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Bhairavi's Beautiful Demise

Novel By: ListenToTheWind
Flash fiction

Darkness. Imprisonment. Despair. These things are all Bhairavi has ever known. The gift she was cursed with has caused her nothing but pain and suffering. She wants nothing more but to be free. Sasori is torn between doing what he knows is right and setting the caged bird free or continue on as he was and throwing away the key. To everyone else Bhairavi is merely a girl with an incredible gift and sad eyes, but to him, she is much more. View table of contents...


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The Heaven's Grief and Bhairavi's Despair

Bhairavi stayed silent the rest of the way. Hidan's comment had struck home finally making Bhairavi realize that she wasn't just walking with two travlers, she was in the presence of two murderers.

Suddenly the two men stopped and Hidan lazily glanced over to his left. Curious as to what the two men saw Bhairavi strained her eyes to catch a glimpse at what they were staring at. Much to her frustration her view was blocked by endless tree foilage which led her to believe that Hidan and Kakuzu weren't seeing anything, they were sensing something.

Before Bhairavi could blink a kunai knife went sailing throught the trees with a loud distinct cling and if it weren't for the glint it made in the sunlight, Bhairavi would never have seen it. It was Hidan who had sent the knife flying and it was Hidan who smirked in contempt as a man fell with a loud clunk as he made contact with the forest floor.

Lazily Hidan took a step closer and curious to see who the man was Bhairavi did the same. He didn't look like anything special, his hair was matted with grease and dirt and his grey eyes cloaded over with fear at the approaching man. His hand clutched at the kunai which was embedded in his arm and Bhairavi could see the blood spilling out between his fingers and staining his blue cotton shirt. She didn't see a headband on him so she figured he must not have been a ninja. That made him no threat right? so why had Hidan thrown that kunai?

"P-please I-I-I'm just p-passing t-through." the man whimpered trying to propel himself farther away from Hidan. All doubts that this man was a threat was erased, he didn't look anything but terrified. Bhairavi had a gift for telling whether or not someone was lying and she saw nothing but honesty in the mans wide fearful eyes. She was confident Hidan would not slay this man, he had no reason to.

Bhairavi believed that there was good in everyone no matter what the deeds they had done and the crimes they had committed. There was always at least something good in them. But she miscalculated. She forgot that Hidan wasn't just any criminal, he was a murderer and while he didn't have a reason to kill the man before them, he didn't need one.

With deliberately slow and calculated movements Hidan produced another kunai knife and looked at it as if inspecting it for dirt. Bhairavi suddenly knew what he was doing, he was allowing as much terror as possible to sink in the man's heart before he plunged the knife into it, and thats just what Hidan did. In one swift movement he sent the kunai knife flying, and never once losing that satisfied smirk or letting it falter, he watched in contempt as it slammed into its target forever stopping its furious beating.

For Bhairavi, time seemed to stop. She watched with innocent eyes opened wide as the man slumped forward unmoving. A fast furious humming echoed in her head slowly growing louder and louder until finally she could take it no more, she opened her mouth and screamed. Not so much a scream but a wailing sound. She hadn't known the man but it was as if something in her heart had known him. It ached and clenched painfully and it felt like something inside of her was breaking and shattering into a million pieces.

She wailed again and again placing the palms of her hands against her ears to stop that awful noise she was hearing. voices in the wind seemed to whisper to her, incoherant things but she wanted them to stop. They made her hurt more. Unnoticed by the tormented girl, the flowers and grass beneath her feet withered and died turning brown and crisp and then crumbling away to swirl with the wind that whispered secrets to her. Secrets she should not have known.

She didn't know it but she wasn't just wailing and screaming sounds, she was forming words.


"Keep her safe!"

"My Grace is five!"

"Dont let her mother take her."

Hidan and Kakuzu had never seen anything like it. Hidan knew when he killed the man that she would have a strong reaction, maybe even cry but never [i]this[/i] she was going insane! Kakuzu knew she needed to be stopped, the forest around her was growing brown and dying as if they too wept for the girl's despair. Not wasting any more time Kakuzu appeared behind Bhairavi and with one quick movement, he slammed his palm into the back of her neck causing her to slump forward and finally become silent.

As he hefted her over his shoulder and began moving again, a few drops of water struck his face causing him to look up in surprise. Rain cloads that hadn't been there before were now every where overhead swollen with water and threatening to dump its contents out on the two criminals and the unconcious girl.

Picking up the pace, Kakuzu and Hidan began walking once more but they didn't escape the sky's grief as it poured down the bitter tears of the heavens upon their heads. The cascading water seemed to calm the troubled girl who even unconcious was mentally grieving the loss of the man's life. She stopped her twitching and the water smoothed away her despair. If anything, it was like it was sharing the burden of her grief.

Never before had the two criminals who had murdered countless times and caused people to witness such horrid events seen such a strong reaction to a murder. while Kakuzu seemed calm and collected about the whole fiasco, Hidan however was unnerved. He was immortal yet somehow he found himself fearing the girl a tiny bit as ridiculous as that may seem. That fear would soon bloom into a deep hatred.

Unlike Kakuzu who had watched from a distance and listened to the girl wail what seemed to be nonesense, Hidan had heard one word escape the dying mans lips just before he slumped forward and just after Bhairavi stopped listening. That word was 'Grace.'


When Bhairavi opened her eyes she was still slung over Kakuzu's shoulder but they were no longer in the forest. They were making their way down a long dark corridor lit by a few torches casting menacing shadows. The air was cold and dank and Bhairavi shivered but not from the cold, there was a dark and menacing aura about the place that sent waves of fear crawling up her spine and paralizing her with terror. The evil that seemed to be soaked into the stone surrounding them appeared to affect Hidan and Kakuzu as well seemingly making them colder and more hatefilled. Kakuzu's hold on her seemed tighter and Hidan's angry glare on her heavier. Her world seemed to have grown darker.

She momentarily forgot all about the man who had met a cruel fate in the forest for she had bigger problems of her own. She wished she had been awake to see the sunlight one last time for she had a feeling she would never see it again. Not in this god forsaken place, and thats how it felt, as if God himself had deserted it. It was the devil's playground, and Bhairavi just happened to be the toy everyone was fighting over at the moment.

"Is that dinner Kakuzu?" came a voice ahead in the corridor. Bhairavi's eyes darted from side to side in search of the owner of the voice but he was no where to be seen. Just when she thought she was hearing things the wall to their right began quiver and to Bhairavi's horror a being materalized out of the wall!

That wasn't the most shocking part though. It was the being itself that caused Bhairavi to stiffen in fear. She wasn't even sure if it was human. The thing wore the same cloak that Hidan and Kakuzu wore but all similarities stopped there. She didn't know which was more frightening and monstrous, the giant venus flytrap sprouting from his neck and towering above his form, or the small head tucked inside holding a mop of green hair. His face was painted half black and half white and on the white half of his face his eye shone a faded gold, and on the black side of his face his eye shone a blinding yellow.

"You can't eat this one Zetsu." Hidan grumbled, "Not yet anyway." He said smirking as if thinking of his own private joke.

Bhairavi seemed to freeze again. Did he say eat?

"I'll be waiting then." the thing whispered and Bhairavi noted with horror that only half of his face spoke while the other stayed immobile. Just as quickly as he had come the thing named Zetsu materalized back into the wall and disappeared.

To say Bhairavi was scared was an understatement. She was terrified. Bhairavi was so caught up in her fear that she didn't notice Kakuzu reach the end of the corridor and stop before a large door with intricate designs of murder scenes and demons covering its surface. The knock brought her back to attention though, or really, the cold gruff voice that answered it.

"Come in Kakuzu." The very sound made Bhairavi's skin crawl. She suddenly found herself losing the ability to see and believe the good in everybody. There was no good here. She realized that now, and if there was it would never last.

The door swun open revealing a darkly lit room where even the shadows seemed to be alive and seemed to reach out to the intruders desperately trying to latch onto their cloaks and weasel themselves inside your soal carressing it and trying to taint it with its putrid hate and malice. Bhairavi could only hope the evil in the air wouldn't affect her, not her heart anyway. That would always be hers.

The man hunched over the desk in the corner looked up when Kakuzu roughly through Bhairavi to the ground and Bhairavi found herself gazing into the eyes of the evilest of men. That sinister look in them alone was enough to make Bhairavi believe that the mans heart before her had rotted away and deteriorated into nothing but ash, that is if he ever had a heart.

His cold orange eyes bore deep into her golden ones and his orange hair gleamed in the candle light near his sleeve. If anyone had asked Bhairavi what she remembered most about the man named Pein she would have answered, 'he had the most piercings I had ever seen!' Sadly, Bhairavi would never get the chance to answer such questions. Her fate had already been drawn the moment her eyes connected with the Akatsuki's leader. Bhairavi could look past all the piercings in his nose, lips, and ears, they didn't cause her to shake in fear. It was those eyes that got to her. Those cold cruel eyes.

"My what unusual eyes you have." Pein murmered leaning forward to catch a better look at them. Bhairavi immediately shrunk away.

"nihi uyoi." Bhairavi whispered.

"Does she not speak english?" Pein asked directing his attention to Kakuzu.

"I said, you're nothing but evil." Bhairavi interrupted before Kakuzu could say anything. Pein was captivated by this beautiful strange girl. Normaly, he would have killed her for looking into his eyes or speaking to him in such a manner, or he would have killed her just to hear her scream. But this was not a normal circumstance, if Kakuzu of all people deemed her worthy of his time then she must be specail.

"why have you brought her to me?" He asked Kakuzu choosing to ignore the girl. He wondered how easily he could anger her. It was the ill tempered ones that were easiest to control.

"I thought you'd be interested in her abilities." At this Pein looked once more at the girl who had risen to her feet. She was short and the way she held herself was graceful and elegant, not animalistic like a ninja's. What abilities could she possess that would interest him?

"What can you do?" Pein asked now addressing the girl. She stared back at him with that infuriating innocent look. He hated that look. It was the only thing in the world that frustrated him, innosence.

"I can't do anything." she said.

"You little lying bitch! I-" Hidan was suddenly cut off by Peins piercing glare making him fall silent.

"If you can't do anything, you do realize you're of no use to us. That means we kill you." Pein stated calmly anxiously awaiting the fear to consume her and cause her to quiver in terror. That never happened though and Pein once again became frustrated.

"Then do it. Death will be a far more welcome companion than you." Now he was curious, here she was, holding a trump card that could possibly save her life and she was refusing to show it.

"You better sing you little bitch before I force some sound out of you!" Hidan grumbled taking a step closer. Ah, so that was her talent thought Pein. It wasn't a power, it was merely a talent, one many people had. It wasn't unique and it wasn't useful.

"I have no use for her Kakuzu." Pein said turning his back to the three.

"You can't just give her what she wants! She's been wanting to die ever since we dragged her sorry ass out of that cage and into day light! Besides, I've heard her sing twice, it was unnatural. Theres definately something different about this girl." Hidan said momentarily forgeting his place.

In a whirl of red, black, and orange, Pein grabbed Hidan by the neck and lifted him up high in the air.

"Don't forget your place Hidan." Pein growled. After two minutes of struggling Pein allowed Hidan to drop to the floor.

"Pein-sama, the girl can sing, the most beautiful sound i've ever heard, but she simply refuses too. Trust me when I say she can be of use to us entertainment wise." Kakuzu said to the still fuming Pein. At this Pein visibly calmed down. He was really curious now about Bhairavi's alleged gift. Curious enough to let her live.

"Good, then this wasn't a complete waste of my time. Take her to a secluded room. I've never met anyone who could withstand Itachi's kekkei genkai without caving-or dying that is."

Bhairavi didn't know it, but she was about to witness exactly what the Akatsuki were capable of. They in return would discover the true strength of the world hidden behind two brillant, unusual golden eyes.


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