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FIRE in the BELLY - Desire that beats everything

Novel By: Hina Hazrat
Flash fiction

What happens when power of education leaves behind hot cashes, credit cards, and huge amount of money? What happens when gender inequality talks high?

As we go along with the journey, the story revolves within lives of three best friends, who were raised in different fluctuating environments. With the power of education Inna, a girl belonging to a mediocre family and Seno, who was unexpectedly born becoming victim of violence, turning results of ultrasound false, kissed the success, giving their rich friend Neo, a rich girl, a lesson of pushing herself against the power of money-gravity.

However, as life proceeds, more morals come in way!
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Submitted:Jan 27, 2013    Reads: 10    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Mr. Gohar's words were piercing the heart of Seno. Since, the time of birthday party of Neo's brother was so near, the excitement in heart of Seno was growing up and up.

The level of hate which Seno was receiving from her father, affected her studies, though she was good at it. She always tried to convince her father that she can do something worth watch, she can do something innovative in days ahead but her father used to say, " You are just an another ordinary girl just like your other sisters". These words were still running in her mind. She passed her whole day thinking about her life, her family, her future, her aims her goals. Her father was busy watching TV. And then when he turned hungry he ate his lunch; Seno had boiled some rice and cooked chicken with some gravy and also put salad on the table. He ate it all without even extending a smile.

"Get me a water bottle from fridge this one is not chilled, I want chilled water and take off those heels there tic-tac voice is piercing my ears," said her father with all aggressiveness.

"Sorry, Dad", replied Seno in an innocent tone and took of her heels aside like a nice and obedient daughter and she asked,

"Dad, may I ask you something?" Mr. Gohar nodded.

"Tomorrow is Neo's brother's birthday. May I go? I won't go unless I won't have your prompt permission", she asked softly.

"You can go," his father replied, then left for his bedroom and fell asleep.

Seno felt bad but she did not cry, it had been 18 years with her father and she was used to it. She was now strong. Not a single word affected her in fact she missed her friends she thought about Neo, about the enjoyment and happiness which she received from Neo and then she thought about Inna who was currently busy with exams preparation. Seno thought about sharing her happening with Inna, which had definitely released her stress to a great extent but when Seno called her Inna to join in the party, she refused as she was serious with her studies and needed time to prepare herself for exams. "Come over here Seno we will study together, when you are free", was the message Inna left on Seno's phone. Seno was craving for a funny and excited company because her own home was haunting her, she was so sick of her life sitting with dumb walls and it was even more paining her- living with a father who always discouraged her, she was sick of those old statements, "Your just an another ordinary girl, you can do nothing, nothing, nothing……". And the fire started burning in her belly which her father had ignited it. "You will see what I can do and what I will do, I will show you the daughter power dad, one day I will show you", Seno was speaking to herself. On the other hand Neo's jokes, random talks and funny company was attracting her, the pleasure with Neo was not allowing her to make her dreams come true, to show her father that she will do something creative. Seno was enjoying so much with Neo that she forgot what she had promised with herself.

"No Inna, I am not feeling like studying I am going at Neo's place. Take care." Seno replied to Inna's message.

She spent her whole day at Neo's home, had her lunch and dinner and spent sometime talking to to Mrs. Rachna. Seno loved talking with her, she loved looking at her. After all Mrs. Rachna was such a sophisticated mother with long silky hair till her waist. She was always wearing a gold chain in her neck, a white gold ring with a ruby in it. She had manicured nails just like Neo. Seno was looking at her and thought about her mother what if her mother had maintained herself and dressed up like Neo's mother, she imagined her mother looking so pretty and gorgeous in her mind.

"Hello! You lost?" Neo waved her hand in front of Seno's face.

'Oh… umm.. Where is mother? I mean your mom? She left?" Seno said with a shock.

"It has been 15 minutes mum left for make over, what are you thinking exactly?" Neo was suspicious.

"Don't worry! I am not making any plan to capture your cool mother", Seno giggled.

"I know, but I think you're making plan to sleep over here at my home tonight", Neo said with all excitement.

"What? Darn it! Its 9: 30 I have to get back to home", Seno said while looking at the pendulum which was hanging on the wall in Mr. Bhamani's living room.

"Oh please no, stay at my home tonight we will have fun", Neo said with her half tongue out.

"No way dad is going to kill me", Seno said with horror on her face. "Oh yes I know he will. You are already late it is better to stay here may be he will be cool till morning", Neo said laughingly.

"Shut up!" Seno said and rushed out of her home. When Seno arrived home her dad was already sleeping. Seno quietly entered her home, closed the door and tip-toed to her bedroom and fell asleep thinking about Neo's loving family and Neo's glamorous life and then she thought of something she had forgotten. The same question, "Where Neo had been that exam day?" was flashing in her mind again and again, though a week had already gone, after it happened.

"I will ask her tomorrow at the party", Seno murmured, thought and drifted off.


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