seno; she loved her moves and the way she talked was attracting Seno a lot. Inna could feel a depth in Seno's eyes, she was attracted to her. Same was the case with Seno, she was deeply noticing Inna and she felt that their thinking was so much same. Inna knew about Seno's life, her family, and about Neo that she is a daughter of a wealthy business-man. "Neo never go around showing off her money and her stuff and that is what I like about her," Seno praised Neo. Inna smiled and thought that Seno is one with whom she passed a great time and they both made a good company. With all conversations going on, the question which was still buzzing in Inna's and Seno's mind was, where is Neo still? Nobody knew where she had been. Not even her parents who were busy with making guests list for their son's birthday party.


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