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Just a Start

By: michelle82

Chapter 1, I\'m taking a creative writing class as a junior in high school. This is just the first paragraph to an assignment we\'re doing with flash fiction. Any comments and critiques are appreciated!

The sound of forks and knives clinking against melamine plates was just a background buzz to Ryan Smith, a commonplace waiter at the local diner. He was a high school senior at Aiken High School with a missing father and a knack for knowledge, always pondering the What-If’s of life. Running orders and water refills back and forth to tables caused his black rimmed glasses to slide down the bridge of his nose as beads of sweat carried them like ants with the seizing of picnic breadcrumbs. It came the time for his shift to end, where he would go home to a desk piled high with papers, notebooks, newspaper clippings, assignments, books to finish and thoughts to think about. Going to bed was just the start to another day in the life of an 18 year old stress-ridden adolescent in search of his father with attempts to take care of his deranged mother and younger sister Cara. 

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